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Found 4 results

  1. After the recent battles, Quinn was getting back down to some good old fashioned thieving in the ripe lands of Lenfald. Unfortunately, her skills are a bit rusty (and she only has the one eye) so she was captured by a local lord called Bosric. After stewing in jail for a bit, Quinn was suddenly and unexpectedly brought before the ageing lord. She was not the only one, however. Kneeling before Bosric were two strange men whom Quinn had never seen before. One looked Loreesi, and the other possibly a Garhim. Neither wore shackles as she did, but both appeared as if they'd also spent a little time in a dungeon recently. Bosric's face was stern as he regarded all three of them. "And here we have yet another thief, attempting to deprive my realm of its hard-won riches." he snarled. The two stranger said nothing, and so neither did Quinn. All three waited to hear what the lord would say next. "But there is a greater treasure than any jewel or piece of gold, and I find myself cold without its presence. Can you three imagine what I speak of? Of course you cannot. All you know is yourselves, the desires of your bodies and the immediacy of the moment. That is not without value, but what value has it when measured against the love of a father for his daughter?" "Uh... not much?" Quinn offered. Her fellow prisoners eyed her, not any more certain than she was whether she'd said something offensive or not. But Bosric only laughed, though with bitterness. "Indeed. Not much. My daughter, the lady Milerna, has been bewitched by a local cult of snake worshippers and fire-eaters. This cult is led by a man who claims to be over a thousand years old, a shapeshifter and warlock too, or so the stories say. I would give all the jewels and gold, everything you three have tried to steal and many times over, to have her back. I ask myself, who better to steal a daughter than thieves?" "Why not your own men, sire?" asked the Loreesi man wearing blue. "Shame is why. The truth about Milerna cannot leave this room or I will look weak and feeble to other lords, and to my own men. This must be done with discretion, by outsiders, but not without great reward." Bosric motioned with his hand and a guard pushed forward a tray filled with jewels. "Take all you can carry. There will be more, much more. If only you can bring my Milerna back to me! I care not how many snake-worshippers you kill! Go thence and do my bidding and I will make lords of you all." The three thieves could not answer him, for they themselves were bewitched by the splendor of all those jewels. They looked at each other, taking measure, and understanding that they were now, for the time being, inextricably bound. "My name is Kubotai. He is Conar," said the Loreesi. "They call me Jackdaw Quinn." To be continued... ------------------- Builder's Note: This portion of Jackdaw Quinn's adventures is based on the film Conan the Barbarian and is meant as an homage and perhaps eventually a slight parody of that (great) film, which is one of my favorites of all time.
  2. In the hand of Spymaster Perricus Plume, Magistrate, I hope this letter finds you in as fine of form as ever. As you have no doubt read in my reports, the whole of The Shade has erupted into chaos. The Lower Districts are flooded with violence as the gangs prey on each other. Very little can be done to reign in the bloodshed, though thankfully it is for the most part affecting only the criminal element of the city for the time being. You'll no doubt wonder if there is any element besides the criminal element in The Shade, and if I am honest I must confess even I doubt it in times such as these. Recently I have heard of an intensifying dispute in one of the border streets between the Lower Districts and the High Streets. A gang calling itself the Grey Grifters, rumor has it a splinter faction from a larger gang known simply as The Vipers, has been attempting to encroach on the High Streets territory. Particularly, they are interested in the territory claimed by the aforementioned Queen's Dandies. As I related previously, encroachment by the more lawless and uncivilized gangs into what's left of civilized space in The Shade would be disastrous for the Queen's interests in the city. Luckily, the Grifters are not so wild as to deny a seemingly sacred pact between all the gangs of The Shade. My spies tell me that many gangs will declare their intent to settle a dispute by combat, a "rumble" in the street vernacular, and that battle will be arranged on agreed upon ground, with agreed upon terms for the victors. It's all quite civilized and supported by traditions older than the city itself, or so I'm told. I remain in the service of the crown as I await to report further news of these events. P.P. Hope all well. Recently witnessed street rumble between two rival gangs. First gang "Grey Grifters". Little more than thugs but strong numbers. Second gang of personal and professional interest to you "Queen's Dandies". Small but sophisticated. Lately been repelling incursions from Lower District crews which serves our purpose and that of Q. Positioned as Bannergirl and observer of rumble. Trusted to judge outcome and prevent violations of rules. Quiet, dangerous crossbowman as companion. Present to shoot down any man or woman deemed in contempt of gang compact. Still not clear on rules or who enforces them. Thankfully they like a pretty face to wave flags of fighting gangs. Regret to report that outcome potentially undesirable: Grifters suffered heavy losses but likely to recover in time due to volatile leadership customs. Dandies lost leader as well, with membership likely to disband according to current rumor and on own speculation around character of their organization. Casualties as follows: Grifters: Three dead, including leader. Two gravely injured, uncertain fate. One lightly injured, fled scene. One lightly injured, remained until rumble concluded. One uninjured, remained until rumble concluded. Dandies: Two dead, including Kenly Walberg. Two lightly injured, including sister of Kenly Walberg, who lost her right eye. Two uninjured. Will report again when the streets settle. Emphasis on whether the territory controlled by Queen's Dandies will be lost to new gang. Yours, B. Flickr Album w/ more pics! Read more: http://merlins-beard...e#ixzz3Er7wRSaK
  3. An Outlaw Gang based out of The Shade, the lawless 'capital' of the Outlaw territory of Roawia. Story on Flickr.
  4. Quinn is a woman who sees enterprise in chaos. As the lands of Roawia rip themselves apart under the malignant stewardship of Queen Galainir, Quinn returns to The Shade with her latest score. Not content to remain a lone gentlewoman thief forever, and with her name growing with her legend, Jackdaw Quinn begins to dream bigger than she ever dared before. She peers through the murk and shine of her uncertain, tumultuous future (just the way she likes it) and sees the beginnings of a real enterprise: a group of like-minded pick-pockets, tomb-raiders, and thieves of all calibers, working together under one banner, one purpose... hers! Of course, big ideas take big investment and didn't Quinn just hear, in this very tavern, that everybody in Garheim is too busy massacring each other to miss a few baubles?