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  1. lego9vtrainfan

    Announcing the Modular LEGO® Intermodal Standard

    Very nice work here! I have been looking to build some well cars, so this is good timing since now there will be a standard for containers. Appreciate the leadership of BMR and Brick Train Depot for the hobby in this regard. Cheers.
  2. lego9vtrainfan

    CP2501 - Electric Locomotive

    Very nice work! As others have said, the building techniques for the windshield are great. I also like how you found the perfect piece for the headlights too!
  3. lego9vtrainfan

    Brick Train Awards 2020 winners

    Congratulations to all of the winners and entrants for making this an exciting new initiative in the LEGO train community!
  4. lego9vtrainfan

    Whatever happened to the 9V Hobby Train "Line"?

    Thanks @HoMa and others for sharing your experiences and perspectives on the history of the Hobby Train set/line. Very interesting! One can hope that if the new crocodile sells well that TLG might revisit this concept... we can dream, right?
  5. lego9vtrainfan

    [MOC/MOC] Lego Train 60197

    Nice work on the doors and especially like the two-level dome car with interior - thanks for sharing!
  6. lego9vtrainfan

    [MOC] Tour Montparnasse - Paris Skyscraper

    I recall seeing this as a work in progress in the background of some of the photos of your storage solutions in your article over at Brickset, so very exciting to see it finished! Excellent work and interesting building techniques - love all your other Paris MOCs too!
  7. lego9vtrainfan

    BR E18 047 "Blauer Enzian"

    Great build, details, and custom decals! Did you have access to some historical photographs or the actual train in a museum to create the plaques, numbering, etc.? Love the dark blue colour too.
  8. lego9vtrainfan

    [MOC] Thalys train

    Love the Thalys and all of your trains - and the triple track long curve layout is super impressive! Nice work
  9. lego9vtrainfan

    [MOC] Odense Banegård & modular platforms

    Indeed! Would love to see more photos like this and of the interior (whether finished or structural). While it is too bad and makes sense all events are cancelled right now, your creation will certainly be enjoyed by many in future!
  10. lego9vtrainfan

    [MOC] Odense Banegård & modular platforms

    The scale here remains so impressive...! Interesting to see how some of the sections go together too. I would certainly hope you can find a museum or other home for it for a while - the LEGO House would be a pretty cool option if possible. Look forward to seeing more progress updates and the finished model!
  11. I would also be interested in any links to reputable sellers (Aliexpress, eBay, etc.) of MR52ZZ bearings that people have found have worked well. Earlier I placed one order on Aliexpress and had results similar to @Beej above: the bearings had more friction that the standard LEGO train wheel setup, and some didn’t spin at all. Granted they were not expensive, but I’d rather pay a little more to place an order with some confidence that the product will work than wait 1-2 months for the order to arrive and then have to try again. Thanks in advance for sharing any resources you have to help everyone complete this mod successfully!
  12. lego9vtrainfan

    [MOC] Odense Banegård & modular platforms

    Love the updates - very exciting that you now get to build it “in the brick”! I will be interested in following your progress, seeing all of the construction details, and seeing how it is transported - do you plan to exhibit the station at a variety of shows or just in Kolding?
  13. lego9vtrainfan

    BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Thanks for the update — appreciate all the quality testing and refinements that you are putting into these. Looking forward to the final product!
  14. lego9vtrainfan

    BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Very exciting! Looking forward to these being available for purchase. Any guidance on pricing yet?
  15. Wonderful layout, trains, and videos! Great to see the ICE3 and TEE with some open space to run too. Sounds like a great weekend collaboration - thanks for sharing!