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Found 8 results

  1. Joseph R

    I can't Pick a Brick!

    I live in a place where no lego stores are near me, like the closest one to me is about an hour away. I want to stock up on lego because I am running out of them, and used bricklink orders, but I want to get new pieces as well. So I am wondering if anyone living in California, or the United States, can ship to me a large cup of pieces, particularly plates and bricks? I am willing to pay like $17 more for shipping & handling.
  2. Hey All - I'm new and there is probably a thread here somewhere that answers my questions, so I apologize in advance for asking before really looking. I started buying and building the 66051, 60052 and others with some vague idea that I'd find a spot in the house and set up a fun layout. As a young man in the 70's I got into slot cars and I think I had some idea of incorporating those track layout concepts with the Lego trains. I like spirals as a method of changing levels and I'd like three levels - I keep seeing these videos online of people making these really long layouts that run from room to room in a house. I am determined to take a trip to visit the grandkids and take enough track that we can do a full house layout - With that kind of goal in mind I started looking and just buying pieces of track they cost 1.25 and up. I was hoping there would be a way to buy it bulk and get a better price but so far I haven't seen anything that looks workable. I'm an old dude on a fixed income - where do those folks in the videos get all that track???? Garage sales and flea markets????? Any advice you can give would be warmly welcomed. If I'm way out of line thinking I could do this for a few hundred dollars I need to know. I have high hopes for my layout and hope to soon share a vid of it - Thanks in advance EZ
  3. EnderWiggen

    LEGO Walk In" Used Bulk Stores IRL

    Hello Everyone, I recently Found out that store's are opening up that only sell used LEGO parts, currently in Salt Lake City Utha area, BAM! Bricks & More Toy Store and Bricks and Minifigs "Franchise" and am wondering if anyone else has seen store fronts opening up any ware else in the world. I am interested in seening any store fronts from around the world so please share and also what is your take on Bulk LEGO stores.
  4. I have lost a collection due to flooding. The background information can be found here - The issue I am having is with pricing. I know I am selling as bulk but this is really bulk sets and not bulk parts. I need to know where I should set the reserve price. I am thinking of around .08 per piece. Below is a list of my sets. I will ship overseas but it will be expensive. I shipped one set to my nephew in Sweden and it was $75... This is not going to be easy but it is a great opprotunity for a collector and a great parts hoard for the MOC builder. Set Number Name Piece ct 10227-1 B-Wing 1485 10143-1 DS 2 3460 10186-1 General Grievous 1084 10174-1 AT-ST 1070 10212-1 Imp Shuttle 2502 10030-1 ISD 3115 10026-1 Naboo SF 187 10215-1 Obi-Wan JSF 675 10225-1 R2-D2 2130 10019-1 Blockade Runner 1747 10129-1 Snowspeeder 1456 10240-1 Red Five 1573 75059-1 Sand Crawler 3294 75060-1 Slave 1 1994 75144-1 Snowspeeder 2 1702 10221-1 SSD 3151 7181-1 TIE Interceptor 702 75095-1 TIE Fighter 1683 10175-1 TIE Advance 1211 7191-1 X-Wing Fighter 1302 10134-1 Y-Wing Fighter 1489 Set Number Name Piece ct 9398-1 4x4 Crawler 1326 42042-1 Crawler Crane 1399 70814-1 Emmets constr 705 42006-1 Excavator 719 42043-1 MB Arocs 2792 42009-1 MK II Crane 2606 8043-1 Moto Exvtr with Mod 1124 42030-1 Volvo loader 1634 76023-1 Tumbler 1866
  5. Rail Co

    Mosaic Help?

    Hello, Recently I have wanted to make a Mosaic of me and my girlfriend. I was looking around on bricklinks mosaic maker and Bright Bricks new mosaic service. I find it hard to get a decent looking Mosaic without paying upwards of $200. If I couldn't make one of us together I was also thinking of making two smaller ones with each person taking up one Mosaic. I was wondering what people had suggestions on for buying bulk bricks cheaply. How to design one using only current lego colors (if that looks decent). And what a good price is for either 1 64x64 Mosaic or 2 32x32/48x48 Mosaics would be. Thanks!
  6. Toa_Of_Justice

    LDD MOC: Bulk XL

    This is my idea of Bulk in XL form. He fights injustice with HammerClaw (his hammer) and BigBoom (his Gatling gun). Click any image to enlarge it. [^ Even Larger Pic 2 ^] [^Even Larger Pic 3 ^] [^Even Larger Pic 4 ^] [^Even Larger Pic 5 ^] [LXF File] - [Brickshelf Gallery] -Toa Of Justice EDIT: I changed the thumbnails to link to the smaller JPG images. The links below them point to the full-resolution PNG images.
  7. The Chosen Minifigure

    Alpha team: Low budget?

    So, I've held back on the HF IFB sets till this wave of sets, because I wanted to assemble the complete set of alpha team minifigures (My name for them.). So, in my hour of need, I turn to the quite frankly awesome EB community with my question: What is the cheapest way to get all the HF minifigures? P.s: I tried to work it out, but I kept mixing stuff up.
  8. Easy question - what's the cheapest way to buy a lot of Lego? Harder bits: - I live in New Zealand, so anything bought overseas comes with a whopper price for postage. - I want to build a few MOC's to create a town for my daughter's Friends and minifigs to cohabit, and as a new AFOL and KFOL (she's 5) we're starting from a very limited resource pool of bricks. I'm looking for navy roof tiles, tan coloured bricks etc - the kinda thing you don't get in bulk lots from Mum's-getting-rid-of-their-now-grown-up kid's toy collection. - I am pretty damn poor. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers Alexandra