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  1. Wonderful layout, trains, and videos! Great to see the ICE3 and TEE with some open space to run too. Sounds like a great weekend collaboration - thanks for sharing!
  2. lego9vtrainfan

    (MOC) Odense Banegård & modular platforms

    Very nice! I would love to run my trains up to this platform and pick up passengers. Looking forward to seeing more photos of it in the layout!
  3. lego9vtrainfan

    [MOC] Train Station

    Very nice station! I love the interior details as well. What is the technique used to build the roof and attach it on either side?
  4. lego9vtrainfan

    BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Excited to see these short straight pieces and will be ordering some - fantastic news that the R104 switches are on their way too!! Thanks @coaster
  5. lego9vtrainfan

    Lego Idea Chemical Plant

    Yes what a great model! I would certainly buy building instructions too to support the creator
  6. lego9vtrainfan

    BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    I also have my fingers crossed for the R104 switches, but I look forward to whatever @coasterhas cooked up!
  7. lego9vtrainfan

    BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Canadian here. Shipping can be calculated from the BrickTracks shopping cart and depends on the size of your order. I purchased about US$260 of BrickTracks products a few months ago. There was no duty since the tracks are Made in USA, so I only paid GST/PST and customs processing fees upon delivery, which amounted to about C$49 on this particular order. But really this was just unlucky on my part, as it seems to be the case that only about 10% of packages that cross the border with USPS/Canada Post are assessed fees by customs, so you may pay nothing at all. Shipping costs are disclosed upfront and shipping is via the regular postal service (which was the lowest probability of being assessed customs fees/taxes), so I would buy with confidence from BrickTracks. Hope this helps.
  8. lego9vtrainfan

    BrickTracks: R104 Switch Kickstarter is LIVE!

    As I've been very impressed with the quality of BrickTracks parts, I'd be happy to pre-order or otherwise help fund the production of these switches by alternate means as well -- but let's see if the Kickstarter will pull through. :)
  9. lego9vtrainfan

    BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Thanks for bringing this project forward - I've been really pleased with your R104 and R120 curved tracks and have put in my pledge for 4x pairs of R104 switches. Best of luck in getting the project funded!
  10. Supported! Many thanks for your work on this project and I certainly hope you meet your funding goals! Your efforts and innovations a great service to the LEGO train community. Best regards, LEGO9Vtrainfan
  11. lego9vtrainfan

    altBricks: large radius track survey

    Great project -- I would definitely support on Kickstarter and would welcome the option to buy/receive 3D printing files for prototypes, etc. too. I voted for 104 radius track as I tend to run long trains at high speed using floor layouts, but I can definitely see the appeal of 88 studs for club use given the table diagram above. Eventually a suite of all radii would be highly ideal and something I would support. In terms of plastic vs. metal rails, I voted for the 9V system, but I can definitely see the business case for making all plastic track, which I would still buy. If a kit or information on what 3rd party rails to order were available to allow the user to upgrade their track to 9V was available as suggested earlier, this would be a great compromise. Looking forward to more updates, and thanks again for this initiative! LEGO9Vtrainfan
  12. lego9vtrainfan

    New Track Design from BBB

    Great news! It will be really interesting to see how the parts can be further customized into curves of any radius, etc. I agree that selling a few types of adapter pieces between 9V / PF track and the new rails would be worthwhile, perhaps as short sections of straight track. This will enable those who have lots of 9V track to integrate the new curved sections into our existing layouts without needing to invest in a whole new track system right away. I realize this may be tricky from a manufacturing / licensing point of view, but it would be interesting to have some guidance as to how easy this will be to accomplish before purchasing (I don't mind modding my own rails, but sometimes it's nice to have a turn-key solution too). Looking forward to testing these products in January!
  13. lego9vtrainfan

    Discontinuation Speculation

    At my LEGO store, 10219 Maersk train has already been discontinued and they have no more in the off-site warehouse. It is still in stock in other stores, as well as online S@H, so if you'd like one, I would buy now as this train set has already reached End-Of-Life and inventories will not be replenished.
  14. lego9vtrainfan

    The Mage Rises

    Congratulations on a great series! I have been reading it quietly since the beginning, only to find myself getting more and more eager / impatient for the next part as time went on. Great storytelling, interesting characters, and amazing builds that fit perfectly with the story. I found myself having to go back and look at them in more detail after reading each part, since the images captured the action so perfectly that I sometimes forgot they were even made of LEGO. Well done, sir, well done. I look forward to your future stories / creations, or even a sequel! What will "Him" and Roger find back at the tower? And what was through the door to Erebus? Best regards, LEGO9Vtrainfan
  15. lego9vtrainfan

    Long Trains.... Show 'm !

    Hi everyone! This is a fun topic - I like the creations shown so far. I can contribute the following videos: Here Thomas the Tank Engine (loaded down with pennies for traction) is pulling every freight wagon I own on a long curves layout... and causes a small traffic jam. The following video features my full-length ICE 3 and TGV models passing on a double track layout -- each model is just over 3 m long. You can see more of these high speed trains in this old thread and my Youtube channel -- I have a video on how to make long curves from pieces of straight track there as well. Cheers, LEGO9Vtrainfan