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Found 13 results

  1. The Aestwäld Saga (1) The Aestwäld Saga (2) The Aestwäld Saga (3a) The Aestwäld Saga (3b) The Aestwäld Saga (4) The Aestwäld Saga (5) The Aestwäld Saga (6) The Aestwäld Saga (7) The Aestwäld Saga (8) The Aestwäld Saga (9) The Aestwäld Saga (10) The Aestwäld Saga (11) The Aestwäld Saga (12) The Wolf and the Knights ------------------------------- Alric looked up from the fight. He, together with his Avalonian Guard, had stormed the gates Midras Castle and, after a long and bloody fight, managed to breach them. Now they were in the courtyard, the Drow-soldiers in front of him fought for every inch. The cobblestones were soaked in blood. Above him, Cath had led the Drond's Troops into a close space combat on top of the walls, and, seemingly miraclous, they even managed to slay the enemy back! Almost the whole wall of the formerly Avalonian Border Fort was freed, and she had even managed to put the Drond's flag back. Suddenly, a female voice cried out: "Alric! I'm here! Alric looked up, and finally, after so many weeks, his eyes met again with the eyes of his wife. -"Elysabet! I'll come get you!" But, while conversating with his lover, he wasn't paying attention to the battlefield around him. A long-handled axe came down. ----------------------------- The general looked up from the fight. Yes, they were winning, but he feared the cost of victory. And he was not thinking about money. His trained eye glided over the courtyard. The close space in worked in their favor, since they had less men then the enemy did. The left flank was weak though, so he decided to sent some reserves there. Their centre was the their strongest point, and it was there that Lord Alric led the elite Avalonian Guards in a charge to reach the other side of the yard. He sighed. Young Alric shouldn't do such things. He could get himself wounded. Yesterday, the general had heard of a girl breaking both legs in a duel, and this was not a duel, this was a battlefield! Then he saw his liege... And he saw the ax coming down, knowing it would take too long to get his sword out... So he jumped. ---------------------------- Alric heard the sound of falling metal behind him. He lifted his sword hand in a desperate parade, but in his heart he knew he would be too late. The he heard the sound of metal crashing on metal, followed by human screams. When he turned, he saw the General lying on the ground, an axe stuck in his head. A cold anger welled up, and with a short thrust of his blade, he finished the enemy soldier responsible for this. Suddenly, the voice of his wife sounded again: "Alric! Be quick! They're here! They'll take me with them! Help!" A second shadow appeared before the window. ----------------------------- After calling a last time to her husband, Elysabeth gave in to the Drow-soldier wanting to take her with him. If only her hands were not bound in chains, she would have rammed his own spear through his throath! She turned for a last glance on her man, but heard a strange, rattling sound behind her. When she turned again, the guard was dead. In his place, a wolf-knight and some undead-soldiers stood in the room. She screamed, and in response on her scream, the wolf-man howled out loud. ---------------------------- When Alric heard the scream of his wife, his blood turned ice-cold in his veins. If they had even touched her, he would stuff their guts through their own throaths! He didn't want to think of what to do when they had raped her. But then he heard the howling of the wolf, his strange ally, and smiled. Their plan had worked! With refreshed energy, he charged into the enemy, followed by his soldiers who didn't want to seem less in the eyes of their commander. The Drow, unable to stand their charge, the fighting on the walls and the third attack from the Wolf at the same time, turned. First it was one man, then two, and suddenly their morale collapsed and the whole garrison fled the field of battle. While his soldiers turned the battle into a slaughter, Alric went to meet his wife. They umbraced each other, and after Alric had made sure his wife was fine (wich was so, aside from a few bruises and scratches), they went to the walls, to congratulate Cath with her succeeded attack and get a look at the fleeing Drow. Outside the castle, these were slowly regrouping... When a horn sounded. Alric smiled again, this was becoming a very fine day indeed, and watched how Beorthan's heavy cavalry finished all Drow but a few. These were lucky to be able to swim, and as such got iver the river, out of the horses reach. ------------------------------ But their victory had been costly in lives, as the general had forseen. His own live was on the butcher's bill too, so someone was needed to replace him. Alric choose Burrich, a veteran who had fought under his father and even seen Artorious Rex! But Burrich had been Captain of the Drond's Guards, so he needed to replace that position too... And it was not gone by unnoticed that the woman, Catharina or Cath as she wanted to be called, had fought very well today, even managed to win the fight on the walls, and had so received the respect of the soldiers. ------------------------------ An hour later, all commanders were gathered in the main building of the castle. Alric opened: "My Lords, my ladies,... My friends. We have won a great victory today, and Drond's Feelds will always be in your debt. But the enemy is not yet defeated, and noone sazw their leader today. At the same time tough, we have other matters at hand. As such, I decide to split up in three: Cath, you will take some infantry and a contignent of the Avalonian Guard to pursue this foe. Burrich, you will escort my lady home, and make sure she is safe. Fenrir, I'll come with you to Shadowmere. Beorthan, what are your plans?" "And for now... Leave me alone with my love. We have something to do..." --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm sooooo sorry you had to read through all this, but I enjoyed the writing As you can probably see, this build is based in Simon S's builds, and also a bit on SK's. Anyway, CC is very appreciated! Additional images:
  2. Previous Chapter (by LV) -------------------------------- Alric hands itched. In the previous days, he and his men had cleared the area around Shadowmere from thug, thieves and other people Lord Vladivius and he didn't want to have around. Most of it hadn't even been real fights: sent in the Drond's heavy cavalry, and about an hour later the infantry to clean their mess up. But now, he had found an opponent larger then his own army. His spies had told him an important supporter of the Desert King would pass by today. He couldn't let that happen. So he had prepared his troops to ambush them, and here, at the hollow road, was the perfect place. When he would raise his hand, the crossbow-men would change the hollow way into a dead-trap. Suddenly he heart the sounds of clashing armour, of hundreds of feet stamping the ground to mud with their marching. He knew his enemy was coming, and spanned all his muscles, ready to attack. A column of armed goblins appeared. At their head rode an armoured person, clad in black iron. He had given his best archer command to take that one out as first. He knew his enemy, and Gal Turok was worth twenty good Drond's men if not taken care of early. The army approached rapidly, and was almost there. Fifty feet left to give the signal. Thirty feet. Alric made his sword loose in it's sheet. Twenty feet. He clenched his fist. Ten... "Alric." A booming voice sounded in his ears and over the road. The enemy knew they were there? Alric, who knew hiding was useless, stood up. "Yes, Gal Turok?" -"Say to your archers to relax. I know exactly how many men you've got there, and I know how many supplies you've got, how long they will stretch... And I know you've got a fair amount of gravely wounded with you. You won't leave quickly if need be." That was true. The last band of thieves had been more organised then they seemed, and a considerable amount of men got wounded, or maimed, in the battle. He sighed, and signed to the men to stand up but hold their arms ready. "Much better, Alric. Did you really think you could ambush us?" -"..." "No, you still think in terms of the previous conflict. But that is past time. No, this battle is way more important. I fight for Nocturnus, for the Resistance. You do the same. That's the only thing that matters. We're on the same side, guy. And as much as I hate it to say, Nocturnus needs you and your army." Gal Turok let a small silence, but then continued: "I propose an alliance." The Great Goblin Uniter stretched his hand out to Count of Drond's Feelds. ---------------------------------------------------- CC very welcome, special thanks to Blufiji for his wonderfull techniques and kindness in explaining them, and to you for the kind comments on the previous MOC and for reading this! Additional images:
  3. Lord Vladivus

    Ghosts in the Dungeon

    "The dungeons? What is this?" exclaimed Alric, "Fenrir, after..." "Fear not young one" interrupted Sithanna. "We mean you no harm. This is a council of war, of which you are very much a part of. Allow me to introduce Amset Ra, envoy of the Desert King of Kaliphlin." "The Desert King?" asked Alric apprehensively. "Ana khadimaan mukhlisanaan lil Shadowmere." The mountain mummy sorcerer spoke in his native tongue. "He says he's a loyal servant of Shadowmere. So let's get back to the matter in hand." Fenrir spoke swiftly. "Rivalries and political differences matter not if we can't match the Spire. Vladivus is dead, yet his legacy stands- the Resistance. Even the might of the Desert King and Ulandus combined would falter if we let Ravaage win. We are here to see that day never comes. We stand as warriors before the end times. Amset, with me. Alric, Tauro, you may find it prudent to move away" Amset and Fenrir, staffs aglow, moved to the end of the room, where a pool of blood smouldered. As the others watched, a ghostly figure began to coalesce above the bubbling red liquid. "VLADIVUS!" exclaimed Sithanna. "But, how Fenrir? What foul magics is this?" "My dearest Sithanna. Did you truly think that death could hold me back? Krell bound my spirit to the mortal realm- due to my mixed heritage Hades itself finds it hard to retain my spirit. Without Krell, I would have wandered the void between life and death forever. Nevertheless, I do not intend to stay as a ghost. I wish to feel Gurthanol in my living hand once more, to strike the head from Ravaage," said Vladivus. With that, Amset and Fenrir levelled their staffs at Vladivus' ghost. A dark cloud, streaked with red blood enveloped the two staff wielders and Vladivus ghost. The smoke cleared, and a marvel stood before them: "I have returned". Vladivus clenched his fist. "There is much to be done." "My Lord," called Alric. "I am honoured to meet you. My name is Alric, and I am from Dronds Feelds. I helped Fenrir cleanse the rot. How may I be of service?" "Hail and well met, Alric of Dronds Feelds. I am familiar with your neighbour, Beorthan of the Trifork," Vladivus paused. "I would request your aid in helping to clear Shadowmere of, well, undesirables." He turned to the minotaur standing next to Alric. "Ah, Tauro, it's been a long time. If you would be so kind as to return to the Trifork and tell Beorthan that his alliance with Shadowmere still stands. As does the alliance between Dronds Feelds and Shadowmere." The two nodded their heads and departed, Sithanna spoke up; "What now Vladivus?" "We fight," came the grim reply. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next step in the story! C+C welcome!
  4. TitusV

    Shadowmere Siege

    Previous Chapter ------------------------------------------ With a great arch, the stone was launched into the air. Alric had to crane his neck to follow the projectile. With a great plof, the sound of stone on stone and the screaming of human voices, the stone settled itself in the wall of Shadowmere. And altough it had done quite some damage, this was not nearly enough. "Reload", he said to his Captain. Shadowmere must and would fall! ----------------------------------------- Deep inside the dark keep, the sound of falling stone, breaking walls and bones reached the patrouille. These decided not to wait, but immediatly go reinforce the affected wall section. Shadowmere would hold out! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll keep the story short now, but expect more to come! This build was based on Blufiji, thanks to him, and the interior obvously on Soccerkid6's builds. The trebuchet-design is from Nuju Metru and TheCook. Thanks to them too! I really enjoyed this build, and CC is very appreciated! Additional images Afterwards, I decided to have the sappers building a bridge to reach the castle. This was added to the built, and images may be a bit blurry. Sorry therefor!
  5. Previous chapter After a very fruitfull meeting, Alric knew that his enemy, for wich he since long searched, were near. He also knew, from a farmer, that his troops were by far outnumbered... Not even speaking of their poorer equipment and training. But he had to win this fight! So if the material wouldn't win, maybe the spirit... As such, when they reached a special stone outcrop, Alric didn't doubt and mounted the rocks. They were very smooth, almost like someone had polished them, but he finally managed to get up. After all of his men were assembled, he started to speak: "My dear gentlemen, you've always served me well, and hencefor I will not ly to you. The enemy outnumbers us by far, and their equipment is way better then ours." A silence spread out. "But, men, we can't let them win! They hold my lady, they hold YOUR lady, and it is our duty to bring her back. And we may be outnumbered, we may be unequipped for such an important task, but will that stop us? NO! Since we are Avalonia! Our parents were brought here by the King himself, in the so-called Flight of Dragons... Well then, HEAR THE DRAGON ROAR!!! And we might even have a little surprise for them!" The soldiers started cheering, while the wind played a little game with the Dronds banner, blewing the Blue almost to shreds and letting the Green hang still... None of the Avalonians had ever asked themselves wether these standing stones might be erected, and so: by who? --------------------------- Just a little build, to get myself back going, but expect something big to come soon! CC is as always very appreciated! I also really enjoyed writing that speach, hope you like it! Thanks, Titus Additional images
  6. Lord Vladivus

    The Wolf and the Knights.

    Fenrir had travelled for days from Port Wrath to reach this point. What he was about to do could easily see him killed. He laughed to himself under his breath. A smallholding in the Trifork. A peaceful place. Not the warriors death he would hope for. The soldiers at the house had directed him behind the house. After he had laid down his arms whilst he was several hundred metres away. The staff he kept; "You would not deny an old wolf his staff to lean upon?" he had called. Behind the house, he had found Beorthan, Mayor of the Trifork hard at work planning battles in a small clearing. Beorthan: "You are a traitor Fenrir. I am sure Shadowmere would pay greatly for your head. No doubt your betrayal lead to Vladivus' death. Submit to me, and I promise I will see you to Shadowmere to stand trial." Fenrir's nostrils flared: "A welcome no frostier than I expected. I have not come to surrender, but to rather ask your aid." Beorthan: "Aid? you shall have none from me." Fenrir spoke then at length, imparting many secrets to the Mayor, and outlining his plan. Beorthan was almost swayed, but he knew his people must come first. Beorthan: "The Trifork has an alliance now with Shadowmere, and even as we speak, my friends are confirming that alliance once again. If I support you, I would be breaking my word to Shadowmere. My people would not be forgiving- they look to me to lead them in a time of peril." Fenrir: "Rarrrgh, I should've known better than to seek aid from you damnable tight wearers." He turned to stride away. Beorthan: "Fenrir! Wait! I did not say I would not aid you. Whilst I cannot give you the men you ask for, I can suggest that you seek out Alric of Dronds Feelds. He may be willing to ally with you." With this new plan, Fenrir travelled to Dronds Feelds. The wolf found Alric at the town of Tonfeld [roughly translated, this mean walled field in Saxon]. Tonfeld was a heavily fortified town in the south of Dronds Feelds, but inside the walls, it was a bustling hub of activity. Fenrir entered through the main gates, and was met by Alric. "Greetings, wolf! What does a Nocturnian want with an Avalonian? It is not often that we entertain traitors!" Fenrir growled at this. "I am no traitor! I fight for the one true ruler of Nocturnus. Let us speak more of this in private." With that, they moved to a tower top, away from the ears of spies. Fenrir's words spoke to the young warrior, and Alric readily agreed to lend Fenrir soldiers for his cause- providing that Shadowmere would count itself an ally of Dronds Feelds and would continue it's current alliance with the Trifork. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's going on!?! I can barely follow myself and I know all the secrets Fenrir knows! Keep a look out for the final build to wrap this story up! C+C welcome!
  7. They were almost at the border of the county, and the further south they got, the harsher the terrain became. Therefor, Alric and his soldiers had to leave the horses behind, and now walked toward their unknown destination. At that moment, the way decided to split itself... Cath, who had guided them so far, but now seemed a bit at a loss, said: "We have to go right. That's the way to the borders, both with the Trifork and with the Kaliphlins. That thug will want to hide there." Alric, already a bit nervous at the thoughts of hiw beloved wife in foreign hands, responded: "Of courdse not. We have to go left. That's the way towards the rolling plains and forests of Geldaea. These cowards will want to hide between the Avalonian trees! Beside, you're a woman, No offence meant, but I've never seen a woman who could read a map!" Suddenly, a man appeared from the left, calling out loud something they couldn't qiute make out... Cath had her sword out as first, besting the General by seconds: "Halt! Who there?" "I need to speak to Lord Alric! I've important news!" "Let him speak..." "I come from Nur Amon, a village -hamlet- to the far east of your county. There's nothing special there - except the watchtower. And suddenly there were knights, all over the place, and they murdered and burned everything down..." "Where? When? How many? Can you show us the way?" "Less than a day ago, but I don't know their number, yes, I can show you..." "What are you waiting for man!!!!" And so it happened that they went left, Cath wearing a big smile... The General murmured to ALric: "Mylord, there's something strange about that thug: I asked the villager, and they don't pillage. They don't take loot!" But Alric didn't hear him, his thoughts were with his wife... ------------------ I'm back to building, after a stressy periode at school. Hope you guys like it, it is more of a connecting MOC. I need to thank Adair for this one, you smart guys had probably already seen his trademark: the SNOTted rockwork. Thanks also for the kind comments on the previous versions. Thank you!!!!!!!! ------------------ Figless:
  8. Nur Amon is a small village at the Drond's border with the Trifork. The few villagers who live there are defended against raiders by a strong tower, part of the "defensive wall" around Drondil's Kaliphlin border. Not that there are many of them, The only possible loot would be the livestock of Nur Amon's farmers. Suddenly the air darkens. A seamingly endless stream of black-clad warriors start to pear into the village. Seeing this, the guardsmen gives a cry and asks who they are and if Alric knows they are in his territory. The warriors just ignore his question, and while the rest start raiding the village, one of them stabs a spear through the guard's guts. One by one, his collegues end up with the same fate, while other soldiers purue the remaining farmers. On top of the tower, the last guard puts up a desperate fight, but his effort can't win the skirmish. A black soldiers takes down the flag of our proud county, green of Avalonia and blue of Drondil, and after putting up their own fight, starts relieving himself on our colours!!! Then he throws it down and leaves the roof. -------------------------------- Quint was afraid. No he wasn't afraid: he was scared to death! Never ever happened in Nur Amon, and now they were the subject of an invasion, with him being the only one left alive! He was laying on the ground with at least three spears pointing at his head. Suddenly, a shadow appeared. A raw voice sounded: You're probably thinking why you're still breathing. Well, you're going to do something to me. Run to your daddy -but, your soldiers just killed my da- the other side of a spear made him be silent. You're going to run to that count of you and tell him right this: (sarcastic) Lord Alric. Wanna switch your wife for your county? Cheers. Understood?Quint nodded, and while the soldiers pillaged his home, he ran as he never had before. ------------------------ I'm quite proud of this, and it will be seeable at BMA. I used another camera for these pictures, is it better? Thanks to Beorthan for collab-ing with me, to Maxim, and to you for reading! Untill the next chapter, Titus ------------------------- Addditional pictures:
  9. The civil war is ended, but Alric still didn't like that his border with the Kaliphlins was so vulnerable. To solve this gap in the Avalonian defenses, he had a line of watchtowers made on the hills bordering his southern neighbours. All of them were within such a distance of the others, that one could easily pass a horn signal along the line, toward the central castle, were the Postal Service had always a messenger waiting to ride to the capital. At the most eastern tower of his country, Alric ordered a stable made and a messenger to be ready, so in a case of attack, he could easily warn his allies, or call Beorthan to his aid. A standard tower Backside Entrance of the tower The pathway leading towards the entrance, build so only one man can climb it at a time. Sight from above. A tower in danger can put the bridge on fire, and sit out a long siege with the supplies stored in it's cellars, 'till Alric or the Avalonian army comes. -------------------------------------------- Okay, it's been a while i posted something, and this was an excellent opportunity to try some new techniques, i saw on the forum. I'd really like to know what you think about them, 'cause they may be new for me, you guys play with it since "cars were four studs wide". Personally, i think all went well, but C&C is very welcome! Thanks to Adair, and to Bregir for answering all my questions (probably hundres of them, none of wich have to do with this build)
  10. Alric surveyed the great hall. This was the most important place in the whole county of Drond's Feelds. Once a week, it was here he spoke justice, and condemned men to be liars or men worth his aid. Alric on a judgements-day During times of war, it was here Alric and his generals planned their moves, and it was to ho this hall the rapports of his postal service over hostil troop movements were brought. The Hall during wartime But for now, the hall was empty. Alric hadn't been here since Garmaddon had used it. He had more important matters, but now the relations with his neighbours were improved an a start was made of the rebuilding of Drond's Feelds, he had time to clean up the Usurper's mess. When he reached the table, something caught his eye. He searched between old maps and messages about taxes, and found a dusted letter. When he red it, he was shocked: "Dear Lord Garmaddon, we are glad to hear you are becoming more powerfull. But we all know that once you are too powerfull, the lord regents of Avalonia will dispose themselves of you. SO my lord, the mighty Desert King, has a proposal for you. You will swear him fealty, and in return he will protect you and make you one of his generals. Inside the included flacon, a poison will reach you as sign of our goodwill. It dozes the pain, but after it's work is done, your pain is doubled, every time you take it. Use it well. Greetings, Lord Ambassodor of our King." Alric was furious, but then he saw another letter, dated from the day he arrived: "Garmaddon. Word has reached us of the return of Drond's heir. In a fight between you and him, no-one doubts who the lord regents will support. My mighty king doesn't want to offend them, so with this letter we declare that our support to you is no longer valid, and we excuse ourselve humbly toward lord Alric. Lord Ambassador" After reading this, Alric wasn't furious anymore, but excuses didn't make his father live again. But then he thought "what is, is, and having the Desert King apologized to him was more than he could have hoped for. And then: oh, Elyzabeth, I love you... OOC: My first attempt at a room, and i'm satisfied with it. Thanks to Full Plate for giving me the idea of making a room, and thanks to Adair for his staircase-design i could borrow. I'd like to ask UoP for snotted floor design additional pics The Drond's Horse floor design. Figless
  11. TitusV

    A betrothal...

    A messenger sped over the rolling plains of Avalonia In his backpack, he carried a letter for all the great lors and ladies of Avalonia: "My dear Lords and Ladies, With joy do I pronounce that from now on, Lord Alric will be betrothed. Her name is Elyzabeth, and she is the niece of Lord Beortahn of the Trifork. By this way we hope to improve our relations even further. You are all invited to the wedding festivities, as soon as Lord Beorthan returnes from Kaliphlin. Lord Alric of Drondil" -------------------------- OOC: just a quick build, hope you like it. CC very appreciated. additional picture
  12. "The bard’s song tells a tale of a world long forgotten, Race against race, clan against clan, shields clashed with swords; long ago when Men of the Lion fought Men of the Falcon, and human armies succumbed to Orcs and undead. In that time, an orc named Gun-Dzar-Gan, suceeded in uniting the manu Orc-clans, and marched his army from the north towards the human villages of the south. The humans, opposed in their clans and tribes, needed time to gather their armies, while the orcs marched ever deeper into their territory. One they, they came at a river, wich we know as the Trifork, and, after the river, the human encampement. It was there, the Council of Elderlings decided they needed more reinforcements, and time to receive them. A brave warior, Relan, stepped forward and said he was able to defend the creek. Desperately in need of time, the Elderlings decided to accept his offer. And so Relan fought for a day and a night, and when the first light of the morning reached the creek, Gun-Dzar-Gan dismounted to slay him. But the time he lost, wouldn't be recuperated, the reinforcements of the human army arrived, and at the next battle, the Orcs were utterly defeated and the body of Gun-Dzar-Gan impaled." Fragment out of "Tales of Historica", by SkaForHire It is at this place Alric and Mariana decided to meet, and after a heartly greeting and the exchange of gifts, the treaty was proposed: "From now on, the Trifork and Drond's Feelds will be military allies, and respond to each other's call to arms. Once a year, we will let our soldiers train together so they can act more accurately in future momoents of need. No highwaymen, bandits or Drow can traverse the boundaries and expect to go in safety, as our troops will be allowed free acces to the other's lands. But this agreement also features non-military aspects: Trade will flow freely between our lands, and the boundary patrols will be used to patrol at our Kaliphlin borders. In case of famine or influenza in one of our lands, the other will hold nothing back to counter the disaster. ..." And after that "I, Lady Mariana of the Trifork agree with this proposal in the name of my husband." "And, I, lord Alric of the House of Drondil, accept this treaty to strengthen our bonds." They both signed the vellum with a scratch of their pencils. OOC: After all this text, i will just let you see the MOC, but i would like to claim UoP credits for Landscape design:sideways rocks and, if it qualifies, History (it isn't Kaliphlin history, but Historica's history, does that qualify?). And, yes, Relan got some dwarven blood, and yes, this is the treaty Bregir and I were talking about. Hope you like it, CC appreciated! The battle: The treaty: Gift from the Trifork Gift from Drondil Signing the actual treaty: Additional picture, figless
  13. I used this MOC to bring a message in the Kaliphlin tread, but as every freebuild should have it's own topic to get the points for you guild (thank you Kai NRG for explaining this), here it is: To deliver his messages and communication much faster, Lord Alric decided to find a postal service. Every courier got his own horse, real Dronse horses, so the messages could be delivered as fast as the wind. Messenger in action: Additional picture of the road: Just a very small and quick build of a road as i wanted to see what the effect of these 1x1 round tiles was. Hope you guys like it, and maybe i will one day build the Postal Service's Headquarters. CC very welcome!