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  1. ACPin

    How to Build Triangular Lego Building?

    You need lots of wedge plates on all three sides to pull it off. Here's one that I did many years ago using wedge plates on opposite sites. AC
  2. ACPin

    10. LEGOWORLD in copenhagen

    Most pics were on FB by AFOLs who've attended the event. AC
  3. Every now and then the impulse to build comes in a happenstance manner while doing other things. Case in point is this microscale build that was done in a couple of hours after watching a NatGeo special of the famous Chinese landmark... What was your last impulse build? AC
  4. Just a few suggestions on what to give her on Valentine's Day AC
  5. You're quite right about the dolphins being popular!
  6. ACPin

    [MOC] Clone Chambers WIP

    New additions