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  1. Here's mine built from the PAB wall! AC
  2. [MOCs] Halloween Is Coming!

    One more before IT happens! AC
  3. Lego IDEAS 2017 - Women of Nasa

    Got mine signed today! AC
  4. [MOC] TWD in B&W: Prison Corridor

    Custom minifigs done by EclipseGRAFX.
  5. [MOC] TWD in B&W: Prison Corridor

    Thanks and this was the first mock up using colored minifigs which were replaced by the custom minifigs for the final shoot. AC
  6. First commission work for Blocks magazine November 2017 Issue #37 which was one of the projects that I've been working on before summer started. Honored to be selected as one of six AFOLs to build a vignette of our choice based on the black and white comic artwork by Charlie Adlard. Custom minifigs created by our friends at EclipseGRAFX Customs! AC
  7. LEGO Animals needed!!

    Since you're in the US, better check the Build-A-Minifig bins in the stores as they might still have some of the animals (monkeys, parrots, snakes, dogs, cats, spiders, scorpions. etc.) especially if they do the 15 piece count. AC
  8. Eurobricks Event 2018 - Heads Up

    Making plans for Brickworld too, so very unlikely that we'll make it for this since we're coming back in September. AC
  9. [MOCs] Halloween Is Coming!

    Thanks and these are easy fun builds that can be used as decors, though it would be too tempting for kids to get them as treats! AC
  10. Great to see you again and we're already making plans for next year! AC
  11. [MOCs] Lego House Exhibit

    The album contains more pics/details AC
  12. These thirty four AFOLs and their MOCs coming from all over the world have been invited for the first time to exhibit in the new Home of the Brick. The Masterpiece gallery, the Yellow and the Green Zones are the areas where their creations are on display until next year when the next batch comes along. Unofficial alphabetical list based from pics I've taken of their MOCs: Amado Canlas Pinlac - USA Amida Na - South Korea Benjamin Tritschler - Germany Cecilie Fritzvold - Norway Chris McVeigh - Canada Cristiano Grassi - Italy Djordje Dobrosavljevic - Serbia Elspeth De Montes - United Kingdom Gabriel Thomson - Australia Ian Hou ( 侯彥)- Taiwan Imagine Rigney - USA Jae Won Lee - South Korea Jared Chan - Hong Kong Jarek Kslqzcxyk - Poland Jens Ohrndorf - Germany Jessica Farrell - Ireland Hak Jin Kim - South Korea Jonas Kramm - Germany Marcel Veit - Germany Martin Redfern - United Kingdom Marin Stipkovic - Croatia Miro Dudas - USA Peter Reid - United Kingdom Rafał Jetboy Piasek - Poland Sachiko Akinaga - Japan Samuel Pister ( Pistash DeLugest)- France Schneider Cheung - Hong Kong Sean Mayo - USA Sergio Rojas - Chile Sven Franic - Croatia Takamichi Irie - Japan Tim Goddard - United Kingdom Tyler Clites - USA Yvonne Doyle - Ireland The only thing missing during the activities of the AFOL Grand Opening on September 22, 2017 was a group photo and so whomever was still around agreed to do an impromptu gathering before the day was over. A most memorable experience to be in the company of so many creative and talented individuals with the common love for the brick. Even better was the chance to meet, talk, exchange ideas and view each others MOCs in real bricks and get a better perspective of them. It was a great experience meeting them all and until the next time we meet. Leg Godt!