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  1. ACPin

    Raw DOTs Package

    That's what I thought when it arrived as I expected the regular sets instead of this. Guilty as charged and will be posting the MOCs later on... AC
  2. ACPin

    Raw DOTs Package

    #DotYourWorld Thanks so much for this gift from the Lego corporation for being chosen to participate as part of their advertising campaign for the DOTS theme... #BuildWhatInspiresYou
  3. ACPin

    [MOC] Lego Star Wars 20th Anniversary

    The LSW 20th Anniversary MOC featured on BrickJournal October Issue #59.
  4. ACPin

    [MOC] Lego Star Wars 20th Anniversary

    It could have been bigger but the display case dimensions prevented from it getting larger. Thanks, AC
  5. ACPin

    [MOC] Lego Star Wars 20th Anniversary

    Wrap Up ACPin May The Fourth At Rockefeller Center NYC Thanks all for those who dropped by and it looks more like an official model with the Star Wars signage. Imagine the surprise on the visitors faces after meeting the builder and learning the backstory about the MOC. Still on exhibit until the end of the year...
  6. ACPin

    [MOC] Lego Star Wars 20th Anniversary

    Now it's complete!
  7. ACPin

    [MOC] Lego Star Wars 20th Anniversary

    Outside view with store manager Chad AC
  8. ACPin

    [MOC] Lego Star Wars 20th Anniversary

    Thanks all and it will stay on exhibit until the end of 2019. AC
  9. Honored to have been asked for this commission to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Lego Star Wars theme. The five minifigs in the center will be replaced with the exclusive five minifigs that will be released in the commemorative sets. This MOC will be installed in a live build during the ACPin LSW 20th Anniversary At Rockefeller NYC on Saturday March 30, 2019 and remain on exhibit until the rest of the year. Hopefully you can join us for the installation and if not, there's plenty of time to visit at your own convenience... AC
  10. ACPin

    [MOC] Kamino Cloning Facility

    A lot and there's more for future expansion. AC
  11. ACPin

    [MOC] Kamino Cloning Facility

    Thanks all for the interest and I've added the pics for the individual sections. AC
  12. Built this floral arrangement for the special occasion of our 36th wedding anniversary... AC Pin
  13. ACPin

    [MOC] Death Becomes Them

    Poisonous snakes or poison flower, death comes either way for those who foolishly venture... Not exactly the initial build intended as this creation started with the red flower utilizing a Ninjago spinner. But it wasn't a natural looking flora for the scale when it was done. Rather than discarding the design, created the vignette of explorers dying in their search for hidden treasure. When you get lemons, make lemonade... AC Pin
  14. Even though the Floral MOCs gave the opportunity to exhibit at the LEGO House, still don't forget the SW roots where it all began. Albeit not as frequent anymore but will keep on doing SW MOCs from time to time. Big oversight of not having posted these sooner due to other commitments. The earliest concept work on these was right after the Duel Of Fates scene back in 2014 but the pieces in the right color scheme specifically the trans-light blue were very hard/expensive to come by in the quantity required. Four years is still less than the seven years it took the Theed Hangar from concept/prototype to the final MOC but if it's an inspiration worth pursuing then time shouldn't really matter that much. These four modules were built individually over the past year in between the Floral MOCs that have taken most of the time and effort. Finally merged into one facility using the same color scheme throughout and the ultimate goal of combining them into one homogenous facility. Some minor adjustments have been made to the other modules from their initial build to keep a constant flow to the processing facility. Total of four large gray baseplates footprint that can easily be set into different configurations as well as room for future expansion that may contain previous MOCs/concepts and surrounding wall structures. Hopefully will get the opportunity in the future to bring these for public display/events/cons as these have been designed/packed to travel... AC Pin