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  1. Schreeuwwitje

    Random pirate MOC

    Thanks all! :D
  2. Schreeuwwitje

    Random pirate MOC

    Hi Guys, Took me a long time, but I made a MOC again, and this time in the pirate section. Hope you'll like it. Cheers Schreeuwwitje
  3. Schreeuwwitje

    Summer Joust [MOC]

    Omg yes! Very nice build. The positioning and the expresions are great. Next to the teriffic architecture ofc.
  4. Schreeuwwitje

    [MOC] The Ring Goes South

    The bedroles are fantastisc! Great job
  5. Schreeuwwitje

    [MOC] Byblios

    Wowzers! Fantastic build! Amazing to see such detail
  6. Schreeuwwitje

    [MOC] Marketplace in the Desert

    Absolutely love it! Nice structures etc.. Love the signs on the market places
  7. Schreeuwwitje

    Windmill outpost

    Awesome presentation!
  8. Schreeuwwitje

    The Mountain of Art

    Yesssss! Fantasticly done. So much to look at and so nicely represented. Love it
  9. Schreeuwwitje

    Hanging Gardens

    Damn that's nice... really outdone yourself again. The water is really nice!
  10. Schreeuwwitje

    The Unholy Guardian of the Deceased

    Very nicely done! I can definately "feel" the atmosphere!
  11. Schreeuwwitje

    Elemental Contest: Water, Hunt P1

    Great presentation! Love the different layers...
  12. Schreeuwwitje

    Meeting at the border...

    Very nicely done!
  13. Schreeuwwitje

    MOC: WWII German Occupied Chateau

    Wow that looks amazing! Great job :)!
  14. Schreeuwwitje

    AoM: Gatehouse Phase 1: Start of a Journey

    That groundwork is fantastic! Very nice job
  15. Schreeuwwitje

    ["MOC"]- Lord of the Rings- Riders of Rohan

    That is awesome! Absolute favorite :)