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  1. ACPin

    [MOC] Mors Indecepta

    Conclusion of the episode
  2. ACPin

    [MOC] Mors Indecepta

    This is the start of the episode, the trench/wall were built by Crassus's soldiers to trap the rebels after fleeing from Sinuessa. AC
  3. Just saw this today and had so much fun meeting/talking to attendees about the floral MOCs. Best part was winning the NPU award! AC
  4. Various scenes from the TV Series Spartacus AC
  5. ACPin

    Ghost Rider Redux

    Thanks, the bike was based mostly from the video game with upgrades for the front part and the body. AC
  6. Proud and honored to be going back for the second time to the Lego House next month to install the five winning entries from the Help Decorate The Lego House contest. These will replace the current seven MOCs on display at the Yellow Zone which we'll be bringing home. The Bricks By The Bay convention in the San Francisco Bay area was the first time that the new MOCs together with the set of the current four floral breeds were on public display and won the NPU award. Also met during the convention Signe (manager at Rebrick) and had a very good discussion about the floral MOCs. Hope to see some of you there in September at the Lego House and if not, there's a similar set of floral MOCs at the New York Rockefeller Lego store USA and touring the five Lego Certified stores in Metro Manila Philippines. Thanks, AC Setup completed at BBTB All together for the BBTB convention With Signe at BBTB NPU award at BBTB Group pic of the five MOCs Rebrick Winning entries Rockefeller Lego store in New York USA Lego Certified store in Metro Manila Philippines
  7. ACPin

    Ghost Rider Redux

    The brand new permanent display base completes the upgrade and the bike has been restored to the skull design. How fitting that the Ghost Rider movies were showing on TV last night. Will be bringing it to future events/displays/exhibits but unfortunately we're NOT attending BrickFair Virginia LEGO Fan Expo this weekend... AC
  8. ACPin

    [MOC] Baymax Cares

    That's what he was designed to do. The adorable, plus-sized inflatable robot's job title is technically Healthcare Companion: With a simple scan, Baymax can detect vital stats, and, given a patient's level of pain, can treat nearly any ailment. Happy Fourth Of July And Stay Safe! AC Third version looks so much better! Second version didn't like the fingers and the eyes First version didn't like the arms
  9. ACPin

    How to Build Triangular Lego Building?

    You need lots of wedge plates on all three sides to pull it off. Here's one that I did many years ago using wedge plates on opposite sites. AC
  10. ACPin

    10. LEGOWORLD in copenhagen

    Most pics were on FB by AFOLs who've attended the event. AC
  11. Every now and then the impulse to build comes in a happenstance manner while doing other things. Case in point is this microscale build that was done in a couple of hours after watching a NatGeo special of the famous Chinese landmark... What was your last impulse build? AC
  12. Just a few suggestions on what to give her on Valentine's Day AC