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Found 6 results

  1. Primus


    I'm on a roll building stuff recently. This time, a I've managed to make a hard-suit for a TechnicFig who had no legs. Found him while sorting all of my parts and decided he needed a suit to make up for it. And yes, there's a TechFig in there! Brickshelf Gallery (when moderated) Hope you guys like him, C&C is appreciated! P
  2. Bought my first Mixel set since they were on sale in our area. Grabbed the Medivals set since I wanted to create a "mech minotaur" as my first MOC. After a lot of failed attempts I've decided to make an exosuit for my desktop dwarf instead. Parts were inspired by the Mixel builds of chubbybots and dark_syntax Version 1 Dwarven Mech 1 by Jon Jansen Campos, on Flickr Dwarven Mech 2 by Jon Jansen Campos, on Flickr Version 2 I've decided to use as much parts as possible from the Medivals Mixels set to create a 2nd version of my dwarven mech. I tweaked and swap parts all around until I got satisfied with my work. Dwarven Mech 2.0 1 by Jon Jansen Campos, on Flickr Dwarven Mech 2.0 2 by Jon Jansen Campos, on Flickr Dwarven Mech 2.0 3 by Jon Jansen Campos, on Flickr
  3. Umbrix

    MOC: "Protector" Hardsuit

    Hello. This is my attempt to create minifig scale hardsuit. Images are clickable.
  4. TheOneVeyronian

    [LDD MOC] Exo-Hound

    I welcome you all to my second insanely over-greebled mech, this time with a more System based build and a twist! It's a common problem in high-tech planetary exploration admittedly, and one that I feel has not been addressed adequately. You are usually out on patrol on an alien planet, while all the time your thoughts are with your best friend. But now you needn't worry with the EXO-HOUND, the only Exo-Suit tailored for dog use with it's dog-like design and pet-friendly controls! Now you needn't leave your faithful friend whenever you need to wander foreign star systems, he or she can now come explore with you! LEGO Mecha/Hardsuit - Exo-Hound by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr The LDD file for this build can be downloaded using this link. You are welcome to build your own version using this, but beware that some colour-part combos don't exist. I hope you enjoyed this rather unusual looking hardsuit Comments are welcome!
  5. TheOneVeyronian

    [LDD MOC] Mecha/Hardsuit "The Dragon"

    Introducing my very first attempt at an insanely over-greebled Exo-Suit inspired mecha/hardsuit (in fact, my first self-designed mecha full stop): The Dragon! LEGO Mecha/Hardsuit "The Dragon" by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr The model contains 511 parts and is nicknamed "The Dragon" due to it's armoured cockpit canopy (held ajar here to let you see the pilot) which vaguely resembles a dragon's upper jaw. It is primarily a mecha designed with combat in mind, hence the very well-armoured cockpit, but can also be used as an exploration mecha. This was mainly an exercise in whether I could do extreme greebling and actually started with the desire to use the specific hand design you see on the model in something. Well, I hope you enjoyed looking over this big hunk of greeble from this novice!
  6. Henchmen4Hire

    Blacktron Army Rising

    I have enough SP3 officers, now it's time to build up the other guys. Ordered some parts, going to have to paint a few bits black, easy stuff. I'm annoyed that the one guy who has a bunch of Rench (New Blacktron) torsos wants over 2 dollars for them. I'm not too keen on spending 20 bucks for a few torsos, but I may not have a choice since Rench figures sell for even more -_- Anyway, here are some made up Blacktron troops. Just imagine them with Blacktron torsos: From left to right: Sniper, Infantry with pistols, Infantry with fancier goggles and rifle. Laser Armor-cutter (to wreck tank treads, walker-legs, break into fortresses, etc), Commando, Armored Artillery Guy lol Robot Drone Demolitions Guy (he ran out of hi-tech explosives!) Space Assault Troop (capable of fighting in space, zooming around sabotaging enemy craft and being a general nuisance) Experimental Weapons Guy (they test fancy new weapons in the battlefield)