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    Mainly just parts right now, holding out hope for another decent train!

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  1. JEB314 (James)

    60154 + 4564 = 37?

    Thank you very much @GJBricks, really like the article, very well written! I feel honoured you thought my project was good enough for a post! I really think the idea of is a great one, I'm sure there would be a number of people interested! Thanks again! Regards, James
  2. JEB314 (James)

    Introducing Brick Train Depot

    Ah ok, thats a fair point! Just a thought, have you considered having 2 styles of selling? i.e. totally computer based (stickers sent as a file) and then the other, stickers sent it the post... As I'm in the UK having stickers shipped from the US doesn't seem particularly good use of the world's resources... Hypothetically, if I had them as a file I could print them and have as many as I need for the number of wagons I was going to make, say 4 or 5, for example... It would cost you less, and would give the consumer a cheaper option, as there would be no need for shipping, plus it makes more sense if selling to outside the Americas! Thats the way Michael Gale sells his instructions with stickers anyway, and it seems to work very well! Yes the sticker won't be the same quality, but personally I don't mind! As I say, just an idea, but something really worth considering... :)
  3. JEB314 (James)

    Introducing Brick Train Depot

    I think it would make sense if there was some kind of explanation with a vague bricklink price point for each of the builds. I wonder if it might help sell the designs if people had a slight idea of cost for bricklinking each entire model... I might suggest it would reduce a certain unknown factor, if you see what I mean...
  4. JEB314 (James)

    Introducing Brick Train Depot

    I'll be sure to take a look! Sounds interesting! On the subject of models, if you were to do any instructions for 6 wide or especially 7 wide British locomotives and rolling stock, I would 100% buy them! I'm always on the look out for GWR stuff especially, like the Large Prairie from Bloksbricks! Best of luck with BrickTrainDepot! :)
  5. JEB314 (James)

    Building BMR Freight cars

    I posted this c.14 hours ago, but don't think many Train Tech people have seen it... I think this is probably the most appropriate place... (Mods, I'm not selling anything personally, I'm just raising the word, but if I'm not supposed to do this, please feel free to remove this post / ask me to edit it accordingly, thanks.)
  6. JEB314 (James)

    BMR Discount Code

    Hi people, Over the next 24(ish) hours until midnight est there is an amazing opportunity to get EVERYTHING from the BMR (Brick Model Railroader) Shop at 10% off! The discount code is: BMRFLASH6318 Here is the link to their shop: (I have no vested interests in this, just thought I HAD to share such a rare opportunity to save money on such amazing stuff!)
  7. JEB314 (James)

    MOC (to be restored) - BR Class 55 - Deltic - 4,5v

    Really, really like it! Please complete it at some point, it could be quite a loco once finished! Some of the techniques you've used are really interesting, may look at testing some of them as they may help with yet another project I'm designing in! Thanks for sharing!
  8. JEB314 (James)

    60154 + 4564 = 37?

    I've looked at the pieces available from the Bricklink inventory: There just aren't enough of the right sorts of plates I would need to do so, while still being able to have an IR receiver and Battery Box, if however I converted the locomotive to 9V, then it is possible! I see what you mean, wasn't my intention, but it works! I'm very pleased with the shape and proportions, given what I had at hand! More pleased by how positively it has been received! Thank you for your kind words, I thought it was going to be quite a task to get close to what I achieved in the end! Perseverance was key!
  9. 13 - 3 points 8 - 1 point 7 - 1 point 1 - 1 point Although they are all brilliant! :)
  10. JEB314 (James)

    60154 + 4564 = 37?

    I see the similarities with a Class 23 now you mention it! Nowhere near as good as yours, for comparison! They really are in different leagues! (Although we had very different design philosophies, so they aren't really comparable in that sense, but you get what I mean! Beautiful build! ) I really must build some suitable wagons to go with it! I loved your VGA's based on @Hod Carrier's design! May have to look into building some of them! I'm thinking of doing something along the lines of a mixed freight to go with my diesel! (Although it may have to wait a bit, as I'm building something for my next Eurobricks post!) All I'll give away at this stage is: "It's not set combining, but it involves asking and answering another question!" And: "It also involves the point made by @Bartosz about the "Lego Way", which has actually inspired the idea for the upcoming post!" I tried that early on, and realised if I included the green you end up with a very different locomotive! Now I really don't want to take apart my work to show you what I was able to make with majority yellow and minimal green (wasn't great anyway), and unfortunately I wasn't sensible enough to photograph/film my progress to show the process I went through! Ah sounds interesting! I'll take a look, I've always been interested by people successfully converting real world things into pixel art!
  11. JEB314 (James)

    60154 + 4564 = 37?

    Unfortunately not, since my last building session on this I have parted out the remainder of the sets into the correct bins/containers! I feel it wouldn't be the best use of time to go back and collect up all the parts again! Probably should've thought someone might ask about that, and planned ahead! :)
  12. JEB314 (James)

    60154 + 4564 = 37?

    "The spirit of a class 37" is a brilliant way to sum up what I was trying to achieve! I did try the wasp livery approach in the building phase, but I found it wasn't possible to get it to look quite right preportionally! That was what I was attempting! Trying the approach I had to take years ago when I had a smaller collection, and big plans! (Even though in my case as an afol, I now have far too many parts! It is at the stage where a large room in my home has become devoted to it!) On the subject of carriages, I have tried and failed multiple times to build something vaguely decent with the remaining pieces! I only have a certain amount of time free - as I have multiple large time-consuming projects I'm trying to make progress on! (That may appear on Eurobricks in the future!) The "Lego Way" has such nostalgia! I highly recommend trying it and sharing your results! I found it a lot of fun! I am very tempted to fix a number of bits, but I have decided to stick to the hypothesis, and for the time being am going to stop myself from doing so, although I may in the future! Network Rail was the only livery that I could choose from in the circumstances! The headlights were the "artistic licence"! It looked too bare without! Thank you to all of you for your kind words!
  13. JEB314 (James)

    60154 + 4564 = 37?

    First off, I would like to say that, no, I am not terrible at maths! All shall be explained! (Sorry, this may be quite a lot of reading!) The Back Story: First aspect: Some weeks ago, I was having a general look for sets that might be of interest to me. I stumbled upon a very good deal on the Lego City Bus Station (Set no. 60154). I decided in a spur of the moment purchase to pick up 2 sets, with no real plan… That’s what sowed the seed! Second aspect: In the not so distant past, I had purchased a huge Lego haul from eBay containing many train set items and accessories. In amongst this, was an incomplete copy of the Lego Freight Rail Runner (Set no. 4564) – (maybe 80% complete) – at the time I didn’t really know what to do with it. Over time I harvested the 9V motor, wheels, couplings, bogie plates, wagon parts and straight track – basically all the good stuff! Now, I’m a big fan of seeing people doing set combining! I have never seen anyone attempt something like this! (Correct me if I’m wrong!) The Hypothesis: “Is it feasible to make a decent looking locomotive of any kind, combining Sets 60154 and 4564? – Using minimal significant other parts, but in cases where necessary only using parts I currently have, and not resorting to ordering things. The locomotive should ideally use Power Functions with 2 motors, lights are not necessary. Also, the finished model should be sturdy, strong, and able to be played with by children.” Answer, Was It Possible? Yes, and in my opinion, it turned out rather well. What I attempted to build was a massively simplified Class 37, with much artistic licence! Here is the finished product: Thus, the idea for “60154 + 4564 = 37?” was born! What do you think? Any questions, thoughts, or criticism will be much appreciated. Regards, James :)
  14. JEB314 (James)

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    Dear All, These last few days have certainly been eventful, but I would just like to say 'thank you' to everyone that has got in touch through multiple different channels of communication like messaging, email and social media, etc. Whether by helping me, advising me, supporting me, telling me how they really feel, or just showing appreciation for what I have been trying to achieve. I felt it just needed to be said, as it really has made it all feel worth the effort and many hours behind the scenes that relatively few people know about. Regards, James
  15. JEB314 (James)

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    I've just been described as "The definition of a true human being!" Don't know quite what to say! :)