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  1. Thrawn looks magnificent. Looks to be medium blue instead of the old dark azure, yeah?
  2. Also, are the June sets still supposed to be delayed to August? What's to say the stream isn't just a reveal of the May sets?
  3. Oh baby - Tarkin! Sweet.
  4. Tagge or Motti would be so great...
  5. You totally might be on to something here. I'm pretty disappointed at the moment if Tarkin is not in that set - I don't get how you make a Death Star set without him, but it being Fortress Inquisitorious would explain his absence.
  6. It's been shown many times that anniversary years don't mean all that much. In theory, Lego could release anything they want, anytime they want to.
  7. Wow just now seeing that the book is $150... what the heck
  8. I'm a simple man, all I'd ever need is a cool minifigure. Not into all these accessories they do. At least have the GWP be something with Lego parts!
  9. Interceptor over all though is pretty neat. I'm not too hot on the hole thats in the main windshield piece and think the angle is a bit strange, but I wasn't planning on buying this anyways so...
  10. Didn't realize they dropped the price $10 down to $229.99! Don't know if that was rumored I just assumed it would fill the $240 May UCS price point.
  11. Full agree with you on that.
  12. This is awesome news. If they can make it a keychain, I certainly think the rumored Luke mech will feature this figure too.
  13. I don't really know what else you could do beyond a Tie pilot, but I sure hope there's something else. $240 for one guy is just kinda painful.
  14. If I remember correctly, they waited til the last minute for the X-Wing reveal last year.