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  1. I have a huge DC Superheroes collection, and a decent Spider-Man collection, but I keep shying off the Marvel Universe at large because of the subpar designs and this feeling that down the line there will be a bit of a renaissance for the Marvel line, kind of like DC Superheroes has been getting better and better and more detailed as it goes. I mean, Ghost Spider alone is so...basic.
  2. retrotaco

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Goooooood call, I'll definitely be doing that!
  3. I went a little off the beaten path here with a Glorp Corp Maxel...kind of more like a Mega-Mixel lol It's made up mostly of pieces from the six Glorp Corp Mixels, plus a few random others. Tried to channel insects/xenomorphs. I mostly just miss Mixels and want them back lol Thanks for looking!
  4. retrotaco

    DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Thank you! That looks perfect, that settles it for me!
  5. retrotaco

    DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Could someone who has the new Aquaman from the movie set put his legs onto the comics-version upper-half? I want to see if those scaly-shiny green legs look good on him because I really like that Mera but am not sure if I want to brinklink her or just snag the set.
  6. retrotaco

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Is it okay to post a link in here to that? Couldn't find it myself, and I'd love to see them.
  7. retrotaco

    [MOC/MOD] TLBM Joker Manor with Batcave

    Woah. I'm.... wow. Blown away. Any chance for more shots of the Batcave interior?
  8. Hello everyone! So, I've run into a bit of a financial patch, and have had to dip into the Lego Reserve Bank to help stay afloat. Bad news for me could be good news for you though! All the minifigures I'm listing here have been either displayed or stored, they haven't been played with, and come with all accessories. All prices include shipping, and I'm definitely agreeable to work on pricing if someone is buying a lot at once. Thanks guys, feel free to shoot me a PM with any questions! I'll most likely be updating this with more minifigures as I find more in the collection to offer up. Series 18 - Firework Guy -$3 Dragon Suit Guy -$4 Race Car Guy -$3 Unicorn Guy -$3 Series 17 - Circus Strong Man -$3 Series 16 - Ice Queen -$3 Desert Warrior -$3 Cyborg -$3 Cute Lil Devil -$3 Hiker -$3 Kickboxer Girl -$3 Penguin Boy -$4 Rogue -$3 Spy -$3 Banana Guy -$4 Babysitter -$6 Series 15 - Astronaut -$3 Frightening Knight -$3 Clumsy Guy -$3 Tribal Woman -$5 Janitor -$3 Ballerina -$4 Kendo Fighter -$3 Series 14 - Wolf Guy -$4 Zombie Pirate -$3 Monster Scientist -$3 Wacky Witch -$3 Fly Monster -$4 Zombie Cheerleader -$4 Gargoyle -$4 Skeleton Guy -$4 Squarefoot -$3 Series 13 - Classic King -$4 Sheriff -$3 Snake Charmer -$3 Goblin -$3 Palentologist -$4 Egyptian Warrior -$3 Carpenter -$3 Evil Wizard -$4 Fencer -$4 Samurai -$3 Disco Dancer -$4 Hot Dog Man -$10 Galaxy Trooper -$3 Series 12 - Hun Warrior -$5 Video Game Guy -$4 Battle Goddess -$4 Space Miner -$3 Lifeguard -$4 Prospector -$4 Rock Star -$3 Swashbuckler -$3 Series 09 - Waiter -$12 Cyclops -$3 Heroic Knight -$6 Policeman -$4 Judge -$6 Alien Avenger -$4 The Lego Movie Series - President Business -$5 Velma Staplebot -$5 Simpsons Series 01 - Ralph Wiggum -$5 Simpsons Series 02 - Homer -$3 Marge -$3 Lisa -$3 Maggie -$4 Bart (as Bartman) -$3 Nelson (as Fall Out Boy) -$3 Comic Book Guy -$3 Martin -$4 Professor Frink -$3 Hans Moleman -$3 Selma -$4 Patty -$4 Groundskeeper Willy -$3 Edna Krabappel -$4 Waylon Smithers -$4 Dr. Hibbert -$3 Disney Series 01 - Stitch -$4 Pizza Planet Alien -$3 Buzz Lightyear -$8 Aladdin -$3 Genie -$3 Maleficent -$6 Cheshire Cat -$4 Daisy Duck -$4 Donald Duck -$4 Minnie Mouse -$4 Mickey Mouse -$4 Mr. Incredible -$3 Syndrome -$3 Peter Pan -$4 Captain Hook -$4 Ariel -$4 Ursula -$4 DC Superheroes - Trickster -$10 Plastic Man -$15 Cosmic Boy -$10 Lightning Lad -$5 Poison Ivy [sh010] -$5 Deadshot -$5 Wonder Woman [sh004] -$5 Hulk [sh013] -$15 Zod -$3 Jor-El -$3 Disco Alfred Pennyworth -$3 Doctor Phosphorus -$3 Calculator -$3 Apache Chief -$4 Killer Croc [from The Lego Batman Movie] -$15 Mighty Micros Minifigures - Batman [Black & Gray] - $4 Batman [Gray & Blue] -$4 Robin -$4 Superman -$4 Bizarro -$4 Flash -$4 Captain Cold -$4 Killer Moth -$4 Bane -$4 Wonder Woman -$4 Marvel Superheroes - Iron Patriot [Gun Mounting System] Polybag [Sealed] -$30 Random - Lego Education WeDo Mascot (Mini Milo) Polybag [2000447] -$7
  9. retrotaco

    Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    I'd like if they didn't print his belt, and instead gave him the belt accessory from TLBM, makes him look a little taller and bigger (like more of a brawler) and makes the sidekicks look that much shorter.
  10. retrotaco

    DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Yup, especially since Ivy's hairpiece from TLBM is soooooo good.
  11. retrotaco

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Yeah, with almost all my Batman villains now, it's the body/hair from TLBM minifigs, and then the heads from their older versions. Seems like Lego went out of their way to make the face of any 'new' bad guy match up to the standard style, but then went nuts with Joker/Ivy/Riddler/etc., like all the 'standard' bad guys that are gonna pop up again, like Ivy is here.
  12. retrotaco

    DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Don't really care for the DCEU characters, but that Mera looks pretty comic accurate and I'm definitely down to snag that black helmet for Black Manta and those sub pieces.
  13. retrotaco

    DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Mmmm. I had thought of the Spooky Girl and tried her, but something about her just didn't match what I was looking for, I was hoping people had tried other heads. I actually went through my collection to look for something else, and I stumbled upon an extra Harley Quinn I had from the Batman/Harley/Deadshot set a while back, added in a Wonder Twin neck cowl, and a trans-purple chain to look like she's casting a spell, and voila;
  14. retrotaco

    DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Has anyone used pieces of Raven from the Lego Dimensions Teen Titans Go pack to make a Raven who "matches" the standard Superheroes themed minifigs? Just found my Raven while moving, and would really like to fill out my Teen Titans lol