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  1. MrMeme260

    LBSCR I3

    Just this one time.I spoke to him and said he was sorry.
  2. MrMeme260

    LBSCR I3

    It is not mine.My friend tricked me into believing it was is his.It is ScotNick's.
  3. MrMeme260

    LBSCR I3

    I am really sorry.My friend took a picture of 'his' I3 and I asked for the LDD file.I never knew it was yours.I will be speaking to him. @ScotNick, I will be more careful from now on.Please forgive me.
  4. MrMeme260

    LBSCR I3 has just crashed and I have no idea on how to fix it :(
  5. MrMeme260

    LBSCR I3

    Thank you! When I looked at the real loco there was no window.
  6. MrMeme260

    LBSCR I3

    I forgot to change my username.I am not taking other people's work.
  7. MrMeme260

    LBSCR I3

    My take on a LBSCR I3. LBSCR I3 by Danish Sabir, on Flickr LBSCR I3 side by Danish Sabir, on Flickr LBSCR I3 back by Danish Sabir, on Flickr
  8. MrMeme260

    HELP! ! !

    Ok thanks.But isn't that hijacking a thread?
  9. MrMeme260

    HELP! ! !

    So I just link the image?
  10. MrMeme260

    HELP! ! !

    Could someone please tell me how to upload images?I have already uploaded one for one of my topics but when I tried to upload another for a different it showed 'you can only upload 10kb'.
  11. Mate just use It is very flexible and if you do not want to lose your LDD models can easily load them.
  12. MrMeme260

    4-6-2 LNER Class A3 4472 'Flying Scotsman'

    Oh I am so sorry I will try not to repeat in future.
  13. i am looking for some constructive criticisms for my models.They are on Bricklink's gallery.My username is Mrmeme23.I am doing this because my potato pc cant even handle the render at medium.
  14. MrMeme260

    [MOC] Southern Railway L1 Class

    you're goddamn right.i prefer uk steamers than us steamers because they look more elegant than the american ones.The only american loco i like is UP 844 "The Living Legend"
  15. MrMeme260

    4-6-2 LNER Class A3 4472 'Flying Scotsman'

    and whats that supposed to mean?