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  1. They were almost at the border of the county, and the further south they got, the harsher the terrain became. Therefor, Alric and his soldiers had to leave the horses behind, and now walked toward their unknown destination. At that moment, the way decided to split itself... Cath, who had guided them so far, but now seemed a bit at a loss, said: "We have to go right. That's the way to the borders, both with the Trifork and with the Kaliphlins. That thug will want to hide there." Alric, already a bit nervous at the thoughts of hiw beloved wife in foreign hands, responded: "Of courdse not. We have to go left. That's the way towards the rolling plains and forests of Geldaea. These cowards will want to hide between the Avalonian trees! Beside, you're a woman, No offence meant, but I've never seen a woman who could read a map!" Suddenly, a man appeared from the left, calling out loud something they couldn't qiute make out... Cath had her sword out as first, besting the General by seconds: "Halt! Who there?" "I need to speak to Lord Alric! I've important news!" "Let him speak..." "I come from Nur Amon, a village -hamlet- to the far east of your county. There's nothing special there - except the watchtower. And suddenly there were knights, all over the place, and they murdered and burned everything down..." "Where? When? How many? Can you show us the way?" "Less than a day ago, but I don't know their number, yes, I can show you..." "What are you waiting for man!!!!" And so it happened that they went left, Cath wearing a big smile... The General murmured to ALric: "Mylord, there's something strange about that thug: I asked the villager, and they don't pillage. They don't take loot!" But Alric didn't hear him, his thoughts were with his wife... ------------------ I'm back to building, after a stressy periode at school. Hope you guys like it, it is more of a connecting MOC. I need to thank Adair for this one, you smart guys had probably already seen his trademark: the SNOTted rockwork. Thanks also for the kind comments on the previous versions. Thank you!!!!!!!! ------------------ Figless:
  2. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3a Chapter 3b Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 As agreed with her husband, Lady Mariana of the Trifork has despatched emissaries to the most important diplomatic relations of the Trifork in order to solidify its position in the tumultuous times of current Historica. Riding fast towards Benoic, and later onwards towards Nalderic, this emissary is carrying two identical letters for the Lord Regents of Avalonia, de Gothia of Benoic and Simon of Nalderic. The letters read: To the Lord Regents of Avalonia, It is our hope that this message finds you well. First of all, we wish to reassure you of the continued and relentless support of the Trifork in furthering the well-being of Avalonia. However, we wish to express our concerns about the current political situation in our beloved Avalonia. Our fellow lords and ladies fought on different sides and are divided on the matter of Kaliphlin, and the tension amongst us is growing. We fear that this tension will lead to conflict and division, and feel that this risk must be addressed. Therefore, we wish to extend an invitation to the Trifork. My husband wishes to discuss the situation with you, and request your advice on how to best preserve the interests of Avalonia through the current crisis. Lady Mariana on behalf of Beorthan, Lord Mayor of the Trifork, Gatekeeper of the East and Captain of the Republic _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ En route to Nocturnus, Tauro and Bregir have now reached the outskirts of Cedrica, about to pass a guard post manned by the now somewhat redundant kings guard. They are carrying the following despatch: To Lord Vladivus Stormbringer, Captain of the Shadowmere Guard and the Moruth Rangers, and trusted friend of the Trifork, I write this letter on behalf of my dear husband. It has come to his attention that you backed different sides in the recent conflict in Kaliphlin, and he assures me how relieved he is not to have met you or your mighty armies in battle. He wishes to reaffirm his friendship to you, as well as reconfirm that the Trifork considers Shadowmere amongst its closest allies, and that you shall not stand alone in the looming civil war. In the event of a war, you may count on us to commit all available forces and the necessary resources to back your cause. Lady Mariana on behalf of Beorthan, Lord Mayor of the Trifork, Gatekeeper of the East and Captain of the Republic _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Galloping through the western deserts of Kaliphlin, one heading towards Mpya Stedor and the other towards the Nestlands, both strongholds of the High Council resistance. They carry a message for those still loyal to the Republic: To the High Councillors of the Kaliphlinite Republic, On behalf of Beorthan, Captain of the Republic and Lord Mayor of the Trifork. Through the recent conflict, the Trifork stood at your side through victory and hardship to the bitter end. The High Council can rest assured that the might and wealth of the Trifork will continue to support any decision you may take on Kaliphlinite matters. It is our hope that you will pass this message on amongst your allies. For the republic! Lady Mariana on behalf of Beorthan, Captain of the Republic, Gatekeeper of the East and Lord Mayor of the Trifork They further carry two addendums, one for the leaders of the Nestlands… To the leaders of the Cobalt Vale and the Nestlands, Your resistance to the attacks of the Desert King, both during and after the civil war is the stuff of legends. It occupied a significant part of the Desert King's forces, which significantly decreased the pressure on the rest of the High Council forces. This was true too for the Expeditionary forces of the Trifork, and for this, we are much obliged. Therefore, we hope to establish closer relations, starting with a trade agreement. The textile industry of the Trifork has a particular interest in the colourful minerals of the Nestlands, and we are willing to pay a good price in either gold or wares. Further, we shall open our markets to traders from the Nestlands, and hope you will do the same for us. Lady Mariana on behalf of Beorthan, Captain of the Republic, Gatekeeper of the East and Lord Mayor of the Trifork …and one for Lord Damaximus of Mpya Stedor. To Lord Damaximus of Stedor, After having had the honour of fighting alongside the forces of Mpya Stedor in the recent Kaliphlinite conflict, the Trifork wishes to solidify relations to Mpya Stedor to the benefit of both our cities. It is our hope that you will agree to a trade agreement allowing our traders mutual free trading rights. We are certain that this will bring great wealth to us both. Further, should the recent conflict have left you in need of further aid, you have but to ask, and the Trifork will do its best to assist. Lady Mariana on behalf of Beorthan, Captain of the Republic, Gatekeeper of the East and Lord Mayor of the Trifork _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The last of the messengers have taken the western route, heading towards Eastgate and Barqa. Camping in a ruin of an old manor, one of them have been cornered by a pair of werewolves of questionable affiliation. However, those werewolves are in for a surprise from above. Carrying the same message for the High Council as their colleagues, they too carry addendums, one for the MacLeans… To the honourable MacLeans of Eastgate and Easterbroke, We have been following the developments in Eastgate from before the civil war with great concern. Putting your differences aside to fight for the Republic was a most honourable deed, and Beorthan has been proud to fight at your side against the false sand king. Now that a truce has been agreed, the Trifork hopes to continue this alliance through trade. As you know, we are linked by the Red River, and the Trifork hopes that both Eastgate and Easterbroke will be interested in furthering the trade along this node. We are willing to commit patrol crafts to guard the traffic of the river, as well as to open our markets to your merchants and wares, and hope you will reciprocate this offer. Lastly, should we be able to offer anything in your efforts to rebuild Eastgate or Easterbroke, let us know, and we shall do our best to assist you. Lady Mariana on behalf of Beorthan, Captain of the Republic, Gatekeeper of the East and Lord Mayor of the Trifork …and one for Sir Gideon of Barqa. To Sir Gideon, representative for the city of Barqa in the Kaliphlin High Council, Honoured to have fought alongside the mighty Lord Gideon in the recent Kaliphlinite conflict, ser Beorthan wishes to reaffirm the friendship between Barqa of Kaliphlin and the Trifork of Avalonia. For a long time, traders from Barqa have been an important constituent in the markets of the Trifork, as has the caravans passing through our city towards Benoic and central Avalonia. It is our hope that we may strengthen this relationship, and therefore, on behalf of my husband, I extend a standing invitation for Lord Gideon or any of his representatives to visit the Trifork and discuss a treaty of friendship and trade between our cities. Mostly unscarred by the recent conflicts, the Trifork is further in a position to offer assistance, should Barqa want anything in your efforts to recover from war. Lady Mariana on behalf of Beorthan, Captain of the Republic, Gatekeeper of the East and Lord Mayor of the Trifork _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ C&C welcome - I hope you like these small builds, as they were quite fun to build. While this is not strictly related to the Aestwäld saga with TitusV, it follows naturally to one of my other builds of the Saga, which is why I titled it as belonging to the saga. I hope that those addressed above have no issue with being implicated, but as you are free to react as you wish, I decided not to ask first. I of course hope that: 1) No one feels forgotten. I have tried to include most of those who has had former interactions with the Trifork directly or through challenges etc. 2) This will spawn some reaction over time from some of you, but I also fully understand if time or priorities does not permit it. No pressure! 3) You don't mind the amount of text.
  3. Nur Amon is a small village at the Drond's border with the Trifork. The few villagers who live there are defended against raiders by a strong tower, part of the "defensive wall" around Drondil's Kaliphlin border. Not that there are many of them, The only possible loot would be the livestock of Nur Amon's farmers. Suddenly the air darkens. A seamingly endless stream of black-clad warriors start to pear into the village. Seeing this, the guardsmen gives a cry and asks who they are and if Alric knows they are in his territory. The warriors just ignore his question, and while the rest start raiding the village, one of them stabs a spear through the guard's guts. One by one, his collegues end up with the same fate, while other soldiers purue the remaining farmers. On top of the tower, the last guard puts up a desperate fight, but his effort can't win the skirmish. A black soldiers takes down the flag of our proud county, green of Avalonia and blue of Drondil, and after putting up their own fight, starts relieving himself on our colours!!! Then he throws it down and leaves the roof. -------------------------------- Quint was afraid. No he wasn't afraid: he was scared to death! Never ever happened in Nur Amon, and now they were the subject of an invasion, with him being the only one left alive! He was laying on the ground with at least three spears pointing at his head. Suddenly, a shadow appeared. A raw voice sounded: You're probably thinking why you're still breathing. Well, you're going to do something to me. Run to your daddy -but, your soldiers just killed my da- the other side of a spear made him be silent. You're going to run to that count of you and tell him right this: (sarcastic) Lord Alric. Wanna switch your wife for your county? Cheers. Understood?Quint nodded, and while the soldiers pillaged his home, he ran as he never had before. ------------------------ I'm quite proud of this, and it will be seeable at BMA. I used another camera for these pictures, is it better? Thanks to Beorthan for collab-ing with me, to Maxim, and to you for reading! Untill the next chapter, Titus ------------------------- Addditional pictures:
  4. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3a Chapter 3b Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Having made preparations for leaving, Beorthan is now at the head of the Trifork Lancers, being guided westwards by the somewhat battered messenger to join forces with Aelric. The Trifork Lancers form an elite company of heavy cavalry, making up the main shock force of the Trifork Arsenal. Formed shortly after Beorthan's election as Lord Mayor of the Trifork, they are armed with the finest Shadowmere steel and riding powerful steeds from Drond's fields. Participating in the Kaliphlinite civil war quickly turned this newly formed company into an experienced, battle-hardened force to be reckoned with. Trained to fight both mounted as heavy lancers and dismounted as heavy spearmen, they are effective in both offence and defence. At the same time, Drake is leading a company of Trifork infantry through the southern swamplands to the plains near the southern border of the Trifork and thus Avalonia. Marching across these few miles of open land, an enemy will be able to seek refuge in the hills and mountains making up most of the border between Avalonia and Kaliphlin, through which they can sneak deeper into Avalonia. Raiders often choose this arduous route, rather than to face the obstacle of the fortress city of the Trifork. Drake's objective is to stop enemy reinforcements from making their way to the fight. As the cavalry, the infantry of the Trifork has been hardened by the Kaliphlinite civil war. By reforming the old city watch, Beorthan has created a disciplined, well lead, and well equipped force able to adapt to most situations. Trained by the veterans Marcus and Cassius, they are well-versed in most infantry tactics. ____________________________________________________________ Next instalment in the Aestwäld saga. Further, it is also my entry to the Avalonian Task One, presenting my troops. C&C is, as always, more than welcome. Still looking forward to seeing where this story goes.
  5. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3a Chapter 3b Chapter 4 It is early morning in the Trifork, and the hustle and bustle of the city is only just beginning as the citizens wake up and begin their daily chores. Beorthan has just arrived at the city hall, and is now standing on the balcony, overlooking the very heart of his lands. From here, he sees a battered and beaten man limping his way towards the entrance of the building. Ordering the guards to let the uniformed man in, he turns on his heels and rushes to the mayors office, calling his friend and second in command, sir William Drake, to join him. In the office, he receives the battered man solemnly with a small bow. "Greetings, sir - May I call for someone to take you to the infirmary?" The man looks up anxiously, his body obviously aching from some incident. "Thank you most kindly, mylord - but first, I must speak my business - it cannot wait!" Beorthan frowns and looks to Drake, then back to the man. "Well, man, if it cannot wait, speak up immediately!" "Of course, mylord! I bring word from Alric, Lord of Drond's Feelds, and in his heart your friend and ally. He most humbly requests the strength of the Trifork to ride to his immediate aid..." Drake raises a brow, and gives Beorthan a significant look. "We too regard Alric and Drond's Feelds as our friends and allies. But what troubles have led him to seek our help? And what happened to you?" Still somewhat breathless from the strain of his travels, the messenger stops to collect his thoughts before speaking. "I was beset upon by an unseen enemy, setting a trap for my mount. I have been running here with all my speed. You must react quickly, as I am already delayed too long!" Beorthan motions to the man to calm down. "We shall ride out within the day, if only you will let me know to what end!" The messenger looks down in despair. "I... I have lost the message as I was ambushed... but..." "Yes?!" "An unknown enemy has raided our southern villages mercilessly. They have come from the east... in great number..." Looking to the maps, Beorthan seems alarmed. "From the East? They must have come through my lands... 'Tis unacceptable!" "But sir... There is more... They have taken lord Alric's wife... Your niece..." Narrowing his eyes, Beorthan's resolve seems to grow - he turns to Drake. "William, I want you to take a company of infantry south. We must block our enemy from getting reinforcements." Turning to the messenger: "You will be escorted to the infirmary, and if you are up to it, I shall ask you to ride out with me, as our guide. We shall be leading the cavalry." "Thank you, sirs. Lord Alric will consider himself in your debt." The messenger bows as best he can, before being helped out of the office by a guard. ________________________________________________________________ My humble addition to TitusV's Aestwäld Saga - We Avalonians can also do collabs! You may consider the first picture a teaser for a large build (my largest so far ) of the main plaza of the Trifork, which you will see whenever I 1) get it finished 2) figure out how to photograph it. As always, c&c is welcome. Hope you like it.
  6. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3a Chapter 3b Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 After having just received a call for aid from Drond's Feelds, Beorthan has mobilised the forces of the Trifork. As they are making their preparations, he has asked his wife Mariana to join him and Drake for a walk through the city. "…therefore, I will head the cavalry to join forces with Lord Alric, and Drake will take the infantry south to stop any forces from moving through our lands. In the meantime, you will handle matters here, Mary." Mariana and Drake both nod, as they follow Beorthan through the narrow canal streets of the lakeside quarter. "However, there are some things we need to discuss before we leave. As you both know, the Trifork has come out of the Kaliphlin civil war stronger than ever. Our economy is booming, and our troops are experienced and battle-hardened. However, we cannot stand alone." As they pass a small bridge, Drake chimes in: "I agree. The situation in Kaliphlin is still uncertain - with the High Council holed up in their cities, and the Desert King already proclaiming his triumph, we have a mess at our borders. Not to talk of the trouble brewing in the Darklands…" Mariana continues with a frown: "Further, the situation amongst our own ranks is shaky at best. With the lords of Avalonia having backed different sides in the war, animosity and distrust has been sparked. The trouble to the south may end up being the least of our problems." Pausing to greet a townsperson passing by, Beorthan agrees: "My analysis is the same, my friends. Therefore, we need to reach out to all and every ally we have. This task will fall upon you, my love - I have no doubt you can handle that, as well as the daily management of the city." Mariana and Beorthan exchange a loving glance. "When you were elected Lord Mayor, I knew these duties would fall upon me in times of need. Things will be taken care of, as I long for your return…" Returning her smile, Beorthan continues with a serious tone: "I want emissaries sent out at speed. Our allies in the High Council must be reassured that the might and wealth of the Trifork will continue to back any decision they may take on Kaliphlinite matters." "I concur. The High Council best represents the interests of the free Kaliphlinite cities, the people, and the merchants; and as such too the interests of the Trifork. Not to mention the atrocities and despotism of the Desert King…" Drake adds. Mariana ponders for a second: "I will send riders to the MacLeans in Eastgate; to Lord Gideon in Barqa; to Lord DaMaximus of Mpya Stedor; and to the pockets of resistance in and around the Nestlands. From there, word can be spread of our continued allegiance." Both Drake and Beorthan nods. "Further, it is imperative that we reestablish diplomatic relations to Lord Vladivus of Shadowmere. He has shown friendship before, and we are not to let down our friends now. Reassure him that having backed different factions in the Kaliphlinite civil war changes nothing. He may count on our alliance and continued support of his resistance in Nocturnus." Mariana seems to be taking mental note of the instruction and nods. "It will be so. Lastly, I will send a messenger to our Lord Regents, Simon of Nalderic and de Gothia of Benoic, expressing our concerns on the current political situation in Avalonia." "I'd suggest we invite them here to discuss the situation in person, the matter being of a somewhat delicate nature…" Drake suggests. "Such will be our agreement. Mylady, you will see to the city, while Drake and I prepare to depart. I shall return to bid you farewell before I leave." ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yet another build for the Aestwäld saga. This is mainly a story build, so forgive me the picture to text ratio - I simply had a lot of things to get done before Beorthan leaves the city to aid Alric. I hope my shameless namedropping will be forgiven - I plan to post builds with the messengers later. (Meaning that the implied VIP's will also see the exact messages sent to them from the Trifork.) C&C is, as always, more than welcome. This collab is turning out to be funnier than I expected!
  7. It was a cold night. A shadow glided over the courtyard of N'Ora. It was no more than a shadow, perceived from the eyecorner. It dodged guards like it dodged light. When the shadow reached the stairs, it hesistated a moment. Then it took the way upward. When it came to door at the top of the stairs, a single candle lighted human form for a few moments. Then the light decided it didn't want to have anything to do with the stranger, and seemed to twist around it. A tendril emerged from the darkness, and reached toward the door... ------------------- The Mayor of N'Ora shivered and stretched his hand a bit further toward the warmth of the fire. It was a cold night, too cold for the time of the year. And like his grand-aunt, may she rest in peace, always said: "Cold nights, colder tidings." A wise women she was, his aunt. He looked up. Was that a noise outside? He decided it wasn't. And if it was, his guard would dispose of it. He had more important matters at hand. Only a couple of hours ago, he had received a message from his liege lord, Alric, saying that... He never saw the shadow coming, never saw the knife flashing. While the wind howled outside, his inside went silent... --------------------------- Thanks to you all for following, and to SK6, who gave me the inspiration. I'm very very sorry for the picture quality, but quite proud of the MOC itself. Enjoy! Edit: thanks to Ska for changing the topic title! Additional pics, figless: And, since it would be a pity to only show the figless ones:
  8. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3a Chapter 3b When Alric and his retinue reached the more forested part of his county, they decided to leave the horses. So when they finally arrived at the small chandlery, they did that on foot. That was even better, 'cause if they had been mounted, Alric surely would have dropped from his horse. The road ended next to a few ruins!!! Alric wondered how thye could live so small! When he was back home, he would have to do something about that. But first his wife... And that brought him back to the matters at hand. Cath called out: "Daddy!!! Where are you? Mum!?", While Alric voiced the need for tools to search the rubbish. When one of the soldiers arrived, all decided to help with the clearing. They wanted to be gone from this place where one could reek the sadness. Cath cryed again, but now from joy: "There! Taht's him! Quicker, you fools!" Alric was so glad to hear this that he forgot to object that his soldiers weren't fools. The soldiers quickly cleared away the remaining stones, not in the least due to Cath's cries. A man, more death than alive, emerged. Because his belly was pierced by a sord-trust, the Captain called a healer, altough his skilled eye saw that she would always be too late. "And a bit quicker please!" For a few seconds, Alric pitied the poor guy having to run the whole time between their main camp and the venue. The man spoke, with a voice like coarse wood: "Ah, Cathrina... Can I get a bit of water please? And fetch me your lord..." Altough Cath hated that name, she still had to smile... When Alric arrived, the man was laid down and a crowd gathered. "M'lord... They took her east... And down..." And with a "Take care of my daughter", Alric and his soldiers left the ground, but Cath stayed. He died in her arms, and when his last breath passed, she laid down her sword and swore a thousand oaths of revenge. The she stood up called to the gods: "THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!!!!!" -------------------------------------------------- Thanks for the kind comments on hte previous chapter, hope you're still enjoying it! The ruibns were actually quite challenging, I don't know if I'm totally satisfied with the result Additional picture, figless
  9. The messenger was in a hurry. He knew that a lot depended on him. With only his retinue, Lord Alric would have a hard job to handle the invaders. But if he succeeded in rallying Lord Beorthan to his aide, then the situation would be a lot easier to handle... As such, he didn't see what had to be seen... But there was another person, who came, saw and smiled. He had won, and he knew it. ---------------------------------- The more important part of chapter 3. Hope you enjoyed it as much as i did when building. The next chapters should be up in a week or so. Additional pictures: The trap: Figless:
  10. And so it happens, that by the first light of the morning sun, Alric departs to save his wife, and revenge his eastern citizens. They are led by Cath, who shows herself far more trustworthy than any map Alric's library can provide. A few hours before them a messenger, sent east to call Lord Beorthan to Alric's aid, passed the old ruïns. ------------------------------------- This is a rather small and unimportant chapter, that's why i decided to make an A and B part of it. This MOC was mainly built to exercise the round wall technique, so i can make a real round tower in a following chapter, and to build up tension. Thank you all for following the Saga and your kind comments on the previous chapters. Additional pictures, figless:
  11. Chapter 1 Alric was in the study, speaking about the soldiers wage with his general, when he heard commotion outside. A guard entered, pushing a young, armed woman before him. Now Alric got a better look at her, he saw that she was more a girl with a too large sword. "My Lord Count, my Lord General, this woman absolutely wanted to speak with you. She wouldn't drink, eat or rest before that." "Say what you have to, lady." "Thank you, m'lord... It's... I'm coming from the east, m'lord... And it's hordes... Hundreds... And they 'ttacked... Noone's save over there, m'lord... I'm so sorry about you wife, but they said someone'd to give thou a message... Said I was too small to fight... Bu your wife, m'lord..." "Yes, what's with my wife? Speak up, girl!", Alric bursted out. His general jumped in: "Everything will be allright, Mylord. But let the girl tell here story, and give her the time to make sense." Alric, angry at himself for becoming angry at someone he had sworn to protect and clearly hadn't, went to the shelfs and searched a map of the east, while his general talked with the girl and managed to get a comprehensible story out of her. "Well, you can call me Cath. I'm the daughter of the local smith in a village near the ruins of Aestwäld. Your lady was visiting our town, to buy some of my mothers chandles," a bit of pride in her voice, "when we heard noise outside the chandlery. One of her guards went to look, but when he didn't return, my mother took command. She sent my father to watch the door, together with his sword-my dad's the best swordsmen of the village, m'lord. Even old Druin sais that, and he learned me to fence." Again that bit of pride."While dad wathched the door, the shouts increased, and we heard the banging of steel on armor. My mother said it was our duty to defend your wife, since you are a good lord and reasonable with the taxes... So when the door clanged open and my father had to face three men in red and black armor, clearly not your men, she said i should take the backdoor and warn you of the danger... She said that when i followed the ways west, I would always reach your keep, m'lord..." Alric immediatly started to organize an expedition: "My lord general, assemble a company of your finest men, with you at their head. We need to be able to ride out by tomorrow morning." Against the guard he said: "Send messages to Lord Beorthan. If he takes a small force from the east, and we come from the west, we can crush any resistance." Against the girl-Cath- he said: "Get something to eat in the kitchen, and make sure you're rested. You'll be our guide in the morning." Aigainst himself:"I'll regulate the keep. Tomorrow I'll leave with you. Noone takes my wife from me unharmed!!!" ---------------------------------- Thank you for reading all this stuff. It wasn't my purpose to get another build up this soon, but I got some spare time yesterday evening, and here it is! Comments are of course very welcome, I'm gratefull for the encouraging posts on the first chapter. And I hope you're enjoying the story. In every case: I do! @People who are folowing this because of the ancient artefacts in the first chapter: they will return in chapter 4 or 5 Additional pics, figless:
  12. Once the land was ruled by a nation long destroyed... A nation of wich now only remnants of remnants remain... Their civilization's gone to dust, their names forgotten... Only the smallest artefacst are left over... One of these is the so-called Stone Throne, to the east of Drond's Feelds... A rider rushes by on the old cobbles, now just a dirty way. No eye for the remnants of old stone shaped into a chair so long ago, only for the destination... To be continued --------------------- Okay, school started again in Belgium, so no great builds for me, but this should be the start of a storyline composed of some smaller builds. Please let me know what you think of it!!! (Sorry for the really bad images, we've got three weeks of bad weather here with never enough light to take a decent picture, so i decided to just take them in a too dark setting.) Additional pic, figless