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  1. fosamax

    Is 42081 worth building?

    I own the set. Got it under 60 € so a very good deal. I found the main model quite interesting to build. M_longer is indeed reputed for doing really good BI so you can go for that as well.
  2. I was curious so I tried to download it with my smartphone (android 5.0+ compatible) to no avail. So I search for the apps on aptoide and also tried direct download with 3 differents services (or chrome extensions like apkdownloader). The result is always the same : there's no compatible apps and it seems that there's even nothing to download so I wouldn't buy those if the smartphone control is what you're looking for, unless the vendor provides a direct (but maybe suspicious) link to download (outside google play store).
  3. fosamax

    Technic Model Comparison

    I would love to see the crawler crane lifting the Maine Coon. BTW, what's the model number of the Main Coon ?
  4. fosamax

    [MOC] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    It seems that those fake legos are cloning like mushrooms on lately. By seeking for "grue 7692", you got 2 pages of results in the same price range with the following exotic names : Yvsoo, Yxflower, Godnece, Majoz, Tetake, Batop, Seciie, Gettesy, IIKA, Tosbess, Amitas, Yavso, Sunbary... Seems they have a good name generator. BTW, no one seems to buy those anyway because It's way too expensive for the average user and experienced lego users will probably try to document themselves and avoid buying crap like that. Should be seen as an advertissment for the real thing.
  5. fosamax

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    Best way to have full control about your bargains !
  6. fosamax

    42099 CV joints damage after use

    I'm not sure when ordering from Amazon DE and deliver in Italy if the return process is as easy as when you order from your own country. If you don't get positive answer from LEGO, you could still buy a second set on Amazon IT and return the defective hub to them, asking for refund but that's definitely not fair-play.
  7. fosamax

    [MOC] 42069 Extreme Adventure RC

    Hi, kbalage (Racing Brick) made a full rc mod with instructions (while keeping original tracks) Features of the mod: – 4 tracks are driven by 4 L motors – fake engine powered by an M motor – roof elevation powered by an M motor – winch is completely reworked with worm gear, powered by an M motor – front axle steering with Servo motor, tank-style steering is also available – 4 Power Functions lights – Controlled/powered by 2 BuWizz units (instructions provided), 2 SBricks and 2 AAA battery boxes can also be used but the cabling is difficult (check the photos below for the details) Instructions are not free but really worth their price.
  8. fosamax

    [MOC] RC Buggy

    Seeing the quality of your 42054 unimog conversion from class tractor, I hope there will be demand for that buggy too. I would like to build it in dark azure if possible. In fact, I was really surprised that no one commented here before I do but it's still holiday time and probably people are less likely to comment from a smartphone. At least, it's how I usually do. Nice work mate.
  9. fosamax

    [MOC] RC Buggy

    Amazing model. Looks like a Baja bug. I really like it. Do you plan to create 3d model or Building instructions for it ?
  10. fosamax

    42077 C-Model Hot Rod Instructions

    I'm currently building it and it seems there's some guess around pic 130 that can be solved at pic 153 (and 160). I like the build so far anyway.
  11. I can speak only for the Cada system which is not bluetooth but 2.4 Ghz. The first link you posted shows 2 different models : - a bluetooth one, more expensive, relies on an app you don't have a link for and thus you can't test the app before ordering. It's also way bigger (5 studs high vs 3 for buwizz which could be really problematic for using with moc designed to use the lego battery box wich is 4 studs high). I find those too expensive for a gambling. - the Cada one, which cost is between 30 to 40 euros if you buy it alone or in a kit. I bought one kit (complete with box and instructions) included with a crawler set from gearbest The crawler is quite subpar and I would probably buy the buggy if I had to choose a kit as of now (you're getting a battery box, a controller, a L motor, a servo, some led and a bunch of parts that don't exist in lego, as well as 4 rims and tires of rather good quality, don't expect nice panels thought and pins are prone to break.) My shopping experience with gearbest was good since they send me a second kit for free for only one defective shock absorber so I got 2 working batteries and controllers for less than 40 euros. Things to keep in mind : only use the included power cable to charge : other one don't seem to charge at all. you can use 2 batteries and controller at the same time : you just have to pair one device and then the other one. Pairing is quite easy : turn on battery box, turn on controller, wait 2 sec untill ther led stop blinking and you're good to go.
  12. I found Cada system to be OK for power function. Lately there's even a starter pack that include everything you need for a small moc. I would buy this first and switch to buwizz if you need more power or analog control. I've had good performance with battery box and L-motor. I don't own their m motor so I can't tell. Servo are not reliable under load even if they work OK for lighter models.
  13. fosamax

    RC Buggy Motor

    OK. I just got mines (2 of them) today. So all I can say (before testing) is that seller is definitely not fast for shipping but given the pretty good price, I can't tell anyone to avoid the seller as long as you pay with paypal. In fact it took way more time for shipping than delivering (order on june 22, posted on july 17, delivered on july 30). The packaging is the exact same as Clawp so I guess those all came from the same factory. I just tried to power up the motors without any load and they seems to work OK. Build quality is also quite good for an aftermarket product with a nice mate finish. For 28.21 € including paypal fees, I'm quite happy so far. For the adventurers that don't care waiting, here's the link to the store :
  14. IMHO, it would be better to build a true C model, without adding extra wheels, which makes the rear a bit too wide. Maybe take a look at lego 42041 (Race truck), which could be a nice start (even if it's way smaller scale). You will have to find a way to create a custom steering wheel as the one included is too small for a truck. I think the V8 should be more visible for a racing truck and I have some doubts about the stiffness of your build due to the way you created the undercarriage by juxtaposing 5*7 frames. You should probably be able to achieve a better looking model from 42082 as currently your truck looks a bit too empty. Regarding functions, I think you should at least add tilting cabin and maybe working steering wheel. It may be difficult to achieve if you want to keep HOG steering. Take a look also at 42043 for tilting cabin as well as 42078 for fifth wheel design. Anyway, keep trying.
  15. fosamax

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    Got a 42080 nisb for 50€ today.