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Found 11 results

  1. Hello fellow EB members, I am looking a phase 1 captain rex minifigure. I can buy or trade, if you have any to spare, hit me up. Preferreably the seller would be from Australia, so shipping is not too expensive. The minifig would have to be in good condition, no bite marks, dirt, and have no loose joints. Also the figure does not have to have arc gear, no visor, no rangefinder, no kama or pauldron to keep the price down. Thank you for your time.
  2. I'm interested in purchasing magazines that were published for LEGO's employees (preferably English). LEGO Review (known as LEGO Revue in Germany and Klodshans in Danish) was published in the 1980s and 1990s. This was replaced by LEGO Life magazine (in the late 1990s or so, it would seem). I'd like to build a collection of these magazines because they are a great historical resource and are fun to read. I'm interested in buying any issues you might have. If you'd like to bundle other stuff together, I also collect LEGO brochures, catalogs, kids magazines, etc. Hoping that someone out there has these...
  3. I need a copy of 5002946 Silver Centurion to complete my Iron Man armor collection and can't find one anywhere. I've checked every GameStop in my area, and the aftermarket prices are sky-high. I'd rather trade with a fellow EB'er then dish out $50+ to some Ebay scalper. I'd also be open to potentially trading for 5002957 Admiral Yularen. Here's what I have: Retail Polybags: 30286 Christmas Tree 30275 TIE Advanced Prototype 30311 Swamp Police Helicopter 30212 Mirkwood Elf Guard 30472 Parrot 30274 AT-DP 30303 The Joker's Bumper Car 30276 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter 30349 City Car 30130 Mini Black Pearl Exclusive Minifigure Polybags: 5002145 Rocket Raccoon 5002125 Electro 5001621 Han Solo (Hoth) 5002948 C-3PO 30603 Batman Classic TV Series - Mr. Freeze Sets: 5004077 Target 2015 Minifigure Cube (Includes City Diver, Chima Wolf, Ninjago Kai, and DC Lightning Lad) I also have a lot of lightly used CMF's, just ask. Mostly S3 and later. I'd prefer to stay in the US or Canada, but I'd be open to trading internationally only if that deal involves the Centurion. Please PM me if interested. I have completed successful trades with fred67 and Legocrazy81 (now Vindicare) who can hopefully vouch for my trustworthiness. EDIT: Freeze is gone and I no longer need the Centurion, thanks to a helpful Brickset member. If somebody still wants to swap for Yularen, I'm open.
  4. I'm sure most of you guys know of Vengit, the producers of the SBrick. I was thinking, since they already make the SBrick, a PF compatible element that Lego itself would never produce, maybe they could eventually expand their lineup to include more things? If they did so , what would you want them to make? I'd like to see some adapters, to connect various other batteries to the PF system, like a cable that would go from a common 7.2v RC batter to a PF plug, or a snap for a 9v battery, or even a system that plugs into the wall, like the old train speed regulator. Also good would be some small motors, and a proportional switch. Also along these lines, would it be a good thing if Lego endorsed this kind of thing, like they did for certain Mindstorms sensors?
  5. Hey Guys! I have been looking for a Metroliner for awhile but they all come from another country (which makes shipping costs equal half the train!). I am wondering If anyone is selling a complete metroliner (usually aren't complete either) in the USA. I know there is a Buy/Sell/Trade forum but as everyone here are into trains I think it fits here better Thanks Guys! -RailCo
  6. Cyber terrorists… or anonymous crusaders? Criminals or hacktivists? You decide.
  7. Hello Eurobricks !! I'm searching for a book, not any book, but a book with the incredible crossections of Star Wars Vehickles ! To be specific , the one with the Clone Turbo Tank on front. I'm looking to buy it, but without a Credit Card , I can't get far, I only have paypall, so my options are limited . I prever a seller here in the Netherlands, ( who is willing to part with it ) for a normal rate , but any seller will do if you accept paypal. If you feel the need to help me on my way to this book, PLEASE ! help me. Also , I'm looking for others aswell, I have the one with the MF on the cover, but I want the one with the CTT on the cover most urgently. I really want this book, but sadly the release date was 2005, and living in an area that doesn't have a lot of good bookstore's ( like the American Bookstore ) it's really difficult to get hold of. So in short : Help me !! grtz Saint
  8. Hi, Im getting the 9398 set and wanted lego power puller wheels for it and could pay for it in US money. Thanks, Lamboguy59
  9. Hello all. I'm looking for several LOTR and The Hobbit figures, so continue to see what I'm looking for and what I may have for you. Haves I'm willing to trade several SW figures. This includes clone troopers (Clone Wars (maybe but doubtfully commanders too), ep3 clones (2007 versions), and NEGOTIABLE stormtroopers (2007 versions). Maybe some Jedi, Ewoks, etc, stuff like that. Anything else depends on your wants, though the stuff above should be up for trade. I've got multiples of most of the stuff, and I may have some collectible minifigures. Note: Spiderman is gone. Still have an old Doc Ock figure (Hideout set) in sand green clothing, which I'd have to put together first. Wants Here's a list of the LOTR/Hobbit figurunes I'm looking for: [AMAP] = As Many As Possible * Must come with originally included weapon LOTR Rohan Soldier* - AMAP Éomer* - Several - (Loose helmets, legs, torsos and/or green capes are welcome too) Uruk-hai* (Breastplate) - AMAP Uruk-hai* (Breastplate, White Hand) - AMAP Uruk-hai* (hair) - A few Uruk-hai Berserker - AMAP Ringwraith* - x9 Mordor Orc (preferably w/hair) - AMAP Moria Orc - AMAP Merry - x1 Frodo (green cape) - x1 Brown Horse - AMAP Ringwraith Horse - x9 The Hobbit If you trade figs from a certain set, I prefer to have all the figs from that set, otherwise if I can't find the remaining ones I might have to get the set and I don't want duplicates unless they're generic figs like goblins. Probably don't need Gandalf. All 13 dwarves - x1 (of each dwarf) All editions of Bilbo Baggins* - x1 Gollum (Riddles) - x1 Yazneg - x1 Hunter Orcs - Several The Goblin King* - x1 Goblins (all available 3) - AMAP Legolas* (Mirkwood) - x1 Tauriel* (Mirkwood) - x1 Elf Butler Dark Red (With Key) - x1 Elf with Brown Hair* - x2 Mirkwood Elf* - Several White Warg - x1 Grey Warg -AMAP Star Wars (New - Additional Wants) Sith Trooper (2013) - AMAP (red and black - mostly the black ones) Republic Trooper (2013) - AMAP Jacen Malcom (2012) - x1 Satele Shan (2012) - x1 FM or post here.
  10. Hi, not released in Germany yet. Maybe the community could help. Is there someone willing to send some sets/minifigs to Germany, please? If you got some form ToysRus, local stores or S@H please send an pm.