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  1. Manatee B arrived about two weeks ago and what a pleasant unexpected surprise that was! Thank you very much, CopMike!
  2. On the last day as usual, here's my entry. I can't believe November is almost gone and Christmas is coming. I'm absolutely unprepared for it. I even haven't had time to properly celebrate Halloween, so here's my opinion on Christmas this year. Deal with it, Santa! Eurobricks Xmas Raffle 2018 - Scared Santa by Ojík, on Flickr Thanks for organising the raffle again, @CopMike, and thanks for extending the deadline; helped me a lot! Well... happy holidays, I guess?
  3. Last minute entry once again, I'm so busy I completely forgot about the deadline. So, here's my ideal Christmas tree round 2: one that could fit many, many presents underneath! Eurobricks Xmas Raffle 2017 - My ideal Christmas tree 2 by Ojík, on Flickr It's a joke, of course. I just wanted to be original. In fact, any tree is good. Merry Christmas and good luck everyone.
  4. I returned home after a very long day last night and found a nice package with Manatee E sitting on my table - what a great surprise! They can swim pretty fast, I see. I opened it today and the prize is great; something I wished for but would have never bought myself. Thank you CopMike so much! Now off to LEGO Ideas to support certain project...
  5. Whoa, all of them are Prize D? Boy, seeing all the cool stuff, I can't to see what Prize E is!
  6. Almost didn't make it, but here's my last-minute entry. I haven't had much time lately to be really active here (or to enjoy building in general; you know, college sophomore here, no free time ), but I just couldn't miss this great tradition; thanks CopMike for organizing this raffle once again! Snow is great, but just like with the rain, I enjoy it the most when I'm watching it from behind the window, inside a warm room! So this is me, all cozy by the fireplace with a hot beverage and reading. Eurobricks Xmas Raffle 2016 - Snow behind the window by Ojík, on Flickr Good luck everyone and have a great First Sunday of Advent!
  7. Got mine on Tuesday. I was away for the school till Thursday, so I had one more reason to look forward to get home. The box was mangled, but the contents were alright. Amazing delivery time. Great figures. Thank you once again CopMike for all of this, you rock! I wanted to keep the box, but my parents unfortunately burned it in the fireplace, thinking it's a garbage. I was pretty upset as I collect post stamps a little as well. Am I a hoarder? So I was wondering: did you throw yours away, or keep it?
  8. Ojik

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    OK, taking that back. He looks just like in the comics: menacing. Also, how did they achieve trans-red eyes and mouth? But Red Skull, Hulk and Cap are just terrible! Didn't invent this. Here on Eurobricks we call that minifigs without headgear which would deserve some; just like Crossbones. Or Cap. Some people are going even further and demand a new "bald" piece for minfigs such as Spidey, Fury, Venom... But how could you find that fitting? It's just a black head with some printing and goofy ears. Not that beautiful sleek design we've seen in the trailer and concept arts. About Hawkeye: feeling with you, pal. Another letdown. I own both Star-Lord and Owen Grady, so I would prefer a proper face.
  9. Ojik

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Hey look, first pictures! That was unexpected. And the fact they are really disappointing was unexpected, to... Mighty Micros: Gosh, they are awful! These minifigs look like some clone brand. Their faces are just terrible. Throroughly disappointing, won't buy any. Crossbones set: A car? Eh, I was expecting market stalls. Oh well. A car, fine. But why does it look like something Deathstroke would ride? Minifigs are average. Falcon could have been much better, Black Widow is not very original, but I don't have her yet (thus I'll forgive the discrepancy about her hairstyle), but Crossbones is so much missing the potential. Printed condom hand instead of a helmet? Black Panther set: Jet is average. So is the car. All right, let's take a look at minifigs. Helmetless Steve with new hair? Count me in. Winter Soldier? Looks promising. What the hell, Darth Maul? Necromancer? Nah, Black Panther without a new helmet mould. Huge letdown! Airport set: Jet is boring and makes it an expensive set. Giant-Man is great. Glad they went the "big minifig" route, not the "Sentinel" one. Tower and car look OK. Now the minifigs: Wanda with proper accurate hair in expensive set. New Iron Man in expensive set. Same goes for War Machine and Agent 13. And for Cap, too, who may be rehashed, but I don't have him yet. My opinion: great figs, not so great set. Even worse prize tag.
  10. Wow, that was fast; I won at the third day! It's a relief, I won, but on the other hand, now I don't have to anxiously check out the calendar every day and that feels strange. Anyway, I won. And even though I would have prefered Prize E, it feels geat to be a winner. Good luck everybody!
  11. Thanks for organizing the raffle again, CopMike! What a great tradition. Couldn't entry last year, I was incredibly busy last winter, so here I am, at the last day as usual. My ideal Christmas tree would be one that could fit easily into a traditional family photo I take every year at Christmas Eve. By "fit" I mean whole family, all the presents and a tall tree; quite a task, if you ask me. Especially when no one's cooperating as they can't wait to open their presents! Eurobricks Xmas Raffle 2015 entry - My ideal Christmas tree by Ojík, on Flickr Today's the first Sunday of Advent, so it's not too far-fetched to wish you all Merry Christmas!
  12. Ojik

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Mighty Micros and Avengers sets have me seriusly worried. These descriptions sound ridiculous, let's just hope the real meanings are lost in translation. I agree with Kevkipo, I will spend my money on CW sets and I too am worried I may have to get all of them.
  13. Ojik

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Oh my, a minifigure with legs included! This would be funny if we weren't talking about Mighty Micros. I guess there's no hope left these "exclusive" legs are regular sized after all?
  14. Ojik

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    No, you missed the picture of the set which surfaced about a week ago. I agree with you, guys. Both Cap and Iron Skull are pretty underhelming. Hydra goon won't save the set, and since I don't like the submarine at all, I will most likely skip this. That new Iron Man, though...
  15. Ojik

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Not sure if they sell the games on S@H at all. My advice: keep looking around in Belgian supermarkets and be patient. It's not a matter of the first day, they may pop up after a while out of nowhere.