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  1. Onepu the Protector

    [MOC] Hraunarr aka the most mocpages moc you'll ever see

    I think you're being a bit too harsh on your MOC. The color scheme is a bit generic but what makes it more interesting is the placement of the colors, which makes Hraunarr look like a red-skinned guy wearing black pants - this kind of half-naked appearance suits the burly vibe you get from him. What's more, I like the use of the 2008 Hau - while not my favorite Kanohi by itself, its knightly design fits the Knights Kingdom armor. The Hydraxon-like articulated hands I'm not a fan of, I feel like they're way overused in the Bionicle MOC-ing community. As far as the supposed clashing textures go, I don't think the MOC is nearly as bad in that regard - I think Stronius's rocky armor fits quite well with the scratched and spiky Knights Kingdom shoulder armor, for instance.
  2. Onepu the Protector

    Basil the Dragon

    >>> The full album <<< Basil the Dragon is a combo model I've built out of the pieces from Mixels Boogly, Glurt and Vampos.
  3. Onepu the Protector

    [MOC]Barret from Playstation video game Final Fantasy 7

    ...Also known as Mister T. I'm not a fan of the franchise as a whole but I have a soft spot for VII. Anyway, your rendition of Barret is great - the colour scheme is spot-on (although a bit brighter than in the game, I believe), the hulking yet goofy physique is there and the gun-arm is pure genius. However, I think the MOC would benefit from having some sort of white pieces as eyes.
  4. Onepu the Protector

    Are the mistika really that bad?

    One the main things that bug me about the Inikapiraka build is that Lego tried to use it as some form of standarised building system, while in reality, it didn't even feel like it was designed with that goal in mind from the get-go. This often resulted in mismatched textures, seemingly random choices of limbs (Can anyone tell me what were they trying to achieve with this? Or this?) and all-around rummagy feeling. I'm not the biggest fan of CCBS (I liked it when it was new and fresh in 2011 but over the years, the novelty has worn off) but at least it has a sense of internal consistency.
  5. Onepu the Protector

    Star Wars Buildable Figures Wish List

    Yoda - I love him as a character (even though the prequels didn't do him justice) and despite TLG's rather poor track record regarding CCBS figures of organic creatures, I'd like them to try making Yoda out of sheer curiosity about how they would handle that. What's more, the combination of green skin tone and tan robes is a pleasant colour scheme for a figure like this and there's so much possibilities for new and interesting parts - a shorter lightsaber blade in green (even though I didn't really like seeing Yoda jump and fight a lightsaber), a brick-built cane, etc. More droids - let's be honest, CCBS is more suitable for robotic characters than it is for organic ones. I think C3PO would be a good start - not everyone is fond of him as a character but he's one of the staples of the franchise. Plus, CCBS already has a fair selection of golden pieces thanks to all the Rockas and Chima Ultrabuilds. There are also Battle Droids, I'd like to see them as sets but they're kinda tricky. I wonder how Lego would pull off their spindliness without resorting to using bone pieces with the ball joints exposed. Droideka would also be nice to see, but I have the same doubts about them as I have about the regular Battle Droids.
  6. Onepu the Protector

    Are the mistika really that bad?

    As the characters we've come to love over the years? Yeah, they're pretty terrible. I've seen some people trying to justify the Mistika (and, by extension, the Phantoka) not looking like their past selves by pointing out that the Toa Nuva weren't a perfect representation of the Toa Mata either and while it's true to some extent, to be frank, they weren't nearly as bad in that regard as the Mistika. Tahu Nuva (to me, at least) is near-perfect as a buffed-up, more organic-looking evolution of Tahu Mata. Onua Nuva, despite his odd-looking mask and weird choice of weapon (I really think he should've kept his digging claws in addition to his new, chainsaw-like weapons - take a look at his Bionicle: The Game model to see what I mean), at least retained his unique physique. As for Gali Nuva - I love the way she looks in her own right but there's no getting around the fact that she (and Lewa) arguably changed the most out of all Toa Mata. The problem with the Mistika is that they didn't even get those small details right and I don't believe the transition to the Inika build is to blame. For instance, Onua could've easily got a Matoro Mahri-like torso or a lower-set head (much like Gali Mistika, ironically enough) but he didn't. But are the Mistika bad sets in their own right? I think they're pretty mediocre. Their colour schemes are dull and the reversed Piraka torso always ruins a set for me and the only fresh and good thing about them I can think of - Onua's chest plate - was utilised better on Mata Nui anyway
  7. Onepu the Protector

    New graphics are in the air - share your feedback

    Making the letters darker wouldn't solve this problem. The best thing to do would be putting a dark (green?) rectangle underneath the text.
  8. Onepu the Protector

    New graphics are in the air - share your feedback

    I'm not trying to sound entitled or anything, but could you please do something with this bug? Or am I the only one who has this problem?
  9. Onepu the Protector

    Possibly mismolded mask?

    First of all, I think you're confusing "mismould" (like the Kraahkan with a different number of vents in its cheeks that it's supposed to have) with "misprint" (a piece in a different colour that it was meant to be) here. Secondly, it just happens sometimes. The patterns on the marbled pieces are generally random and all over the place (although they've gotten better in the later years).
  10. Onepu the Protector

    Do you like voices in Bionicle movies?

    I think using MNOG-style subtitles is the best option for a fan film. Sure, voice acting would certainly make it more immersive and dynamic, but it can also be pretty cringy if not done right. You can also take inspiration from The Hordika Online Animations by having some sort of metallic-sounding mumbling and subtitles. There are many options but the worst thing you can do in this case is using text-to-speech unironically. By the way, contrary to the popular opinion, I liked the voice acting in the Bionicle movies a whole lot. The English version had some minorly annoying voices (like Jaller or Toa Nokama) but it wasn't the version I grew up with.
  11. Onepu the Protector

    Shapeways MOUP

    I thought (and hoped) he was going to do the same to the larger version. :/
  12. Onepu the Protector

    Shapeways MOUP

    Well, the official Bionicle masks never had such sharp shapes, so it will make the MOUP more consistent with the likes of MoCr or MoCo.
  13. Onepu the Protector

    [MOC]The Exterminator

    Mostly because there's crapload of various constraints the designers have to meet while developing the sets.
  14. Onepu the Protector

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    You're not the only one waiting, then. I'm sorry for being so salty but this kind of entitled attitude just gets on my nerves. Sometimes potentially cool ideas have to get thrown away during development. It happens all the time to all kind of media and, as an adult (I suppose, considering EB is an AFOL-oriented website), you should be able to deal with it with at least some dignity. Sure, I might've been thorougly dissappointed by how G2 turned out but I'm sick of the narrative that portrays Lego either as some sort of Evil Mega Corp. that doesn't care about their fans, or a bunch of hacks who, according to the critics, apparently screw things up out of spite just to get people mad. Yeah, I know.
  15. Onepu the Protector

    Future Constraction Lines

    "*Insert a close relative here* told me that...!" Seriously, this guy isn't even trying.