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  1. Hi ! Did anyone got some news from Grum lately ? I used to love reading his building logs and even if writing text logs may have become a tedious task, which I can perfectly understand, I just want to know if everything is OK for him so if anyone has some news, I would be very grateful to hear about him. Thanks and take care.
  2. Yes. I'm thinking that whatever model you choose will be a good candidate for the podium, even if there's some really solid candidates in this contest.
  3. I like that build very much. It has some vibe of an old sport car my father used to own when he was young. It was a french model : A simca 1200s designed by Bertone. Very nice work and could have been frontpaged IMHO.
  4. I think that posting links for instructions that are available as premium (lucioswitch, loxlego, didumos for example) on rebrickable is not the way to handle that topic which should be used only for talking about Cada models. That being said, there's some instructions that are eventually interesting without spoliating the original creators of some mocs but it's up to the moderator to give their own opinion.
  5. Hi and welcome to eurobricks ! I really enjoyed reading your post about recreation of the 8865 B-model in a studless way. I still own that set and currently have the A-model built (in a cardbox but it's built anyway). I really like your enthusiasm and find it great that you offered your mocs for free which is the way to start on rebrickable IMHO. I don't have any technic mocs to share ATM but my creator mocs are free also and it's nice to get more feedback that way even if it's up to everyone to choose their way to go. Speaking about the difficulty of those old instructions, I don't remembered those beeing so hard to follow. I think I was 10 when I built 8865 (A and B) and even if the parts per step is high, I find that most sub steps looks like a 2D step (you mostly build vertically or horizontally). Also there were way less parts available making some steps quite logical (like adding two plates on top of a beam in order to getting the right spacement) I also remember having the 4,5V motor and battery box for that B-model. Thanks for doing it great justice with your modern take on it.
  6. That's a really impressive Moc and being a B-model makes it even more impressive. I also think the color scheme is rather good, considering how much different colours are included in the set and seing that your part usage is quite high ! Well done.
  7. The lack of turnable in 42078 : could have been used for fifth wheel or as a replacement for supporting the container and would have made some of the best alternate models (like the volvo crane truck or the mobile crane) even better.
  8. I am ! Looks great already even if I'm not totally sold on the front. Anyway, you managed to pack a high level of function in that mid size B-model.
  9. Really nice model. I didn't know that some 500 had antagonist doors whereas 500f shows the classical setup.
  10. Maybe putting their logo on this is more harmfull for their IP... Not sure if I'm allowed to post that photo here. MODs feel free to remove any offending pics.
  11. Hey Jim ! Will "Promo image to be created" be created ? Just kidding...
  12. Awesome model as always. I'm really a fan of dyen's work.
  13. I really enjoyed the review also. Neat concise with highlight of the build. I'm usually not a fan of watching a full speed build (even if I can understand that people like those) so I like your approach more. Also interesting to see other models in the review like Mack, rought terrain crane and so on. Thanks BTW I just found this:
  14. @zumaidi IMHO, maybe it could be a wise move to group all your works in one single topic instead of starting a new topic for every idea you can think off.
  15. Bought 42110 for 97,66 € on for prime days (getting an extra 10 € discount for using amazon recharge).