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  1. MatiPasio

    Battle of Hoth - Micro MOC

    that FeelsGoodMan
  2. MatiPasio

    Sports hatchback

    Nice, I like it.
  3. MatiPasio

    Hello from Poland

    Witamy witamy :D
  4. MatiPasio

    Contest Pimp My Camper! Results

    "Winners chosen at random from eligible voters: Redhead1982 Matipasio Chocolatecake" Yeah! Nice! Good job, winers!
  5. MatiPasio

    Contest Pimp My Camper! Voting Thread

    26. Garbage Camper by Csacsa234 (2 votes) 28. A few details by Nexus7 (3 votes) 48. Kitt Camper by Wachutu Chief (1 vote) 75. Flying VolksWing-en by Jamesn (1 vote) 94. Vanspeeder by Gene (1 vote) 153. (untitled) by slackware (1 vote)
  6. MatiPasio

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    The best set ever! Just... Wow! Amazing!
  7. MatiPasio

    Mr Wayne's secret

    Amazing! Perfect MOC! I love the details and... everything!
  8. MatiPasio

    The Tower

    I can't believe that human can build such beautiful thing using lego bricks....
  9. MatiPasio

    MOC - Black Velvet Cafe and Accountant's Offices

    Love this moc, love the atmosphere!
  10. MatiPasio

    [MOC] Doctor Who

    Nice, really nice.
  11. MatiPasio

    Your dream Lego theme

    Sherlock Holmes
  12. MatiPasio

    Pirate Ship MOC

    Wow! Great MOC!
  13. Hello I made a short funny lego movie based on true events from my life (while playing CS:GO).