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Found 15 results

  1. jtooker

    Stables near Batuhan

    There are many small farms around Batuhan, in the northwest of Kaliphlin. At one, a farmer and his son put the livestock into the stables for the night.
  2. Chapter 10. The large oaken gates of the keep opened to a cleansing wind that pierced through my leather jerkin and made my guts stop twisting. My cloak pulled and flapped behind my back, giving farewells to the nauseating stench inside those thick stoned walls. - The Lions will be here soon enough. We must leave this place. – said one of the prisoners, running towards the stables. His messy hair flowing over his grey eyes. The sky was painted in pink as the sun rested among the trees. Delicate white specks fell from the sky, adding layers on top of the snow covering the ground. The stable’s wooden roof was torn and rotten, and barely protected the horses from the falling snow. Hob ran his hand across the long nose of a chestnut-colored mare, to calm her down. Frozen icicles fell from her humid mane. I approached the brown stallion and patted him on the neck. He neighed and a cloud of frozen air came out of his nose. There, there. I fastened the bag of coins to the saddle and jumped up on his back. Hob’s companions entered the tower that neared the stalls – looking for more lion guards, or just food, I could not say – but both left with chunks of frozen apple and carrots, horse provisions, inside their mouths and sacks. I figured they hadn’t eaten for the past days. - Where we headed? – I asked and they exchanged wary looks. - The boy can be trusted, Balduin. If it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t be out of that stinking cell – said Hob. I didn’t have much choice, but I guess it was true. Balduin fastened the saddle on a velvet-black Appaloosa and pulled himself up. - Follow me. We won’t stop until we get there. It is best that we ride through the night. – He pulled his hood up, covering his face, tucking his ponytail and shielding himself from the cold. The horses moved one after the other, into the forest. Behind us, a red trail of blood tainted the snow and the leaves and the air, though apparently the only one who could see it was I. ... and the gods. I turned my head and glanced at the keep. Its walls sinking behind the trees; its lanterns fading into a distant glow, smaller and smaller with the gallop. The sun set on our backs, so we rode in the shadows, listening to the blowing wind between the branches of the trees, singing in our cold ears. The keep was left behind, but I could hear the desperate screams loud and clear. ________ The stables lean on the walls of Svalg Keep, situated on the lower part of the Bay of Storms, in the cold lands of Mitgardia. This is a continuation from the previous chapter 9.2 Payback. Hope you all like the story and the build. This is the first time I actually used GIMP to treat the photos as a recurring recommendation. Please, let me know what you think. Your feedback is always much appreciated. Entry for Age of Mitgardia - Stables Phase II. Thank you! Sir Louis of Nutwood.
  3. While out riding one day, Makny's horse spooked and veered off the road, galloping through a field of tall grass. Makny was irritated, but not worried; he had ridden fast before. He tugged on the reins and chided the horse, trying fruitlessly to steer her back to the road, not watching the ground in front of him, until suddenly the horse was rising beneath him. He lost hold of the reins. His legs flew clear of the saddle. He flailed and grasped at the air. Now he was worried. He coughed and sputtered on the ground, struggling to regain his breath after a thick tuft of grass had knocked the wind from his lungs. After a few moments his father was over him, still in his own saddle, with Makny's horse at his side. "You're lucky," he said, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth. "You just missed that rock." Makny grimaced and rolled over onto his hands and knees, coming face-to-face with the stone that could have killed him had his head fallen a few inches to the left. He stumbled to his feet, limped defiantly over to grab the reins from his father's hand, and clambered back atop his unruly mare. As they picked their way back through the field an old saying played at the back of his mind. "A man is not beaten until he stops getting up."
  4. As the fierce struggle against the invading Algus continued, it became obvious that Mitgardia needed to strengthen its defense against the frozen beyond. Thus a new fortress was to be established in the north, to serve as the main bastion against this chilling foe. The construction of such a castle was no small feat, and troops and supplies were rallied from all of Mitgardia. Upon its completion, the great fortress Rekkrfell was manned by the Kylma Katsella. This was built back in April of 2015, and was really too big for the parts and time I had available then. Thus, while there are several sections I really like, I'm not very pleased with the MOC as a whole. There are more pictures available on my website, link. C&C always welcome
  5. LittleJohn

    The Red Feather Inn

    A collab with my brother, Isaac (soccerkid6), it was built for the Inn category of the CCC. The inn features a full interior via pull out rooms. The Red Feather Inn is a prominent tavern located just outside of Katoren. Several years ago a room was added on to serve as the store room/kitchen and allow for more space in the dining room. It's rumored to be under the guardianship of a powerful genie, which two thieves are just now finding to be true... The pull out rooms: There's lots of detail packed in, so check out more pictures here: link Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  6. LittleJohn

    Uncle Byron's Home

    Dear Journal, I returned to Uncle Byron's today, and he was delighted with the new plant variety I brought. However, he's now looking to find a rare crystal rumored to be found on the dangerous low islands. I've never ventured so close to the water before, and will need to use a smaller more maneuverable ship. ~Little John Another build based in the Isles of Aura, I'll be using this for my first build in the Odyssey category of the CBC. Uncle Byron's home and the stables both feature full interiors. And be sure to look through lots of pictures to see all the details. Credit to Graham Gidman for the edit job, thanks Graham! More bigger photos can be seen here: Link C&C welcome
  7. The journey across Historica to Nocturnus was going to be a long one. Therefore, it was necessary for the entire army to be able to ride, and ride well. Crynis tasked Horsemaster Ulf with training each new recruit in basic horsemanship. The recruits were led into the muddy farmyard one by one, and assigned a horse. Ulf deliberately gave his pupils easy horses to start with, then more difficult ones. One new recuit who particularly stood out was a young farmer named Detlan, who took to riding like a duck to water. With a canny smile on his face, Ulf assigned him the most difficult horse of them all, a black stallion who was known for his many tricks. Poor Detlan was in for a shock! [ C & C welcome ]
  8. Sir Gareth

    AoM: Stables Phase 1

    AoM: Stables Phase 1 by ~ Sir Gareth ~, on Flickr I decided to take a break from working on my Farm Phase II and build this instead. It was rather fun to make. I quite enjoyed building the snow. My favorite part has to be the cheese slopes surrounding the pole. C&C are welcome!
  9. 3BrickFriends

    [MOC] Horse Show and Market

    This is my finished Horse Show and Market MOC layout: A full description of the features is in the video, so I won't repeat myself in text. Hope you like the finished MOC. Mike
  10. This MOC was built by my 12 year old brother. He's very happy with how this build turned out, there are full interiors in the buildings too. The dragon that Kendrick and Basil had heard about was ravaging the countryside. Targeting no specific kingdom his attacks were feared by all: More pictures can be seen here: He would appreciate any C&C
  11. See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga: Chapter 1 -What Has Past- Chapter 2 Part 10: A New Home Part 10.1:Blunted Edges Part 10.2: Cramped Spaces Part 10.3: (You're Here!) The last group of the Militia that Wyndor visited that day were the cavalry. He talked with the lead rider about the men and the horses. “You wouldn’t believe how much planning there goes into keeping a stable up and running!” exclaimed the rider. “You have to keep track of how much the horses are eating and what they have already eaten; you have to make sure the stables are mucked out at regular intervals; you have to make sure they get regular exercise but not too much exercise; and the list goes on! I’ll have to get you up to date on the dietary plans for each of the horses first…” “Hold on there!” Wyndor interrupted. “I’m not planning on replacing you, I’m just here to help.” “Well, that’ll make organization easier to maintain I must admit” the rider responded. “I have a very organized way of doing things that all the men and horses are very used to. I imagine it’d be pretty hard on them if things were to change suddenly. Here, let me show you around.” Wyndor could tell that he took his job very seriously and was glad he could leave the “important organizational details” in someone else’s hands. However, it seemed that there was much to do in the way of training. So he got started right away.
  12. -Carson Haupt-

    ALBION: Stables

    When the inner sanctum of Albion was built, a man and his wife decided to build a stables to house the horses of all the nobles, dignitaries, ambassadors and jesters that came to visit. As time went on, bigger and better stables were built elsewhere, and their business slowed down considerably. However, due to the recent conflicts, business is picking up again, and the stables are usually full. On the corner of the building are some wandering priests. Like the Sparrows in GoT, they are urging all anointed knights to join together to drive the Drow out of Avalonia. It seems someone has gotten into the wine storage... Side by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Ogrestables 027 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Ogrestables 038 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whew, glad I got that posted! I'd been putting it off for a while. This was really fun to build, and I enjoyed it immensely. However, I'm glad to be done. This is plot 4 on the Albion map, but I can't seem to link to that. Anyways, C&C is welcome, and I'd like to request the following credits: Interior design City scene As always, more pictures on my Flickr.
  13. 3BrickFriends

    Horse Show Layout MOC

    My daughter and I are building a Horse Show layout, featuring many of the Lego Friends horse-related sets from the last few years. We've been documenting it on our YouTube channel. I thought you might like to see the main house from our latest video update. Full details of both the inside and outside are in the video. Thanks for reading the post. We are very keen to get people's opinion and comments on the building and layout. So any comments on this forum or on YouTube would be welcomed. Thanks, Mike
  14. soccerkid6

    Valdrfell Stables

    Here is my Phase III Stables build for AoM. I'd like to gain credit for the following UoP certifications: roofing [Architecture], wall techniques [Architecture] (for the log cabin), roof rakes [Architecture], and raising livestock [Agriculture and Zoology]= 4 credits This was my first try using tilted walls (for the foundation of the tower), and I think they worked pretty well. This was also my first time building a log cabin using SNOT 1x1 round bricks. All three buildings have a full interior and all the doors/trapdoor function. And I tried using a dark grey background rather than white in hopes of having the snow show up better. Any feedback on that? Trained Great Wolves are in high demand and fortified stables have become common in Mitgardia. Valdrfell Stables is a fortified stables located in the Clan Lands of Mitgardia. The fortress has a stable inside, and a corral just outside to train the great wolves in. More pictures can be found here: link All C&C welcome
  15. IenjoyLego89

    AoM: Stables Phase 1

    Here's my entry to Stables phase 1 Nothing complicated just a heavy armored knight on a horse May I move to phase 2? All C&C welcome