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  1. This is awesome news. Two questions remain: 1. Will this work with a PS3 controller, too? 2. Can I minimize the Sbrick app (have it run in the background) and use the camera app vor video recording?
  2. Very good. I really like it. This is an excellent re-creation of a studded model in studless.
  3. Well, a download manager is either a separate program which you can use to download files or possibly a browser plugin, that can be used within the browser. Usually they provide a more stable download, allow to pause/resume downloads or even to retry/automatically retry a download. For example this Firefox Plugin: Though, I am not sure if this is really a good one, but just a sample for what I meant.
  4. Use a download manager, like in the old days. One that can pause and resume downloads.
  5. Awesome. Thank you. Interesting to compare Way too many
  6. Good review Blakbird, well done. The best part is the pic with the Arocs in the bed. This demonstrates the scale very good. This model is sure big and a very different scale than we are used. Even when taking Lucios Airport Crash Tender in comparison. Btw, can you make a comparison pic/render of these two? And, now that we got those big circle segments from the BWE, someone can build a excavator to the scale of this truck
  7. The trailer is basically a modified version of this, if I see correctly:
  8. Yes, that is the biggest problem I currently see and I am really curious for the solutions that will be presented. I imagine mechanisms similar to 8043, but beefed up significantly to provide the rotating axles.
  9. I wonder, did anybody think of the possibilities for the new round gear sections? I mean it's basically a huge turntable. This will allow a lot of possibilities, like bigger and more stable turret constructions. Also, I am really curious how many motorized functions can be routed through it. I know this will require some seriously complex mechanics, but that will also provide us with very interesting mechanisms.
  10. Just wow. One more vehicle that goes on the build list! Very well done! I am really curious to see the steering mode switch in action. This will be very interesting.
  11. Well done Lipko. Your creations get better and better. Great functionality in this telehandler. I especially like how you make the play features accessible via the switches behind the cabin.
  12. It would be strange if the battery actually affects the tactile responsiveness of a button. I guess that the button just broke. TLG customer service will probably just replace the unit or repair it. I bet, if you press really hard, it might come back to life at the cost of more damage to the button and/or casing.
  13. Wow, well done. This is really an awesome tribute to 8880. Congratulations on re-making the original shape and functions and even include new features. Greatest thing for me is the adjustable ride height. The mechanism is so easy, but brilliant. As others said, I like the original color scheme best and I think the forms and angles, though slightly changed at times, are easily recognizable. The first pic I saw, I was a little sceptic, but the video got me turned around completely. I'd really like to build this one for myself. The only point I have to criticize is the scale. For a tribute, I would have thought it to be the same scale, but it's a little smaller. If this were scaled up to the original, it would be perfect all around.
  14. Awesome build. Well done. It is instantly recognizable. I especially like the way you used the panels. Funny thing: as a kid I had a small metal cast version of this car. It was one of my favorites. Somehow I now want to built it myself ;)