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Found 1 result

  1. Lord Vladivus

    HSS: Shadowmere West Gate

    A bleak sun rises over a black citadel, and two Kaliphlinites approach the West Gate of Shadowmere. The gate, however, is currently shut. A voice, sharp and growling sounds from the crenellations above the gate. "Halt, and move to one side". The voice came from a leopardman watch officer atop the walls. The Kaliphlinites duly moved off the road, and to one side, puzzled by this request. The gates swung open, revealing a mighty werewolf, none other than General Fenrir Bloodcloak himself, marching forth at the head of a line of Shadowmere Guard. The guard were mainly comprised of spearmen, their livery of red and black distinctive. To one side, accompanied by their bodyguards, were Lord Vladivus of Shadowmere, and Sir Beorthan of the Trifork. Vladivus: "So, we have an accord? Shadowmere will send trade representatives to the Trifork? Nocturnian forged armour and weapons will certainly aid you." Beorthan: "Aye, especially if they are as well wrought as your warriors have equipped here. They are certainly a force to be reckoned with, if not exactly living!" Vladivus: "Heh, not all of my troops are raised from the dead back to the living, although it certainly makes life easier. Look." A line of human troops in a blue livery marched by, their armour and weapons dull, but the edges keen and eager for blood. Beorthan: "Who are they? Not in the colours of Shaowmere?" Vladivus: "They are Black Falcons, led by Eothain the Mad. After the death of his brother, Eothed the Mighty, at Strangeholt Tower, he has sworn fealty to me, and not the Black Spire. These troops head to Abyssian, to bolster the loyalist Nocturnians." Vladivus: "Come, let us follow them to the gate, and I will bid thee farewell." Beorthan: "Indeed, this is proving to be a prosperous alliance." Vladivus: "Farewell then, I shall send scouts with you to ensure safe passage back through the Kelra Labyrinths, although I am sure you and Cassius would be able to handle most of the challenges within!" Beorthan: "My thanks Vla..." The two Kaliphlintes who had been stood outside of the gate as the troops filed past, approached, causing Beorthan to trail off and eye these newcomers with interest. Kaliphlinite: "Hail Vladivus, I am a follower of Masa of Kaliphin, and this is Lysus the Leander. We seek the Aslanic Temple within your walls." Vladivus: "Welcome, you may pass." To Beorthan: "Farewell my friend, safe journey!" With that, the Kaliphlinites wntered the citadel of Shadowmere... ... And Beorthan of the Trifork left. A vendor sells iron swords, forged by Nocturnian dwarves... ... Whilst a Shkyklyk vendor sells fish by the barrel. More sinisterly, a hooded figure wielding a large axe prepares to perform an execution on the Death Sands. Overview: Front overview. Rear overview. EDIT: Bonus picture of the Black Falcons: So, my biggest moc to date! C+C Welcome! And thanks to Bregir for the use of his sig-fig!