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Found 12 results

  1. Mini LEGO

    Tiny tiny LEGO robot and tank

    I am sorry. I can see dusts in my videos. I should have been careful. I made some stop motion animation in the head parts of the videos. I hope you enjoy them also.
  2. A short James Bond fight scene animated in Lego Stop Motion.
  3. [Kickstarter] The Brickster Returns - A Christmas animated short film Greetings members of Eurobricks! I hope that this is allowed and the right place to post this! Each year, I make a Christmas special. The past two years have been based on my criminal character called the Brickster which is inspired by the Lego Island character although changed to fit my story. Regardless, this year I want to make the best Lego Christmas animation and also wanted to share the finished product with everyone! I have greatly increased my quality of animation since my last Christmas special. However, due to my situation, money for all of the sets/products to achieve such a feat is near impossible without help. I felt quite cheap with the thought of begging, however, I eventually came around and made a Kickstarter. I hope people will help to fund and support this film, if the fund is successful, by Christmas day (or eve for backers), I will release the film on here and YouTube. The concept of the film - The villainous Brickster has escaped from prison and to get revenge, he steals the presents from Lego city to sabotage Christmas! He is eventually banished in last year's special with the help of Santa and his allies. This year he will return and form a band of super villains and an army of robots to take over Lego city this Christmas Eve! Who can stop the Brickster and save Christmas? Here is last years Christmas special: And here is an example of a more recent film I've completed to show the increase in quality to expect (and better) from this year's Christmas special. Hopefully this year I will be able to create the best Lego Christmas animated film of the year with the communities help! If anyone is interested in helping fund this year's Christmas special, here is the link: Kickstarter Campaign Edit by Hinckley: Link removed If not, please feel free to share the campaign, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  4. FK Films

    Lego Batman Parody

  5. FK Films


    New Adwenture Lego Museum Robbery.. Have a good time..
  6. Clone 01354 Productions

    Clone 01354: E1: The Outbreak (Part 2 of 2)

    This is PART 2 of my first stop motion, Clone 01354: E1: The Outbreak. I think that it is much more improved than the previous episode. Hope you all enjoy!
  7. Trainmaster247

    Tips For Stop Motion Videos

    I am looking for tips in the categories below if anyone can help that would be great Background(facts)- I have a school scene with wwalls on two siddes and a white board in the corner\ lighting-what do you recommend for lighting how far should I move the minifigs between each scene how many frames should I do per second I want it to look like a movie is projected on the whiteboard how can I do that should I tae the images in parts and layer them (it is fro a school project)
  8. Clone 01354 Productions

    Clone 01354: E1: The Outbreak (Part 1 of 2)

    Hey guys! I present to you my first stop motion; originally, it was posted on YouTube in December of last year, but I decided to post it here to (hopefully) get more viewers. Hope you all enjoy! BTW Part 2 is almost done. Expect it to be out by May..... I know it's not the best, but keep in mind that it is my first. Part 2 is much better with lighting, voice acting, and movements.
  9. Mark of Falworth

    Making Tracks

    For some reason I can't figure out how to post it here. But I recently did a little stop-motion video. Would really like some advice tips or pointers from those who know their stuff! :) Here's the link. Thanks for checking it out and have a great day! :)
  10. *Notice* I am not a proffesional animator yet but i decieded to push this out here. Tip 1: Always Bluetac your plates to the desk (If you work on the floor like me don't ) Tip 2: Good lighting. Close blinds and turn on lamp. Tip 3: Defeating flicker. Make sure you apply card to the edge of your desk to ensure no flicker. Tip 4: High frames: The higher the FPS you work at the more photos you have to shoot. Tip 5: Always have a clear set up for animation. Tip 6: Clutter. Remove all clutter onto floor to maximise desk space. Tip 7: Voices: Make sure you have a good microphone and clear voice. Tip 8: Music. Use music at the appropriate times. Tip 9: Background. Make sure you have a background so you can't see the hidden horors of your wall . Tip 10: Set. Take your time with the set, its what really counts!!! Take my tips and you will be awesome!
  11. Hello everyone! As you know I started making lego videos and today I tried to do a stop motion test. It's not very good, and unfortunately it's not panoramic, (in my future videos I will try to make panoramic brickfilms, I only have to change resolution of camera screen to 16:9) but I think it's ok for the first time. What do you think? Music in the video is from The Testament of Sherlock Holmes video game. Watch in HD! And sorry for my voice, it was morning when I was making it and my voice was... you know