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  1. Pretty usefull for building mocs in different colors. Thank you for that.
  2. fosamax

    42108 mods and improvements

    Great job @M_longer In fact, it should have been designed that way from the beginning. You just have to build a decent model B now.
  3. That's a very nice looking model. It feels really authentic and should be interesting for younger audience as well since playability seems top notch.
  4. Really enjoyable alternative and the price is more than decent. But I have so many Model A to build that I will wait a little before buying those.
  5. fosamax

    [moc] rc/manual plum picker

    This is a really nice model and I think that this is what Lego technic is just about. Nicely designed model, that don't necessary need to mimic too closely a real one but packed with a ton of function. It's really clever to have the possibility to switch from RC to manual and you've designed a quite compact gearbox. Hope to see it on rebrickable at some point.
  6. I had no problem with electronics so far ( except you must use the included cable to charge). The product is inferior to buwizz but the price tag is not the same either. I would have prefered analog support as well as precise servo but I can't really complain for the price (got one free set from gearbest only for a broken suspension shock...) There's also some nice addition : battery box of the same size as buwizz, RF 2.4 GHz with physical remote. So I'm OK with the electronics (but that not the general impression so it may be gamble) but don't find the all set really good for the rest of the parts. If Lego had released official 2.4 GHz PF, I would not have bothered with Cada. Regards, Marc
  7. fosamax

    42108 - Mobile Crane

    I would buy the Mack (available during sale for less than 100 €) and would build Dominik Novak's crane moc out of it.
  8. That's why I wouldn't see those as anything but an alternative source for the now discontinued power function with extra functionnality. I bought those in set (with a model and instructions) but only because it was the cheapest way to get the electronics but I was far from being impressed by the model itself. That being said I would not buy mould king or other brand that sell rip off of official lego or moc stolen from rebrickable users.
  9. fosamax

    42108 - Mobile Crane

    One of my first big (in fact middle) sized set was lego power crane (8854) which was released in 1989. The part count is low at 518. I think it looks more than an unimog with a crane add-on than a real mobile crane but it seems the number of functions packed is this model is rather impressive : - steering with HOG - crane rotation - raising and lowering the crane with pneumatics - boom extension - raising and lowering the (metal) hook. - syncronised outriggers. Not to mention that a B-model was included as well as the printed BI. Main trouble was the turnable that was not as good as those we've got now. IMHO, it performs pretty well for a 1989 set with half the amount of parts of the 42108.
  10. fosamax

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    Nice deals on with the Chiron at 229.99 € and the Liehberr 9800 at 299.99 € for Black Friday.
  11. Just a reminder of that excellent alternate from 42078 for those who missed it. I find it somehow better than the upcoming 42108 set. It has a nice detailled cabin with opening doors, working steering wheel, side mirrors, excellent seats and so on. There's also the ladder for the back cabin, fake 6 inline connected to wheels. There's some downsides also like the pretty massive boom and lack of turnable for supporting the rear but it's trully a masterpiece IMHO. Not to mention that there's also a lot of other excellent C model already available for that set (which also includes an official B and C model).
  12. I'm not totally convinced by the hi stickers count either even if it seems needed to achieve the rally car look. I'm also surprised that we've got different wheel size and tires pattern for the front and the back.
  13. Clementoni for sure has horrible reviews on amazon. From parts that you need to detach from their support yourself, missing parts, parts breaking, obscure instructions (you can download it to see by yourself) and so on. I bought some Cada, mainly for electronics and was satisfied with what it offered for the price but some other people got defect electronics so it's a gamble.The latest I bough was Cada Tiger tank (roughly 25 €) I bough it mainly for the receiver and remote that works at 2.4 ghz which is interesting for a LEGO alternative in direct sunlight. Electronics are good but I was really not impressed by the build. It's also note mentionning that pins breaks quite easily during disassembly. vThat being said, it operates smoothly except for the turret that fall apart too easily.
  14. fosamax

    Is 42081 worth building?

    Yes. It's a very good alternative also. And you can even try out tomik building instructions as most of his creator's mics are offered for free. And he's really friendly too.