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Found 108 results

  1. soccerkid6

    Making Maple Syrup

    I'd like to receive one UoP credit for manufacturing [Trade and Law]. Mattiusxavier suggested that I build a MOC showing maple syrup being made, I thought it was a great idea (my family actually makes our own Maple Syrup every year) and after finishing some other builds was able to make this. The process of making Maple Syrup is pretty simple, in the later winter/early spring you tap Maple trees and hang buckets to collect their sap. Then that sap is gathered and heated to evaporate much of the water from the sap and make syrup. There is a full interior in the cabin. Sugaring season is always a pleasant time in Mitgardia: whole families work together to tap the Maple trees and then gather the sap and boil it to make the delicous syrup that is commonly used for flavoring. Any Comments/Criticism welcome
  2. I'd been thinking about building a tower using half stud offsets to make it smaller as it gets taller, but hadn't gotten around to actually doing anything until I saw Gideon's sweet lighthouse. That inspired this tower. There is a full interior as always. Glorfindel and Infernum had finally caught up with those responsible for the recent raids on Mitgardian homes and watchtowers. They waded through the swamp surrounding the tower, to try and reach the two Mitgardian prisoners, unnoticed. Meanwhile the two leaders of the raiding party were arguing at the top of the tower. The Hand of Corruption captain wanted to follow their orders and take the Mitgardian soldiers they had captured back to Nocturnus to work as slaves, but the Orc chieftain had other plans for the two. In the heat of the argument, the orc chieftain and one of his archers killed the captain and another Hand of Corruption warrior. By this time, Glorfindel and Infernum had made it to the prisoners. They armed the two with their daggers. Then Glorfindel picked the lock on the door and they charged in. The raiders were unprepared for an attack and were quickly killed. Glorfindel and Infernum restored the Mitgardian flag to its rightful place and discussed how to defend the Nocturnus border against more raiding parties such as this. A few more pictures of the build: More pictures can be seen here: link I hope you guys enjoyed this collaborative storyline. And a big thanks to Infernum for efforts in the collab
  3. soccerkid6

    Blue Palace

    I built this for the "Taste the Rainbow" contest on Classic-Castle, and figured it worked well for a Kaliphlin scene too. The idea of the contest is to build a castle mainly out of a bright color. I was originally going to build a red/dark bley or bley 'brick' castle. But decided that there had been plenty of those done before. So instead I used blue/tan and tried to capture more of a middle eastern feel. It was a bigger challenge than I expected, particularly because I'm not familiar with the pieces I have to use in blue and tan. I'm not that happy with how the castle turned out, but I do really like the landscape. As always there's a full interior. Credit for the cobble stone design goes to Wat_Tambor. I'd like to receive UoP credit for: life in Kaliphlin [Anthropology], and desert [Geology]= 2 credits Lord Nordan (Glorfindel's father) meets with a Kaliphlin noble to discuss a trade agreement... There are a few more pictures here: link C&C welcome
  4. soccerkid6

    Daydelon Manor

    This is my House, Phase 3 build for AoM. I'd like to receive UoP credit for: advanced SNOT [Architecture] (for the window designs), and mosaics, stained glass, or complex SNOTted floor designs [General Building (Other Techniques)] (for the SNOT floor and stained glass windows)= 2 credits This build was inspired by LL, Eklund, Sirens of Titan, and DNL. Credit for the corner pattern goes to LL. I used half stud offsets a lot in this build, and came up with some new window techniques/variations of existing window techniques. The building has a full interior as always. There are several large stone manors in Daydelon, one of the most elaborate belongs to the Hamr family. More pictures can be seen here: link All C&C welcome
  5. soccerkid6

    Daydelon Blacksmith

    This is my phase 2 build for the House category in AoM. I'd like to receive UoP credit for: roofing (one of three) [Architecture], and manufacturing [Trade and Law]= 2 credits Surprisingly this is my first time building a medieval Blacksmith shop. It was a lot of fun and I think this is my best medieval house yet. As always there's a full interior and the door works. Every town needs a blacksmith, and Daydelon has a very good one. He's kept busy sharpening tools and swords as well as making new ones. More pictures can be seen here: link All Comments/Criticism appreciated
  6. I'd like to receive UoP credit for: trees [Landscape Design], flowing water [Hydrology], and river scene [Geography]= 3 credits Fossgard river is famous for its many waterfalls, the most prominent of which is simply called Fossgard Falls. Many bridges span the river, and Infernum and Glorfindel are now crossing on one of the smaller bridges... "What do you think we're up against?" Infernum asked Glorfindel. "No idea, but I imagine we'll find out within several days. The border isn't far now," Glorfindel replied. "And whatever it is, we'll make it wish it had never come into Mitgardia." This was my first time building a waterfall that splits, and I also tried a new tree technique. All C&C welcome
  7. soccerkid6

    Daydelon Cottage

    This is my Phase 1 build for the House category in AoM. This was a fairly simple build, I tried some new furniture designs and tried to make the house look like a common medieval cottage. Many new houses have been springing up in Daydelon, half-timber cottages with thatch roofs are common because of their low cost and quick construction. All C&C welcome
  8. soccerkid6

    Valdrfell Stables

    Here is my Phase III Stables build for AoM. I'd like to gain credit for the following UoP certifications: roofing [Architecture], wall techniques [Architecture] (for the log cabin), roof rakes [Architecture], and raising livestock [Agriculture and Zoology]= 4 credits This was my first try using tilted walls (for the foundation of the tower), and I think they worked pretty well. This was also my first time building a log cabin using SNOT 1x1 round bricks. All three buildings have a full interior and all the doors/trapdoor function. And I tried using a dark grey background rather than white in hopes of having the snow show up better. Any feedback on that? Trained Great Wolves are in high demand and fortified stables have become common in Mitgardia. Valdrfell Stables is a fortified stables located in the Clan Lands of Mitgardia. The fortress has a stable inside, and a corral just outside to train the great wolves in. More pictures can be found here: link All C&C welcome
  9. I'd like to receive UoP credit for flowers and dense foliage landscaping [Landscape Design] = 1 credit. The second installment in the collab between myself and Infernum. Many grotesque happenings at the Mitgardia/Nocturnus border have been reported. Trying to discover what is going on, two Mitgardian soldiers were sent to one of many Mitgardian watchtowers at the border... "Look! The tower has been destroyed!" cried one of the soldiers as they came into view of what used to be a strong stone and wood tower. "And a Mitgardian soldier's helmet left speared on our flag," growled the other. "Come, we must report this to Chorian immediately," and with that the two soldiers set off for Valholl... I used a different camera for these pictures, so no more blurry sections from a scratched lens. All C&C welcome
  10. Here is my phase II Stables build for AoM. This was a fun quick build that let me try building some more viking-esque buildings, and try a pine tree design that I haven't used before (credit for which goes to Blake Baer). The stables has a full interior and all the doors work. Great wolves are common in the clan lands of Mitgardia and some have been captured and tamed. Great wolves are smaller than a horse, but are quite strong and almost as fast. A wolf stable is quite similar to a normal horse stable: There are some more pictures here: link Any comments/criticism welcome, phase III will be coming before long
  11. soccerkid6

    The Town of Daydelon

    This is an entry for the Medieval Town category of the Colossal Castle Contest. My younger brother, whose builds I often post in Historic Themes, helped me build this. There are three buildings in the scene: a bakery (the red building), a inn (the tan building), and a church. All the buildings have full interiors and all the doors work. I'm quite pleased with how this turned out and it will be staying together a bit longer than my builds generally do (a few days at least ). I'd like to receive UoP credit for: half-timbered Tudor style [Architecture], stained glass [General Building], and city scene [Anthropology] = 3 credits Daydelon has become a very busy town. The church in the center of town has had many new buildings spring up around it, including a bakery and inn: To see more pictures go here All C&C welcome
  12. soccerkid6

    Kaldrfell Castle

    Well here is what I've been working on for just a bit over a month: Kaldrfell Castle. I took inspiration from many different castle builders, but here are some that inspired specific sections or details in the castle: Ecclesiastes, Kayne, Eklund, peggyjdb, Buurli Burri, Andhe, and legonardo. There is a full interior in every building, and the keep lifts off and hinges open. Also every door/trapdoor, and the drawbridge and portcullis are all functional. Interior buildings inside the castle include: a smithy, servant's house, stable, and chicken coop. And I think I came up with a new archer slit design, it can be seen on all the buildings except the rounded tower. Basically you center a 1x3 arch so that it has a half stud offset on each side and the use brick modified with stud to hold tiles to fill the gaps. You could make pretty much the same windows with going to the bother of centering them, but I like the texture you get when you do. The pictures should explain the design much better than this description. Kaldrfell Castle looks out onto a small lake in the Heavenly Mountains and protects the city of Kaldrfell which is built around the lake. Lord Nordan and Lady Deonne, Glorfindel's parents, rule Kaldrfell. Here Glorfindel pays them a visit: There are tons of details so be sure to check out more pics here: link All C&C greatly appreciated
  13. soccerkid6

    Nordheim Village

    Legonardo inspired the roofs of the houses and Eklund inspired the roof on the well. I researched vikings a bit for this build and tried to make the houses historically accurate. There is only one room in each house and the deep benches serve both as seats and beds. Each house has a fire and a hole in the roof to let the smoke out. The children in the build are doing some of things most common for viking children: the boys haul water, learn carpentry, and practice fighting, while the girls help cook and weave wool. The village of Nordheim lies in the Clan Lands of Mitgardia: There are more pictures here: link All comments/criticism appreciated Also I'd like to receive UoP credits for: wall techniques (wooden walls) [architecture], village life [anthropology] = 2 credits
  14. The main focus of this build was the large waterfall, which features a new waterfall technique (more info on that later in this post). The small tower doesn't have an interior as there wasn't space for one with the SNOT design, but the larger towers do and the whole build opens up to reveal tunnels, rooms, and a stairway created by the dwarves. Credit for the snow on the bushes design goes to Brother Steven. Credit for the slope corners of the lower tower goes to Daniel Church. The Fossgard Falls are some of the most famous waterfalls in Historica. The dwarves of Fossgard have many tunnels and fortresses built around these falls, but are willing to allow sightseers from any of the guilds to come enjoy the falls' splendour: Left tower interior: Right tower interior: The waterfall design is quite simple, it uses mainly 3 pieces: clear 1x2 bricks, clear 1x2 plates, and clear 1x1 round plates. Using those pieces you build a wall 2 studs thick in front of white bricks. You use the white bricks to define the shape of the fall, for mine I used 6 studs as the width for the center of the fall, then stepped back a stud and did 4 studs wide on either side of the 6 studs, then stepped back another stud and did 2 studs wide on the outside edges of the 4 stud sections. While building the wall of clear, you attach 1x2 plates so that they stick out one stud from the rest of the wall every so often, and you put 1x1 round plates or cheese slopes on top of the protruding edge of the 1x2 plate. Also as you build the wall every three or four brick layers, you step the whole fall back a stud by moving the white bricks back one stud then keeping the clear wall in front only two studs thick. These two pictures should help show what I mean. This one shows the use of 1x2 plates and 1x1 round plates or cheese slopes in the waterfall: This picture shows how the fall steps back: Hopefully that long-winded description makes sense There are more pictures here: link Any Comments/Criticism greatly appreciated
  15. I experimented with some new techniques in this build: the water, the snow, and the trees. The water and trees original designs are by Buurli_Burri and Brother Steven. The snow design is new as far as I know, basically you use white tiles set on top of dark bley slopes. To keep the tiles from falling off you build around them a bit with other slopes/bricks etc. The pictures should show what I mean. A Mitgardian Clansmen goes spear fishing in the snowy Clanlands. Any C&C appreciated
  16. soccerkid6

    Mitgardian Hunters

    I experimented with some more landscaping techniques: SNOT rocks, overhanging angled plates, and using trans clear as melting snow/ice. Credit for the torso/arm combo goes to Torgar. Two Mitgardian hunters ride their horses through the plains of Valholl: Any C&C appreciated
  17. The dragon and tree were the two parts of this build I focused on the most, the dragon is quite flexible and based off of mrcp6d's Ice Dragon design. The Aevi tree is a rare tree that grows only in the Mountains of Mitgardia. Its fruit is highly sought after and said to bring good health. The Aevi fruit is one of the ingredients needed to make the Kiss of Life potion. Tarill has finally found an Aevi tree and is about to go on his way after picking a fruit, but stops when he sees that a young Marglod dragon has snuck up on him: The Aevi Tree Tarill cautiously moves to touch the dragon with the butt of his spear: Surprisingly the dragon seems to like it and pushes his head against the spear: After petting the beast for awhile Tarill felt confident that it wouldn't harm him and climbed down: Some pics showing the flexibility of the dragon: More pics here: link All comments/criticism/suggestions appreciated
  18. soccerkid6

    Forngord Castle

    My last free build for chapter 1 of Historica. My little brother helped me a bit with this, and it is our largest build (footprint wise anyway ) yet. There is a full interior to the castle, and quite a few of the doors/trapdoors work. Joktan, Jayan, Erastus, Dedan, and Kenan, along with the Hradcanny dwarves are attacking Forngord Castle. The castle, located in southern Mitgardia, has been long abandoned, but recently the Hand of Corruption has taken residence there: Quite a few more pics here: link I think this is either my favorite or second favorite build, tied with my Fortress of Cameria build. Any C&C appreciated, the first chapter of GoH has been awesome and here's to an even better second chapter!
  19. soccerkid6

    Manaor Castle

    Inspired by castles built by Karrde, 2 Much Caffeine, LL, vdubguy67, and de Gothia. There used to be a lot of castles built on only a 32x32 baseplate, but I haven't seen many lately. I also haven't seen many castles with hinged walls/opening interiors and this was built with those two main goals in mind. The castle lifts off of the baseplate then can hinge open. All the doors/trapdoors work and every building has a full interior. Some of the rooms include: a storage room, an armory, a dining room, a chapel, and a bedroom. This is my favorite castle yet. Manaor Castle is the Home of Drottin Manaor (my candidate for Prime Minister) and protects the city of Sveithaven which Drottin rules: Lifted off of the baseplate: Lots more detail pics here: link All C&C appreciated
  20. Yooha

    The Roast Boar Inn

    The Roast Boar Inn From time to time, Lasvor travels through Mitgardia to collect some ingredients for his medicines. For example the only place where the pink edelweiss grows is in the northern mountains in Stoneroda County. Since it is a long travel form Valholl, Lasvor spends the night in the town of Stoneroda, and is accompanied by a small group of mitgardian soldiers as protection. “You see Lionel, this is I was talking about. The Roast Boar Inn! The best meal you can get in whole Historica, I tell ‘ya! You are lucky that your first assignment lead to here.” “Come on guys, I’m starving.” In the evening, his old friend, Steen Larson joins Lasvor for a cup of ale or two. Additional pictures of the Inn: Some details and items are hard to be seen in the completed model.
  21. soccerkid6

    Repairing Forngord Castle

    Joktan, Jayan, Erastus, Dedan, and Kenan, along with the Hradcanny dwarves are busy repairing Forngord castle. Some work on patching the walls, others chop trees, use rubble to fill in the swamps, cut stone to rebuild the breach in the wall, fix the roof, and saw lumber. This is a unofficial entry to my Master Architect Challenge. Added 8 studs across the front bringing this to 56x56. I'm especially happy with how the crane (which is functional) and wheelbarrow turned out. More pictures here: Any C&C appreciated
  22. After the fall of Victor Revolword and the Hand of Corruption, it is time for rebuild. Valholl suffered great damage during the war, so there is much to be done. The Hall of Commerce was basically destroyed to the ground, so a completely new building has to be built. The whole population of Valholl takes part of the construction. For lifting heavy stone parts, a giant wheel was built. A strong volunteer (or who lost a bet last night in the Inn) has to pull the stone pieces up, using a wooden frame and a pulley. The kiln is for making roof-tiles. The raw tiles are put inside the kiln at the side. A lady in the background is making a fine job on the new window! The roof is built bit by bit, row to row. A new piece is just being pulled up by a smaller pulley. But who is down there? Lasvor is here to help! He is not a building expert, but even he can lift some wooden boards. The arches of the windows are built using wooden supporting. They hold the structure until the whole arch is ready. After it, the wood is removed and the arch should hold. Those dwarfs are good at what they are doing, the other arch behind him is holding for days! The stone ornaments are made by a handy stonemason. The stone floor is almost ready, nice job Red! The minifigs, who accomplished this tremendous job: Acknowledgements: I would like to thank for the Guédelon project for their unintentional help. I came across them while searching for suitable images about medieval building construction. Their photos helped me a lot by learning the phases of a construction, what side-works are necessary, etc.. .
  23. Th Statue of Ogrom the dwarf "See Son, this is the monument of a dwarf we must thank a lot. Centuries ago, during the Long Winter, when Historica was overrun by horrible creatures of the Frozen Beyond, the dwarves of Mitgardia were among the first who were attacked. While the troops of men were gathering near the place that we call now Cedrica, the people of dwarves fought in this valley. They knew that if they won’t hold on, the men wouldn’t have enough time to arrange their troops and plan a counter-attack. The dwarven women and children were sent south, while men fought until they could. But as the Dwarven King Ikpah saw the endless waves of the Cold Creatures coming and coming, he thought that everything was lost and ordered their troops to retreat. At this moment, he was killed by an arrow that came from nowhere. A young and brave warrior called Ogrom, who was a distance relative of the king lifted up the winged helmet of the king, put it on his head and cried out loudly: “I, King Ikpah was in despair, but the Gods sent me a sign and gave me courage again! I know now that even we all die here on this very day, our death won’t be meaningless. The people of this world are counting on us!” He knew that the dwarves will listen to their true king only and chose to hide behind his name and die namelessly. He didn't want fame, he wanted only to defend the realm he loved so much. After five days and night they fought valiantly. But the enemy overwhelmed them in the end and most of the dwarf soldiers died on that day. Their sacrifice wasn’t in vain though. The enemy was slowed down just enough for the remaining dwarves and all the people of Historica to reorganize and finally defeat the enemy. When the dwarves found the body of the king after the war, they realize that it was Ogrom who lead them into that important battle. His name was not forgotten after all." From a dwarf's perspective:
  24. soccerkid6


    I came up with some new plant designs for this (at least as far as I know). The tower has a full interior and all the doors open. Joktan and Jayan succeeded in gaining the support of the Hradcanny dwarves and are leading them to attack a Hand of Corruption Castle. Here they pass by the city walls of Bannockburn: More pictures here: link All comments/criticism appreciated
  25. soccerkid6

    Hradcanny Hall

    Pillars,table, and chairs inspired by Gideon's cool interior for challenge VI, and the doors were inspired by some of SoT's stuff. I had fun with the figs and furniture in this build. Also used a couple of tips from Gideon concerning presentation. Joktan and Jayan are meeting with some Hradcanny nobles in one of Hradcanny's many great halls: More pictures here: link All C&C appreciated