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  1. BrickFair Virginia

    Didn't display this year but dropped by for a couple of hours on Saturday. AC
  2. Check the NELUG. AC
  3. [MOC] Lifesize Chain Mail

    The closest way to show the size/scale of the chain mail armor without actually wearing it and I've tried a couple of times with disastrous results. Small size hoodie, 36" chest... AC
  4. [MOC] Lifesize Chain Mail

    Actually one of the mods I was going to try and see if it works or at least with minimal damage. AC
  5. [MOC] Lifesize Chain Mail

    Might try some mods later to make it more stable. AC
  6. Mail or maille (also chain mail(le) or chainmail(le)) is a type of armour consisting of small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh. Mixel hinges used instead of rings contains 3,820 pieces and around 5 hours build time. Fits 36" chest and unsuccessfully tried to wear it as the hinges kept popping out. Could be layered outside to keep them together but it would make it much heavier. So it's done for now... AC
  7. Already got one in the works! Thanks and more to come! AC
  8. Thanks and here's another one...
  9. [MOC] Garden Flora

    Purpleish Daisies
  10. Build your own wearable brick accessories using the mixel joints... AC
  11. [MOC] Garden Flora

    Jasmine In A Bottle
  12. [MOC] Garden Flora

    A red tulip
  13. [MOC] Felucia Recon Patrol

    Thanks all and the plants were actually inspired by the pitcher plants that trap insects for food. AC
  14. Before Order 66 was executed... AC