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  1. Flak Maniak

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Two of the big boat hull pieces in medium nougat from 71391 Bowser's Airship are available. 6357255, the bottom middle hull part, and 6357256, the front hull riser part. But 6357254, the bottom front hull part, is not.
  2. Flak Maniak

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Well, I got not one but TWO emails about canceled parts from my last B&P order (with the rep who didn't question anything). The first said these two were canceled: 6351748, which is that light aqua hairpiece shown earlier in this thread. No great loss. The second was 6344309, SCUBA Nya's torso, which someone earlier in the thread had canceled on them, but also, people have posted photos in here having successfully ordered it! So, how is that done, eh? Just try enough times and you'll a) get it into a phone order and b) not have it canceled? The second email said that two more parts were canceled: First is 6209807, the 4x2x4 tower roof in dark blue was canceled. Okay, sure, whatever; that one's listed out-of-stock on the website. And the sets it's in are no longer sold on LEGO.com, so, sure, maybe that one's too-gone-forever. Second is 4617224, the cylindrical helmet in pearl dark gray. I DID manage to order that one on the website for real last year. But, fine, maybe what I got last year was old stock from 2018 or 2019 (given it was in a 2018 Nexo Knights set sold still during 2019). So... Only significantly disappointing thing here is the SCUBA Nya torso. I'm thinking I should have put in more weird stuff that was unlikely to go through, just to see! Also, weird to get an email about canceled parts, and then another days later. If they're already reviewing the order, what makes them go back later and find even MORE faults with it?
  3. Flak Maniak

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I ordered all three of his parts over the phone a while ago; you might need CS rep RNG on your side, but, it's definitely possible; the parts got here and everything. (Drat; now I recall I should have asked on my last call a moment ago for the parts for that sand blue figure from the Endless Sea. I knew I was forgetting something!) Speaking of that call, I got what you might call the god-RNG, or might call false hope: A CS rep who didn't question ANY part numbers, didn't check with a supervisor, nothing, just entered everything in. I thought of asking for 6117766 (black capes, new material), which I've had canceled on me before, but, I figured something like THAT might bring more scrutiny to the rest... Or, maybe this was my best shot to order them and I squandered it. Dunno! But, I didn't dare. Instead I asked for the following; we'll see how many will get here: Golden Zane Forbidden Spinjitzu hood: 6320266 Golden Cole Master of the Mountain hood: 6320252 Overlord head: 6329680 Overlord body: 6340568 That one light aqua hairpiece (from earlier in this thread): 6351748 Ninjago SCUBA gear: 6342590 SCUBA Nya torso: 6344309 SCUBA Nya legs: 6341716 Legacy Zane Black-and-White hood: 6326141 Legacy Zane Black-and-White torso: 6326175 Legacy Zane Black-and-White legs: 6321331 Dark Blue Tower Roof Thingy (out of stock on the website): 6209807 Pearl dark gray cylindrical knight's helmet (out of stock on the website): 4617224 I've ordered the SCUBA breathing apparatus before and had it come. So that one seems unlikely to cancel. I ordered some of the pearl dark gray cylindrical helmets last year and they came; should be fine. And most other parts I mentioned are pictured in this very thread, so at least SOME people have been able to order them.
  4. Flak Maniak

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    All three hydro-snake pieces (head, torso, legs) are now available on the website, no calling-in needed. Very convenient! Also I called in a moment ago asking for various interesting parts and was told no, no cool-megablocks minifigure parts to be sold over the phone. It's just straight-up CS rep RNG; just roll the dice until you get a really keyed-in one who loves to sell parts.
  5. Flak Maniak

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Oh hey the black old-timey conical helmets are available on the website now; element 6349967.
  6. Flak Maniak

    LEGOcon - 26th June announcement

    My review of LegoCon is... It was okay. It didn't blow me away. The pre-show stuff showing off some people's builds was pretty cool; I could have done with more build photos and more in-depth "Here's this thing about my build" and less of the generic interview-y stuff, though. I get they want to push the theme that these people's builds are enriching to their lives/socially important/whatever, but, I'm just not that into that stuff; I wanna see builds that REALLY wow me, and hear the creators brag about their insane building techniques. A lot of sections of the show just seemed... Underdeveloped. Starting at the preshow; could have done much longer segments per-builder I reckon, IF you went in-depth on really interesting stuff, as opposed to bland parables about building. The "put your designs on the wall of The Lego House" thing is definitely a cool idea, and while I obviously thought "how many offensive symbols are people going to submit in hour 1?", well, presumably the humans at The Lego House aren't going to let you put a swastika up there. So, it's cool. Many of the 6x6 mosaics they showed us (good choice to interleave that through the show) were very nice-looking and creative. When I first saw the assortment of pieces I thought "Hmm, seems limited", but every batch of examples they showed us had some really neat and distinctive stuff in it. Good job on the mosaic project. Probably the best part overall. Showing the big dinosaurs: Cool. Giant builds are cool. And having them stepping on bricks? Excellent touch. Though, when they showed the small versions and presented them to the British host guy, I thought... Shouldn't they post instructions for these small versions online? Did they, and I just didn't see where they were? Should have had a note during the program of "here are the instructions for the small dinosaurs", IMO. Promote more engagement/interaction that way, instead of the lame-and-now-standard "send us your Tweets". I thought most of the interview stuff was pretty boring. There were various questions I'd have asked, but the main interviewer didn't seem to want to go in depth, and I guess the schedule was pretty tight? I think that's a theme here, that, the show could have gone on MUCH longer, and kept my attention, if they went into more depth per-topic. A single two-hour show is not an extravagant convention; not saying they HAD to do much more, but, if you have the right people on stage, people who are just really interested in Lego, I'm sure you can just have them ad lib and keep me glued to my screen for many hours at a time. For a more specific example, the sustainability section... It's good to say "Yeah we're turning bottles into bricks", but... Can't you go into way more depth? Reassure me about the materials science! Tell me how this new material compares to ABS! Tell me some of the challenges you overcame and how! A vague "we are trying to figure out how best to color these" is okay, but, come on, don't be afraid of going in-depth, of alienating a few viewers with technical details! Yes, obviously, don't require an engineering degree to understand the show, but, give us something at the level of "YouTube explainer series aimed at interested amateurs". Even if you have to explain what "ABS" is! I got that feeling overall in many places in the show, just that... It wasn't that enthusiast-targeted. That the more keyed-in you are, the more of a Lego nerd you are, the less they're trying to get you. Which, okay, sure, the hardcore fans are a small audience. But, even when I was a kid, I'd obsessively pore over the catalogues and the website, wouldn't I? I wasn't reading forums or anything, but, even back then, would I have been all that captivated by this? Again, I realize they don't want to turn off a general audience; it can't ALL be new information for the really-tuned-in superfans, but, I just want a bit of stuff that's aimed specifically at my demographic. (And not even my demographic being "adults"; I'm sure a ton of children watching would really really enjoy a materials-science explainer segment, imagine like Mr. Rogers or a bit more detailed than that, talking about the challenges of the new plastic. Wouldn't you love for Lego's engineers to talk your ear off about their new project, even if some of the jargon flies over your head? And it can be the host's job to ask enough questions about the more opaque parts of the description.) And back to the interviews, just... A lot of it was kind of... Meandering and... I don't know, maybe I'm jaded, maybe I'm used to high-energy podcasts where people have really specific discussions on particular niche topics, but... Most of the interaction with the guests just wasn't as interesting as I'd wanted. I wish the host asked more-curious questions, but, also probably you'd need more time per-guest, and just... I dunno what reforms you'd need otherwise. As for "new stuff reveals", well... Okay, so before this event they had said something about "new set reveals" and the like, and I didn't want to get super-excited about that, because, well, I knew it probably wouldn't be that much stuff. And even though Lego seems to be pretty decent at avoiding leaks, well... How much stuff can they keep truly under lock and key for this? Well, I dunno; maybe they can reveal some further-out stuff at this kind of event. Or, maybe you'd say, this kind of event, like an E3 or the like, is THE place to reveal new things, and so it doesn't make sense for Lego not to have a BEVY of things to show us. Which, well, that's fair! Personally I was waiting throughout much of the show, thinking "Hmm, are they gonna show something new and exciting?", and then... Well, when it was ONE Star Wars set, I was rolling my eyes. Probably because I'm not a Star Wars fan; if it had been some big Creator thing, or just... Well, yeah, they weren't going to satisfy me with that, but, I think as I expressed in the previous N paragraphs, I don't think they NEEDED big product reveals to satisfy me with this show. If they get the non-reveal parts just right, if they make it a great show, then they don't have to reveal anything at all, and I'll want to tune in. If it feels like it's ONLY about "seeing new set reveals", then... It's in an inherently precarious spot. Again, maybe we should ask them to make this a twice-a-year event where they do the BIG pile of set reveals, just make it an official reveal ceremony. Surely that's doable? Can they pre-empt the manufacturing leaks and do this? Maybe? But, I don't think they have to go all-in on that. I think they could make a great show that had ZERO new set reveals. And then, if you pile some set reveals on top of that... Then you're going to have a smash hit.
  7. Flak Maniak

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Wait, that golden shoulder armor is still available? It got totally delisted from the site a while back! But, well, those are clearly phone-orders anyway, hence stuff like that golden Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu cowl! (Huh, guess I should call in and ask for that one; I assumed it was totally unbuyable.)
  8. Flak Maniak

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Does this count as unpopular? I like minidolls aesthetically. I think they look great. Look at the various Elves ones; just, excellent visual design work. I would wholeheartedly endorse them except... For two reasons. One is their limited functionality. Lacking wrists and separate legs is a big deal. Obviously I can't get over this; minifigs are lacking poseability as it is! I can't be sacrificing more! Can't help but feel the minidolls are second-class for this reason. Yes, they can't have the thin arms and proper wrists; fine. But, it's really hard to get past. The second is more fundamental; it's that they're in their own ghetto, not matching the minifigs. It just sucks to have them be their own (overlapping just via accessories) ecosystem. Imagine you're some little girl, and you have some Friends sets, and then you see a building in Lego City that interests you, but... Its minifigs don't match yours at all. This is a harsher mismatch than Exploriens in Lego Town meeting Johnny Thunder, than old-timey Black Falcons with worn prints meeting Jay and Kai in their swanky new, high-detail outfits. You can't solve the second problem; one just has to accept it or reject minidolls as a premise. The first you might be able to work on. It's a shame, because as I said, they look great; figures like the Goblin King, and Noctura, are really stylish! Don't you want to be trapped in their lairs? Just a shame they can't hold a sword sideways.
  9. Flak Maniak

    Bricklink questions

    Excellent! I knew there must have been a way! I was looking just at the sidebar. Perfect; shopping made easy. Just cruise random stores and snipe all my wanted parts...
  10. Flak Maniak

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    My order with Ninjago SCUBA parts showed up. Everything all fine. I hadn't realized the rubbery air tanks would be black; I'd assumed they were pearl dark gray. Either is fine with me, though! Now, gotta build some modern Aquazone-style submarines to go with! Unrelated, but looking at the new Bowser's airship, looks like boat hulls in... Medium nougat, is that? Hopefully those make their way onto B&P!
  11. Flak Maniak

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    So Bowser's airship... Boat hull pieces new in medium nougat, it looks like?
  12. Flak Maniak

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Thank you! No doubt going to order some of these parts imminently. So an order got here today. I thought surely it was my 6 June phone-order with the SCUBA parts. It wasn't; it was my 10 June web-order, meant to go with the 6 June one. The 6 June one was supposedly shipped out on 10 June; actually now that I check, I haven't gotten a "Your Bricks and Pieces have shipped" for the 10 June order! But, well, since the 6 June one was supposedly shipped, and since I didn't get a notice saying parts were canceled from it... Well, I can only assume that I was in fact allowed to buy all those parts.
  13. Flak Maniak

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Do you mind posting the element IDs for that second shot?
  14. I have received sails from Timbeg, an Aquashark sail and a set of Wolfpack sails. The cloth is INCREDIBLY nice. These sails will look excellent on whatever vessels I build for them. The rest of you who are looking for sails, well, I got what I was looking for. Go and hit him up!
  15. Flak Maniak

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Update: I am told that my B&P phone order from the other day has shipped. And... No parts canceled!