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  1. Someonenamedjon

    Prowler (RC)

    I like the track/wheel combo!
  2. Are you still active? haven't seen you in awhile...

  3. Actually, the robot i am using is one that has two spinning wheels on the front and back, and two powered wheels on the right and left. I was hoping to get some sort a remote similar to the PF remote's design. The joystick you provided would not have been able to make the robot spin in place. The problem I am having is how to connect the two back and forth levers up to two motors so that i can read the degrees and send it to the robot. thanks for the help though!
  4. How it is built, as I did build one, but if you wanted to go to 100 power, your wrist would be a bit strained turning the lever to 100 degrees.
  5. Just came out of hibernation! (jk) I was wonder if you guys would know how to build a forward/backward power control thingy like the power PF remote. It would be great if the "throttle levers" as one could put it would move straight forward and backward and connect to one motor for each so that I can control another NXT with it. Sorry if it sounds a bit confusing!
  6. You can use monobrick with your computer and your phone. you have to download the monobrick tunnel app in the google play store. It works by sending messages over wifi to your phone, and your phone then sends messages to the NXT. You can also steam video, but it is a bit slow.
  7. Yeah, the back needs some panels.
  8. Someonenamedjon

    Working Microscope Mk II

    Haha! Now make an electron microscope!
  9. maybe put a few large LA's between the wheel structure and the upper portion that connects to the hull?
  10. The boat part of it makes it have a smaller ground clearance, maybe make it so that the hull can lift up and down or the wheels?
  11. It makes it look more complete.
  12. You could also give robofest a try, but the real competition would be between me and my friend's team, which has won first in the world competition for 4 years staright. Most of the people there use the mindstorms. edit: Robofest is based in Michigan, and is like $20.
  13. Don't forget simulink, it is graphical!