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  1. I got it at a bargain price and was satisfied with it but the official B-model was quite poor.
  2. What an amazing alternate from an underrated set. You managed to achieve a nice look (color scheme, stickers). Functions are flawless and the suspension are great. I'm amazed that you manage each time to build some really different B/C models and still those are real alternate that could easily beat official ones. I'm also pleased that I own most off the sets you build with (except 42110 so far). I'm currently building another alternate for set 42080 (tractor with actisol by olivierz) which is really great also but a bit cumbersome in the look of the tractor. If you still have interest in that set, you could maybe look into making something like a bobcat a770 aws with some attachment. It may be tricky to pack all the battery box, motor and pneumatics though... Nice work anyway !
  3. I think TLG missed the opportunity to give that set the same approach as they did with set LEGO Speed Champions - Mercedes - AMG GT3 - 75877. One car that you can build with two different style by adding the needed red or black parts for people that don't want so many stickers on the finished model. Given the price tag, adding less than 100 generic parts should have been possible. I guess some rims covers could have been included too...
  4. That's some very nice and functional alternative from one of the ugliest set ever made. Good job Tomik !
  5. fosamax

    [MOC] Volvo G970 Motor grader

    That's one of the most impressive build I've seen. Complex machinery and everything works smoothly. RC tires looks great on the model. Bravo.
  6. fosamax

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Did you tried the MAN configurator or does the render it provides are too small anyway to be used as a decent blueprint ? Anyway here's a link for a 8*8 35T config :
  7. Sure. Anybody can take a look at your 42069 helicopter alternate which got revised BI by forelock and is available for free. Really great work.
  8. Instructions are on a nice level also. Forelock did again a great work with detailed BI including stickers.
  9. fosamax

    Technic Pub

    Thanks for refreshing my memory !
  10. fosamax

    Technic Pub

    Good point here. But is there a topic for talking about technic for anything that doesn't belong to a fixed category ? I know there's the general technic help and the axle collection thread but I didn't find anything else. Something like what did you build lately, general ideas and so on (set or moc we bought, build or plan to build, wip, even if it's still possible to open some wip topic if needed, or post in the appropriate topic if pointed out). Even for really small project that don't need their own topic like some afternoon project... That's generally something I like in a forum as it keep it alive without starting a new "what technic set should I buy ," every week. What do you think about it Jim ?
  11. Even if I don't have access to the part list, I guess that I don't own more than 80-85 % of the needed parts, which is quite similar with the number of parts I already have for sets 42056 or 42083. For the later, the total cost of the missing part for the store which come the closest to 100 % is more than 900 € (on Bricklink) and the less I will have to pay from a single store in the top ten is 140 € but I'm still struggling at 96 %. If I use multi buy I may go up to 100 % for a price rather similar than buying a brand new sealed 42083. I don't see the point unless you have an insanely huge number of parts, that you will have to sort before you start building. For Bruno's supercar, you'll still have to source some red panels that are not manufactured by TLC. I guess that when you really want to build a model with more than 3000 parts, the easiest and cheaper way would probably be buying the original model, either from TLC if available or a competitive brand if not available from TLC. I second Grey Gear advice that you don't have much to loose by giving Cada a chance and test from yourself. Eric Trax's post about difference in part list is also a valid point since CaDa used to design some specific parts like beams with alterning holes (which may end up being cloned either by TLC or Mould King at some point if those parts become popular...)
  12. fosamax

    [TC17] Rebel Tow Truck

    Yeah that's sad but even free model C alternate (like 42078 snow plow by Grohl) got copied and are sold for a pretty high price. I don't understand why you would buy something that won't let you build the A and B model in the first place (due to something like 1000 parts missing) but anyway it seems there's a market for those.
  13. fosamax

    [TC17] Rebel Tow Truck

    Wow, they did not even try to remove copyright. Lazy thiefs. But that doesn't change the fact that your build is incredible and I hope that you will still build and share your awesome creations, even without instructions.
  14. fosamax

    [42093 C-model] Midengine sportscar

    Really nice build. The price of the instruction is also good. I just wanted to point out that you could maybe set render quality on studio a bit higher as model seems a bit blocky on your BI sample pages. I usually set it at 4/5 and from your sample, I guess it may be set on 2/5 on your side. You just have to change that setting before rendering you BI and you can lower it after that if it improve studio responsiveness.
  15. Really nice model. The general look is gorgeous and stickers do great justice to the model. Linear actuators limit the max height but you can't get better from a c-model. Did you try mounting the long linear actuators and doubling the front wheels (as a mod) ?