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  1. *Your entry has scored 3XP* Name: DPC – Vigilance Class: Patrol Craft Type: DPC-M1 (Defense Patrol Craft Model 1) Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems Armaments: x 2 Proton Torpedo Launchers x 6 Heavy Laser Cannons x 2 Mine Layer Launcher Complement: x 10 TIE Star Fighters Hyperdrive: Yes Shielding: Yes Crew: Pilot, Engineer,[6] Gunners, [10] TIE Pilots, [1] Squadron of soldiers Description: Created by Sienar Fleet Systems to have a combative edge against their competitors. The DPC was designed to patrol outer space to combat piracy, smugglers, and later rebels. The imperial navy liked the craft, powerful, maneuverable, swift and well protected. The imperial navy did dislike the fact that not many soldiers or cargo could be placed on the ship. This made boarding operations more of a challenge. The versatility of the DPC made it a huge asset to the imperial Navy and it stayed in production though in limited numbers. Story: The vigilance is a heavily modified DPC ship used personally by Arthur Greyford to do the will of the Imperial Consortium. Arthur has been tasked with securing the orbit around Empress Teta with other imperial naval craft of the Consortium. Most people would find the job to be boring and tedious, not Arthur he knew the importance of his role. Unfortunately, with past setbacks for the glorious empire manpower has become an issue. The gunners for the DPC have been replaced with an automated system, along with the inclusion of a droid security team instead of stormtroopers. Even the pilots for the TIE fighters were droids. Not to mention his vessel only had two fighters at his disposal making his job a little bit difficult. Arthur personally programed the droids to help him in his mission, other imperials would have scoffed at the idea. Though other imperials are now only starting to realize that with each battle it is becoming extremely hard to refill the legions of the empire. Arthur knew that not only would droids be more commonplace in the ranks soon aliens would also join as well. Arthur knew there were talks about including certain aliens into the imperial ranks. Already “The Baron of the unknown regions” has been recruiting and training alien auxiliaries for the consortium. With Empress Teta being secured for the consortium Arthur knew this was one small step in securing the empire.
  2. *Your entry has earned 10 XP* The Imperial Consortium is a alliance of imperial remnants formed from the ashes of the Empire and the Triumvirate. Imperial Security Auxiliary Legion a paramilitary force in the service of the Imperial Consortium. The Pentastar Alignment an imperial remnant that was formed from the ashes of the empire. The Mando'ade are Mandalorian seeking to rebuild their broken world. The Followers of the Force seek to rebuild the Jedi order and study the ancient ways of the force.
  3. williambrickalliance

    Faction: The Imperial Consortium (TIC)

    After the disaster at Iridonia and other defeats inflected upon the Triumvirate. The once great remnant was forced to flee to the outer regions to once more rebuild. Once forces were gathered they were renamed the Imperial Consortium. Arthur Greyford once loyal to the Triumvirate repledges his loyalty to the Imperial Consortium. "May the empire rise stronger from the ashes " Arthur Greyford agent of the empire. \\ A character update for season two of factions\\
  4. *This entry has earned 3 XP* Kowak the final obstacle in the way of the goals of the Triumvirate. Arthur was given a small force of ISAL to root out rebels in the deep jungles. A hard task the rebels thrived in such places. As difficult it may be the will of the empire will be done. Over the course of a few days Arthur was impressed with the ISAL performance inflecting high causalities to the rebels with minimal loses. The end of the week saw a successful mission with many rebels killed or captured. Arthur with his men were recalled back to Victory Class Star Destroy "Imperium Five". It will be only a matter of time before Kowak fell to the might of the empire. // Quite happy with the build overall, even though it is a little bit small. Comments and criticism welcomed.//
  5. *This entry has earned 4 XP* The orders came straight from the three triumvirs. -- Assault Iridonia destroy all in your path. Show these terrorists that their actions have consequences. Civilians are to be shown leniency and to be reeducated in imperial thought. Terrorists, criminals, armed civilians, other militia groups and Iridonia securty forces are to be annihilated. No mercy, No quarter and No prisoners! Show them that the Triumvirate will not tolerate chaos, terrorism and anarchy!-- A large fleet of star destroyers and other craft brushed aside the Iridonia local fleet. An orbital bombardment softened the planets defensives. Arthur landed with a paramilitary force called Imperial Security Auxiliary Legion or ISAL. They were made up of imperial militias, ex stormtroopers and civilians loyal to the empire. They were created personal by Arthur himself, he believed that they would be more loyal than pirates' or mercenaries. Once the stormtroopers landed they did most of the fighting. Arthur with his men did encounter a small group of rebels that were easy to take down. The rebel officer was wounded and Arthur quickly kicked his blaster aside. Weakly the rebel officer replied " The new republic and others will hear about this!" *cough* *cough* " I hope they make you suff" His words were cut off by a blast to the head. Arthur replied " The empire will rise like the phoenix, it's a real shame terrorist you wont live to see it" Arthur motioned for his men to follow and they continued their journey through the streets of Iridonia. // I am happy with both the build and story. I have been trying to improve on my story building along with better lighting of the build. criticism and comments welcomed! //
  6. *This entry has earned 8 XP (x2 LTC Bonus Applied)* Arthur was sent to Hoth, a frozen wasteland of a planet. Arthur disliked Hoth, the one remainder that the empire could have stopped the rebellion. Yes it was a victory but it was a hollow victory at most. The rebellion survived and still plagues the galaxy. Despite the mistrust Hoth still held significant value to the Triumvirate. The main value that could be gathered was minerals and a base to continue the expansion of the Triumvirate. Now the reason that Arthur was sent to Hoth was a simple task of overseeing a supply drop off at a small base. Tie squadrons circled the area like wolfs ready to pounce on any foe willing to challenge the Triumvirate control of the planet. Once Arthur arrived to the base, it was small a little to small to his liking. Though it does get the job done, and the commander of the base mentioned that they were going to expand into the mountain. Once the supplies were dropped off Arthur left the planet in good order. // First attempt at making a micro build. I was quite happy with the base, but the mountain and ties could have used a little bit more work. Criticism and complements welcomed! //
  7. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* Arthur Greyford was ordered to head to the lower landing docks at the crack of dawn. Once he reached his destination he was met with a large squad of soldiers. Arthur was confused with the stormtrooper's armor color , many had orange markings. There were also many support crew with one pilot. Once Arthur reached the base of the platform he walked up to the commanding officer. The commanding officer was stern with battle scarred armor. Arthur asked what his mission was and the officer gave him an information data pad. Arthur began reading the orders given to him. They came from high command themselves that shocked Arthur to his core. The mission that was given to him was simple but was going to be extremely difficult. He was ordered to explore unknown systems that might prove useful to the Triumvirate. He was to accompany a newly created squad called Pioneer squadron. They made up mostly of stormtroopers, the rest were support crew. Many in pioneer squadron had experience on the frontier colonies of the galaxy making them key in this mission. The difficulty of the mission was that rebels, criminals and other vagabonds were also exploring unknown systems. This would mean a constant struggle for these systems that are being explored. Arthur hoped that he would get a system that had little to no hostiles around that system. The commanding officer then ordered the squadron including Arthur to the shuttle to begin the mission. Arthur then followed his squad mates to the shuttle to begin the mission. - For the Triumvirate!
  8. williambrickalliance

    [L13 - Fondor - TT] Bright Tribute

    *Your entry has earned 4 XP* While visiting Fondor Arthur pays respect to a monument to the late emperor.
  9. williambrickalliance

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] Life in CorSec

    *Your entry has earned 2 XP* A normal day in a agent of CorSec varies from repairing droids, running training drills or providing relive to countless systems. Today a CorSec Humanitarian aid team is at a outer rim colony. The security is light but still present as pirates may want to raid any supplies. We can observe that children and the elderly get the first bit of help. Many wonder why does CorSec do such things, with this aid the CorSec can pull many worlds from the brink of destruction back to full strength. Then what is the price for this help? Simply put to join the New Republic and support CorSec in their push to restore peace and justice to the galaxy.
  10. williambrickalliance

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] Securing Devaron

    *Your entry has earned 3 XP* Arthur landed on Devaron half expecting the plant to be a wasteland. To much of a surprise it was a beautiful forest planet. The locals were hard to look at and have been giving the local garrison a hard time. The locals were the least of Arthurs concerns. High ranking officers were worried that the local garrison would be overrun with new republic hired thugs. *beep* *bop* Arthur thought to himself another message? "Play the message II-25" "Good day Arthur, I hope Devaron is quite calm at the moment?" Expressed a high ranking officer. "It is who are you?" "A humbly servant of our broken empire" He replied with a sly grin "So what are my new orders?" Arthur said with uncertainty "no orders just a warning about a new rebel group that calls themselves the Survivors, they are dangerous and must be brought to justice" "ok were are they located?" Arthur replied. " That's the game my friend, it is only up to you to find this group of vermin" and with that the message was cut off. *beep*beep?* "I know II-25 this was supposed to be an easy mission but nothing about rebels is easy" /// Killing two birds with one stone! Using this build as a application build in the survivors and as a free build for here! Criticism and Comments welcomed, also have a great day!\\\
  11. williambrickalliance

    [H16 - Endor - TT] Imperial Wreckage

    *Your entry has earned 6 XP* Endor a curse upon all imperials, the day the empire was torn apart. Arthur was tasked with scavenging a old speeder bike. He was given a small squad of storm troopers, one of them was a heavy storm trooper. Over all an easy mission but the troops were spooked. The natives were known to be mercy less towards imperials. Lucky for them they did not see any natives. Once they got the speeder up and running they went back to the pick up location. Arthur was glad to leave Endor to many painful memories and comrades lost on that forsaken planet.
  12. williambrickalliance

    [l18 - Koda Station - TT] Pawn Movement

    *Your entry has earned 2 XP* Arthur was tasked to assist a squad of storm troopers in securing Koda station. Easy mission no trouble so far. The station seemed abandon. Once the mission was done the officer gave a rallying speech for the storm troopers. While that was being done a technician was reactivating power to the station. Arthur believed that it was a successful mission.
  13. *Your entry has earned 1 XP* Arthur and RA-25 noticed suspicious communications from an old abandoned storage faculty. Arthur also heard rumor that Pyerce soldiers were looking for something, what that something was Arthur did not know. Once successfully slicing the door Arthur stepped in to the faculty. Arthur didn't get ten feet until blast doors opened up to his left, two stormtroopers on patrol walked through. The first stormtrooper got blasted in the chest, the second Arthur dealt with in short order. Once the supply's were secured Arthur sent them back to the Imperial Triumvirate.
  14. williambrickalliance

    Faction: The Imperial Triumvirate (TT)

    Thank you!
  15. williambrickalliance

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    This is Arthur Greyford he pledges his allegiance to the Triumvirate! (click picture for backstory)