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  1. The Nuremberg International Toy Fair runs from the 29 Jan - 2 Feb.
  2. That is what you get when you give a german a box of lego,they never make anything simple. @efferman All you need now is a truck chassis to put it on.
  3. I was just thinking the same thing.
  4. To be honest,like the others have said the point where I would of found out I would be working with 1/2 stud lengths I would of redesigned the boom section. One suggestion would be to use could try using plates and tiles to connect the two ends diagonally, this would not be very strong though.
  5. I don't think you could use those,but we do have these rubber connecters which would work.
  6. I am thinking about picking two up just for the parts. That aside the Lego designers do a good enough job in my opinon on these small sets with the limits they are working against.
  7. I had to update the filmware about four times before I got it connected/working corectly. Have you tried another device if you have access to any other?
  8. I ran into some issues too but I got it working in the end try the following: Check if the hubs need new filmware by holding down the green button on the hub it should change to a white flashing light looking for the smart device. If my memory serves me right once connected you can continue to hold down the green button to update the filmware in the hub (you should see the light change and it should also show you on your smart device about the status of the update).
  9. Very nice tracked crane, All your C-models are nicely done.
  10. Hi Tommy welcome to Eurobricks,I would take a slightly differant approch myself rather I plan then build over time that builds up your part collection. First thing I plan is what do I want to build then look at the key parts I would need to build it. I sometimes break down a model into smaller sub components. I have listed some examples of questions I ask myself below: What would I like to build What building style? (Technic studed,Technic studless,Model-Team etc) Is it manual or Electric? If electric what do I need? If Manual what do I need? What are the key functions,what parts do I need? Wheels or tires? Like 1963maniac has suggested I buy my parts from Bricklink but you could plan to buy sets for there parts too. Or if you like a challenge build a C-Model which limits you to reuse an existing set's parts.
  11. It would be good if it was,probably to much to ask for it to be fully motorized but I would get it even if it was manual controlled.
  12. I have not done a review in ages so I thought I would do my take on a review of a technic set (some of you may remember some of my past reviews) from one of many unopened sets I have laying around. Name: 42061 Telehandler Theme: LEGO Technic Year: 2017 Parts: 260 Price for set: £24.99 / $39.99 / 29.99€ The Packaging Not much to say here.....its a small box made from cardboard with a picture printed on it,all be it a glossy picture. The Manual In the left hand is a 7 long light brush grey axle while in the right is a 8 long axle,who needs diagrams? The Parts Upon opening the box I was relieved to find it was not empty and it contained something.....two instruction manuals. Here are some interesting parts,I really like the new worm gear.I am however not a fan of the colour vomit. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you Lego Technic happy birthday to you. The Build Right lets get always I like to sort my parts. I did not capture much in terms of building it is as you would expect for a small set. Construing the boom Here we are at step page 25....not much to say really. The Finished Model And Final thoughts Here is a picture of it finished driving past ,that is why the picture is a bit blurry as it was travelling a a good speed. I don't like how they did the rear upper part of the boom. Is it just me or are Lego's take on seats getting more weird? So the functions in this set include: 4 wheel steering 1 stage telescopic boom Boom lifting Boom tilting I am sure you would like too see a size comparison,and if it can lift anything? Spare parts and parts list So too wrap up my review I would say it is a good little set,it come with some rather useful parts. All the functions work well an has a decent level of playability too it. I am disappointed by the rear of the boom but apart from that it is a good little set. Scores: Parts 7/10 Playability 7/10 Design 5/10 Appearance 8/10