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Found 19 results

  1. Fenghuang0296

    About StockX . .

    Good afternoon all. Just a quick question; has anyone bought LEGO or similar from a site called StockX before? Are they reliable? I’m asking because they claim to be listing the Ninjago City Gardens at only $390 AUD (for non-Australians RRP is $499 here) with $27 extra for delivery - a good price, and not so good as to be suspicious. I’m not familiar with the site, though, and if it turns out to be a scam or similar this could turn into a very expensive mistake. It claims 165 people have bought Ninjago City Gardens on that site, but there’s no option for ratings or reviews there, which is also a red flag. Can anyone confirm whether it’s a legitimate site or a scam? Link is below.
  2. I was curious how often I was buying on BrickLink. Turns out, it's almost once every two weeks since 2006 . Of course, orders can be of different sizes, but even so, seems like a lot. To calculate it, I used the number of feedbacks as a proxy for purchases which, I realise, is an underestimation because some sellers don't provide feedback. BrickLink provides your joining date, i.e. Member Since {date}. In my case, it's a day in 2006. Using a date duration calculator such as this one, I worked out the number of days since becoming a member. It's then a simple matter of dividing the number of days by the feedbacks to approximate days per order. Mine is just over 14 or two weeks. Scary! What's yours? You can add BrickOwl, Lego Ebay etc purchase rates but I'm not sure where you get the duration and number of orders figures from on those platforms.
  3. Hi Again, I can not find an unopened boxed set of 42030 in perfect condition. I of course will pay as long as the price is not "over the clouds". I live in Istanbul. Can anyone help me in this? Many thanks in advance, Idris PS: The admins can lead me to a "buying-selling" topic, if any, because I couldn't find one as a newbie.
  4. montgocloud

    Buying Older Parts

    I was recently given a lot with an assortment of sets from the early 90s that were in mostly good condition, but unfortunately there were some plates that were downright mangled. I'm a bit of a stickler with having the correct variation of bricks/plates (seen below) and unfortunately Bricklink does not differentiate between them. What would be the best way to get replacements (if there is a good way at all)? Am I being unrealistic?
  5. Hi everyone! Over the past 18 months I have been working on Brick Wizard: an app for OS X/Windows that helps save money on BrickLink orders by determining the least expensive combination of stores for a given parts/wanted list. It's inspired by the awesome MATLAB scripts written by atxdad but it's much, much faster and easier to use :). Please comment on the Trello board if you'd like to suggest a feature or if you run into any problems! You can also track our progress there. Brick Wizard Brick Wizard consolidates BrickLink orders by taking a BrickStore inventory file and determining the least expensive combination of BrickLink stores that contain all LEGO parts in the inventory in the desired quantities. For example, if you wish to find the least expensive combination of stores from which to buy 100 red 2x2 bricks and 200 1x4 blue plates you would use BrickStore to add those parts to an inventory file and open it in Brick Wizard. The Wizard can then search BrickLink and find a combination of stores that have all 300 pieces at the lowest available price. The idea is to save money on large orders! While a few other apps exist that perform a similar function, Brick Wizard has a C++11 back end that is many times faster than existing apps. In addition, it is the only app of its kind with a native UI on both Mac OS X and Windows. In the future, I hope to expand Brick Wizard and add features that LEGO fans have been clamoring for. Please note that this is beta software and there may be bugs and there are certainly missing features. Bugs can be reported and features can be voted on at the Brick Wizard Trello board. Using the Results Once Brick Wizard has worked its magic, you will see a list of combinations and stores. The cost of each combination is displayed as well as buttons to create BrickLink wanted list XML. You will first need to create an empty wanted list in BrickLink for each store. Give it a name you can remember. Note the ID of the wanted list. For each store, click Create Wanted List... and enter the wanted list number given by BrickLink. Click Copy (or press Enter). Next, go to the BrickLink wanted list upload page. Paste the XML copied from Brick Wizard and click Verify Items. Next, click Upload File. Next, go to each store's page (Brick Wizard provides a link) and click Show All Items this store has on my Wanted List on the left side of the page. Select the wanted list you created before from the In: dropdown; click Go!. For each item, enter the quantity from the wanted list. Now you can click Add Selected Items to Shopping Cart. Finally, you can checkout! I hope you find this useful! Thanks for checking it out!
  6. Rail Co

    Mosaic Help?

    Hello, Recently I have wanted to make a Mosaic of me and my girlfriend. I was looking around on bricklinks mosaic maker and Bright Bricks new mosaic service. I find it hard to get a decent looking Mosaic without paying upwards of $200. If I couldn't make one of us together I was also thinking of making two smaller ones with each person taking up one Mosaic. I was wondering what people had suggestions on for buying bulk bricks cheaply. How to design one using only current lego colors (if that looks decent). And what a good price is for either 1 64x64 Mosaic or 2 32x32/48x48 Mosaics would be. Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone! I am looking for Modulex bricks any kind and color to start my collection. If you have any you are will to sell PM me or if you knowwhere I can get some also let me know (I have checked bricklink and eBay). Note: Preferably the bricks would have their original box if possible. -RailCo
  8. Hello Everyone This is a pretty broad topic but I am looking for town (mostly vehicles, and construction sets along with small buildings), and also trains (12v and 9v era). If anyone has extras of these that they do not and have them at a REASONABLE price (I mean reasonable). Please either reply to this topic or preferably pm me. I am trying to build with older sets just because they are personally better looking and I am a collector of trains. Cheers, -RailCo
  9. I noticed that each products has their own stock limits on how many a customer can purchase. Are there any information on how long usually this limit break off before a customer can purchase the same product again?
  10. I mean, I have no reason to complain now seeing as I know I'm getting the LEGO Doctor Who set for Birthday/Christmas but it still bugs me a little that buying LEGO sets has become like purchasing tickets for a concert. What I mean by this is: with concerts, you literally have to buy tickets straight away in order to stand a chance of getting a seat. With LEGO sets now, it seems like you have to buy them straight away in order to stand a chance of getting a set. It may just be me but it feels like LEGO sets on the day of their release have become very hard to get hold of. What does everyone else think? Is it comparable to purchasing concert tickets? Or is it a daft comparison?
  11. I plan to display some creations at Brick 2015 in the UK. This will probably be the first display at a LEGO convention as well as purchasing specific parts for MOC's. I normally build on LEGO Digital Designer and occasionally build with actual bricks, examples can be seen here: Now for your help! I need to know what is the best way to purchase parts for LEGO MOC's, I plan to display some of my best creations that you guys have already seen as well as some new secret projects. What is the best option or cheapest way to build LEGO MOC's? Pick-A-Brick, buying multiple sets, Bricklink/Brickowl etc. One big problem I've come across is budget. I have acsses to just over £1100 from now until October. Should I spend all of it on creating MOC's for Brick2015 or should I mix it up and buy a few sets? Is it worth taking apart sets for specific parts, I own many LEGO Super Heroes sets as well as LEGO Ideas and D2C sets? I've been to Brick last year and saw many large layouts. What is the best size to build at? I would like to build some of my best MOC's I have already shown on Flickr. Any tips for smaller builds in similar sizes to official LEGO sets? I'm currently thinking of doing a large layout as the center piece to attract attention and have smaller builds on the side. What do you think? How do you guys plan in advance? Any other tips and ideas you guys have to help me with your past experiences of LEGO conventions and building MOC's? Any feedback and suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Adeel
  12. I recently went to Bricks and Pieces to order some parts. I accidentally hit the "element design number" button without entering the part I wanted, but I still got results! A few Sand Blue and Md. Blue pieces popped up as well as a window pane and a pile of Duplo gold! Does anyone know why LEGO has this in their system? It's so random...
  13. Hello, I'm having a problem right now with purchasing some LEGO in the United States. First, let me tell the story, it won't take much time. During my visit in New York three years ago, I visted the LEGO Store at Rockefeller Center and it was a terrific experience. I was in my dark ages back then, so I didn't buy anything, but when I came back home, I started searching information to see what's new in the world of Lego, and a few monthes later, I became an AFOL. Of course, I found the pricing diversity between the US and the rest of the world as well, so I almost immediately pitied not buying anything while in New York. Since then, whenever someone close travels to America, I ask them to buy me some LEGO. Later that year, my sister and her husband visited NY right before Christmas and I asked her to buy me two smallest Dino sets ($13 and $20). It was my Christmas present, though, so I don't know the exact prices. I asked my friend to bring me two $20 Super Heroes sets a year later. However, he didn't visit the official store and bought them for $25 each in Toys'R'Us. It was weird, but I supposed TRU has higher prices and let it go. Right now, my brother is in New York. You guess right, I asked him to buy me two smaller GOTG sets ($20 and $40). However, as usual, thing didn't go smoothly. Brother sent an email claiming he had gone to Rockefeller Center and they sell the smaller one for $24 and the bigger one for outstanding $63. I said he might have made a mistake, he said he was right, a shop assistant helped him locate the sets by looking at the pictures I provided, and that the price may differ. All right, finally to my question. How does buying LEGO in US work? Is there a tax included in the official prices? Are shops such TRU more expensive? Is it possible for a set to have 50 % higher price in the official store? I will welcome any help explaining this conundrum. Thanks.
  14. Hey Guys! I have been looking for a Metroliner for awhile but they all come from another country (which makes shipping costs equal half the train!). I am wondering If anyone is selling a complete metroliner (usually aren't complete either) in the USA. I know there is a Buy/Sell/Trade forum but as everyone here are into trains I think it fits here better Thanks Guys! -RailCo
  15. There is this small possibility that I go christmasshopping soon in Oberhauseb Centro. Legostore included. I've always wanted to know what makes a Legostore special. We don't have one in the Netherlands so I'm pretty anxious to see what it's all about. Now what can I expect? Just a toystore filled with most of the legosets we allready know? Do they carry every set? Do they carry minecraft or cuusoo? Do they sell seperate bricks? Are there any amazing discounts? Is legoland germany worth a visit? Anyway... Should I bring my wallet...? I will be going with my girlfriend. Any tips to distract her and getting the most legos I possibly can..? :-p Any other tips? Thanks!
  16. I think it would be nice to have one place to share the information about good deals found on eBay, in online stores, in regular stores etc. Let me start with: [uSED] [AUCTION] Big Technic collection:
  17. Hello all, I was wondering what is the best place to buy lego tires, to be exact the 94.8 by 44 mm. Thanks, Jon
  18. HI, i` Žic... I am looking to buy lego technic. They can be used, old,... but not damaged. Loking for all kind of: Gears, shafts, pins, connectors, beams, pistons and whole engine, chains, excentrik brick, all the tipical lego technic elements, but not wheals, strings, pneumatics,... If someone is willing to sell and if i get a good deal i am willing to buy for at least 100 euros, send me an email ( with list of parts. Thanks for your riplys. p.s. I hope someone will help me in this forum, because apperently no one wonted it elsewere.