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  1. I am ! Looks great already even if I'm not totally sold on the front. Anyway, you managed to pack a high level of function in that mid size B-model.
  2. fosamax

    Nico71's Creations

    Really nice model. I didn't know that some 500 had antagonist doors whereas 500f shows the classical setup.
  3. fosamax

    Jeep Willys

    Maybe putting their logo on this is more harmfull for their IP... Not sure if I'm allowed to post that photo here. MODs feel free to remove any offending pics.
  4. Hey Jim ! Will "Promo image to be created" be created ? Just kidding...
  5. Awesome model as always. I'm really a fan of dyen's work.
  6. fosamax

    42128 - Heavy-Duty Tow Truck

    I really enjoyed the review also. Neat concise with highlight of the build. I'm usually not a fan of watching a full speed build (even if I can understand that people like those) so I like your approach more. Also interesting to see other models in the review like Mack, rought terrain crane and so on. Thanks BTW I just found this:
  7. fosamax

    3D model of my MOCs

    @zumaidi IMHO, maybe it could be a wise move to group all your works in one single topic instead of starting a new topic for every idea you can think off.
  8. fosamax

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    Bought 42110 for 97,66 € on for prime days (getting an extra 10 € discount for using amazon recharge).
  9. Here's a more technic version using only parts from 42093 Corvette (except orange trans clear beacon) : It doesn't look as good but should be easier to apply for people that don't want to buy system parts from bricklink.
  10. Here's my take at closing the front mudguard : front Do you think it's OK ?
  11. fosamax

    [TC20] Indy Storm (8445)

    Nice choice for that model. You should upload your pics from bricksafe ou flickr for allow us to see something.
  12. I think Dyen would be a good candidate. He's a great B model designer and he's able to work with small as well as really big alternates.
  13. I was thinking about a studless version of that one from lego idea book 8889: Maybe with working suspension and a V6. Well, maybe I will try without thinking about a contest.
  14. That's one model I own and thought about also. But it seems to be already done at the same scale
  15. I got it at a bargain price and was satisfied with it but the official B-model was quite poor.