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Found 2 results

  1. Lord Vladivus

    Ghosts in the Dungeon

    "The dungeons? What is this?" exclaimed Alric, "Fenrir, after..." "Fear not young one" interrupted Sithanna. "We mean you no harm. This is a council of war, of which you are very much a part of. Allow me to introduce Amset Ra, envoy of the Desert King of Kaliphlin." "The Desert King?" asked Alric apprehensively. "Ana khadimaan mukhlisanaan lil Shadowmere." The mountain mummy sorcerer spoke in his native tongue. "He says he's a loyal servant of Shadowmere. So let's get back to the matter in hand." Fenrir spoke swiftly. "Rivalries and political differences matter not if we can't match the Spire. Vladivus is dead, yet his legacy stands- the Resistance. Even the might of the Desert King and Ulandus combined would falter if we let Ravaage win. We are here to see that day never comes. We stand as warriors before the end times. Amset, with me. Alric, Tauro, you may find it prudent to move away" Amset and Fenrir, staffs aglow, moved to the end of the room, where a pool of blood smouldered. As the others watched, a ghostly figure began to coalesce above the bubbling red liquid. "VLADIVUS!" exclaimed Sithanna. "But, how Fenrir? What foul magics is this?" "My dearest Sithanna. Did you truly think that death could hold me back? Krell bound my spirit to the mortal realm- due to my mixed heritage Hades itself finds it hard to retain my spirit. Without Krell, I would have wandered the void between life and death forever. Nevertheless, I do not intend to stay as a ghost. I wish to feel Gurthanol in my living hand once more, to strike the head from Ravaage," said Vladivus. With that, Amset and Fenrir levelled their staffs at Vladivus' ghost. A dark cloud, streaked with red blood enveloped the two staff wielders and Vladivus ghost. The smoke cleared, and a marvel stood before them: "I have returned". Vladivus clenched his fist. "There is much to be done." "My Lord," called Alric. "I am honoured to meet you. My name is Alric, and I am from Dronds Feelds. I helped Fenrir cleanse the rot. How may I be of service?" "Hail and well met, Alric of Dronds Feelds. I am familiar with your neighbour, Beorthan of the Trifork," Vladivus paused. "I would request your aid in helping to clear Shadowmere of, well, undesirables." He turned to the minotaur standing next to Alric. "Ah, Tauro, it's been a long time. If you would be so kind as to return to the Trifork and tell Beorthan that his alliance with Shadowmere still stands. As does the alliance between Dronds Feelds and Shadowmere." The two nodded their heads and departed, Sithanna spoke up; "What now Vladivus?" "We fight," came the grim reply. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next step in the story! C+C welcome!
  2. Lord Vladivus

    Receiving a Message.

    After reaching Nocturnus, Tauro and Bregir have split up. Whilst Tauro has continued to Shadowmere, Bregir heads towards other members of the Nocturnian Resistance. Tauro has found Shadowmere in a sorry state of affairs. Recent events have taken their toll, and the citadel is no longer quite as whole as it once was. Nevertheless, the Lady Sithanna rules in Vladivus' absence and it is to her that the Trifork's message is delivered. She receives Tauro in her personal chambers, the Minotaur an unusual acquaintance for the vampire Lady. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally got around to replying to Bregir's build! I tried a new technique for myself, offsetting the walls by a half-stud. The colour scheme is largely inspired by one of Jorrith's Shadowmere builds, so credit there! C+C welcome!