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  1. fosamax

    First MOC - 42110 B-Model: Forklift

    Man that is technic at his best. Well done and great video.
  2. fosamax

    [C-MODEL] 42079 - Forklift

    Really good looking model !
  3. fosamax

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    So now, all Lego has to do is build a nice B model from 42113 parts (or a few more) , pack it without licensing and release it as a A model and everyone will be able to build the Osprey using those leaked instructions. Problem solved.
  4. fosamax

    Technic Model Comparison

    I'm currently building Dyen's 42078's crane and would love to see a comparison with 42108 if you happen to have the opportunity to build those.
  5. Yes, it's even stated in the manual but it did'nt worked for me this time. seems like the hard reset was somehow needed here.
  6. Ok, I was able to fix mine also. My Cada battery is back to business. I only desoldered the red wire, pushed the on/off button and then resoldered the red wire and it was fixed. Thanks for the tip.
  7. I furthered tested mine (didn't received the motor driver yet) and for sure the failure is only partial. I tested it by pluging a lego receiver on it and 3 of the ports are supplying power, even those that don't work when pluging a motor directly. I have one that doesn't work that way either.
  8. I'm in the process of trying to fix one of mine. There's no sign of burned component in mine so your fix could apply. Anyway I don't understand what you've done. Could you please explain a bit more or post photos (hosted at bricksafe or flickr) of your fix ?
  9. I really like this one Tomik. Sleek design and nice functions with a unintended use of the pullback motor. I own that set and will build it with my kids someday.
  10. fosamax

    Review - MOC Truck (42075 Alternate)

    To me it looks fine on my destok and totally off on my (tiny) xperia xz1 compact smartphone whereas photos from flickr or bricksafe looks good.
  11. fosamax

    Demag H135

    Are you going to bump every ten years old topic ?
  12. Nice move from you. I've almost all the parts so I may build it at some time. I'm sadly missing part 24122.
  13. Hi, my first cada battery is now broken. Only one port is working fully and one is working in only one direction. Did anyone succeeded in replacing the mx1616l chip ? I saw that mx1508 is more available. Could it be a viable option ? There's not any sign of defect when I open my battery box so it's not easy to guess what to try. Will probably go with buwizz but I would be happy to fix those, at least for children.
  14. Just bought those also to support your work as I already bought from Rain user but noticed some changes in building and missing parts here and there. I will build the original instead.
  15. fosamax


    Impressive moc for sure but shoud'nt the first axle have a better turning radius than second and third axle for steering efficiency. At 21 second the left wheel on first axle barely turn when the wheel on third axle is already at max steering. I took a look on Jeroen Otten model LTM 11200 and it does indeed seems to behave the opposite. Or maybe the shooting angle is fooling me ?