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  1. 2018 Lego Trains

    I have been doing a lot of research into this, this is incorrect. First off, the window opens upwards from the front piece as a play feature, it also has a small lip below the glass to allow a finger to pop it up. Secondly, I have spoken with my contact in metal molds, he couldn't tell me anything before, but now I sent the Reddit page and explained it is out, he gave in and answered a couple of questions. I asked about the front piece, it is a new mold. It has 2 "bar diameter holes" in the front, through the 2 studs. This is to allow the lights to be fitted and used. As a consequence I asked "Is that for the current lights (part no. 8870)?" He said yes, he believed so. He doesn't know about the ends of the wires, but commented "Why change them? It would mean producing a large number of new parts variations, where is the logic? I expect connections won't change, but thats not my department!" Therefore, I have a strong feeling some hardware will change, but not all. Also, the connections will most likely not be changing, thus there will be compatibility. Hope that info helps a little, I'm currently working hard for more info and will share anything I find out, so long as I haven't had to sign any NDA's to get that material!
  2. 2018 Lego Trains

    1. 60197. (a) 24 studs. (b) From top of carriage to bottom: Dark Blue tiles, Yellow roof pieces, Dark Blue tiles, Light Bluish Gray brick layer, 2x2 dark panel windows (like 60051), Light Bluish Gray plate layer, White plate layer, Light Bluish Gray brick layer, Dark Bluish Gray train base, black wheels and housings (as usual). (c) At least very similar. 2. 60198. (a) Much better, more user friendly. Looks more realistic too. 3. Also, 60198. (a) Different, log car: 16 studs, container car: 20 studs. Both 4 wheel. (b) Both are majority Black with a little Light Bluish Gray. 4. Value/Cost. Power functions update is my best guess, although they do seem to have taken more care with these trains so I expect they had a larger team involved. Overall, they seem on the expensive side, but if they drop in price a little (say 10-15%) at some shops then I will probably pick up 2 of 60197. I'll wait until 60198 is nearer 20% off probably on Black Friday this year to pick that one up!
  3. 2018 Lego Trains

    @M_slug357 No problem! Lengths: 60197: Locomotive: 31 studs, as new mold piece is 7 studs and the train base is 24. (Look at Reddit picture, same length.) Carriages 1+2: 24 studs, standard train base. (Look is the same, or at least very similar.) Small Platform: 10 studs, or 12 including step. Signal: Height of 13 studs, as a 1x12 long plate attached to a plate in much the same way as a street light is. 60198: Locomotive: 32 studs, as 28 stud train base with a white 'train wagon end' part no. 6583 positioned 90° from normal in a SNOT building technique at each end. Wood car: 16 studs. 4 wheels. Container car: 20 studs, as each container is 10 studs in length. 4 wheels. Crane car: 24 studs, standard train base. May be marginally wider than 6 studs wide as it has expandable crane supports under the train base. 8 wheels. Bank van: 18 studs. 4 wheels. Forklift truck: 8 studs (not including forks). With forks, 12 studs. 4 wheels. Signal Tower: Length = 8 studs, Width = 6 studs, Height = 21/22 bricks (in plates thats 63 to 66 ish). Might be slightly off... Buffer: 6 studs in length, 6 studs in width. (Some of these were quite hard to work out, might be off by a stud somewhere...) --- Separate point. --- I have been doing further research, and from closer inspection of preliminary box art, I can now confirm 60198 only has one left hand point in it and NO right hand point. Also, 60198 contains exactly 16 curves. Straights are still numerically unknown as to whether there is 8 or 10. (This is because it is impossible to tell the lengths clearly. I am going to say 8 is more likely.) (This info comes from a very small track map located on the top of the box at right hand end next to the 1:1 minifigure picture, it only became properly apparent when I was messing around with sliders on a photo editing software to understand smaller details.) Related to track, I don't know if this has been really been explored much, but set 60205 is a track pack: straights and curves. I've had a good look into this and place this as an RC train track pack, not as some have had it: a possible rollercoaster track pack. I am not saying this is fact, but due to the possible retirement of flex track (a calculated guess), I believe it makes logical sense that set 7499 is retired and a replaced by something similar to set 7896. Meanwhile, they keep on set 7895 for another cycle, because if it ain't broke, don't fix it! What do other people think set 60205 is? Train or coaster track? I'd be interested to know.
  4. 2018 Lego Trains

    This is not at all clear, it is all hidden inside the locomotives. I'm currently on the search for the preliminary back of the boxes, as that may answer some questions, but I do not believe pictures exist, at least I got that impression. If I get hold of some info about the PF system, I will be sure to share it.
  5. 2018 Lego Trains

    In the picture of 60197 it has no stickers on the entire set. I think it will in the final set though, probably little train logos and transition stickers for the big yellow front piece, as well as a couple on the small station platform. Meanwhile, 60198 has all the stickers you would expect on it, but still not too many, less than 15ish in the whole set I'd say. All the windows appear to be square on both trains, a shame really, I'd have liked proper train windows. Same for doors, neither have them. 60197 though, has a interesting feature, the glass on the front has a hinge at the top to open it upward to allow the driver to be placed in his position!
  6. 2018 Lego Trains

    For definite: One left hand point. (If there is a right one its not shown. If this is the case, this will probably cause a price discrepancy on Bricklink between left and right hand points, like the 2003 Freight Set did marginally to 9V.) 8 to 10 straight bits of track (Can't be sure.) At least 16 curved bits of track to make a loop. (Although might be more, can't be sure.) NO FLEX TRACK! Praise be! I believe as a consequence, flex track may be no more, so if you need any, buy it now. I think Lego might have listened to people about that! Therefore, if a track pack happens it would likely either be curves and straights, like set 7896, or just straight track (which would be better and would sell more).
  7. 2018 Lego Trains

    A signal control centre with a red main part and yellow supports. It has a Light Bluish Gray ladder up the left-hand side. (Looks like one you'd get on top of a fire engine.) Has signals sticking out the front. A road crossing, 2 vehicles wide, in Light Bluish Gray. Has crossing signs. Majority white bank van with green bottom. 6 studs wide. Majority orange forklift truck with some black. 4 studs wide. A buffer stop in black. Nice design.
  8. 2018 Lego Trains

    This question will be broken down to get it out faster. Train cars: 3 Wood wagon: Has 3 decent length logs on a flat wagon with train ends. Would go perfectly with the logging vehicle currently available, recommend picking one up at some point, it will go together nicely. Container flatbed with 2 containers: Nothing to remark on the flatbed, its pretty simple. The containers are the interesting part and add a lot of play value. The first is red, with open sided and has something blurry in it. (Could be a little mode of transport - get away vehicle?) The second is a gray bank container, with gold bars and money. Ability to open side of bank container. i.e. train robbery, all the police sets will go with this 100%. The crane wagon: Black train base, 1 layer of yellow plates, cab area is blue, back and crane arm is white. Clever, but simple design, hard to explain exactly how the mechanism works.
  9. 2018 Lego Trains

    Just an update, I'm about to answer this one. I'm working through in order. Sorry I'm behind, had to do other stuff for a while.
  10. 2018 Lego Trains

    Yes, 60197 has one locomotive, exactly like the Reddit picture, and behind that is 2 carriages. It has 3 minifigures, a driver (gender not clear, but likely male due to the driver in the top right being male), one male and one female passenger. The male has a satchel and the female has a lime green suitcase (could be a new mold). It also has a small station platform and a modern looking signal. The track looks the same as 60051, i.e. 16 curves and probably 2, but possibly 4 straights. I just hope the price is about the same as 60051...
  11. 2018 Lego Trains

    1. Is the controller new? Yes, the controller does look to be new. It still classed as Power Functions (but with an extra illegible word after it). It is Light Bluish Grey, square in shape, and has 2 knobs on it, in between the knobs there looks to be a channel switch... 2. Is it Bluetooth or something else? It is not immediately clear, but above the controller there is something very similar to a wifi symbol, (like you have in the top right hand corner of a smartphone). Therefore, I have a feeling that the IR receiver must have changed to be compatable with this new controller. 3. Backwards compatible? This is not at all clear. Other than the fact the side-skirts (Part No. 2871b) look that same. I believe as a consequence the motor is the same, but the connection on the end of wire could be entirely different, I just can't tell, I would imagine that aspect would be the same though. 4. About the Reddit pictures. I have done side by side comparisons between both respective trains. 60197: The locomotives look virtually identical. But. 60198: They have identical majority green (not teal) colour schemes. The full colour scheme goes: dark bluish gray roof, green for the main body, a single plate layer of yellow plates and then a white train base. As for the shape, it looks like the French loco and a Class 37 had a baby. The most important change is about Part No. 13760, see my first attached picture. It is the other way up and further set back than in the Reddit photos taken from Damian Wicher's video. Therefore, I strongly believe the video was from the development stage. 60198 also has 2 lights on the front (1x1 clear round tiles), because it has a cab at each end, I would say that is the same on both ends. The ends themselves look different from the Reddit pictures, more like a Class 37, it does have Part No. 6583, see my second attached picture, at the bottom of each end. The middle of the locomotive does look very similar to the Reddit photos as does the roof design. Overall, both look very good and personally I believe a step in the right direction. Right, onto the next question. I will split this into a new reply.
  12. 2018 Lego Trains

    First thing I must say is: I will not be sharing the pictures (2 exist, one of each set, 60197 and 60198). After conversing with 2 independant anonymous individuals, I have 2 independent copies of the same set of photos, (one set in much higher resolution than the other). Now, I must stress I have given my word to both that I will not repost or reproduce the actual photos, but that doesn't mean I can't talk about them. Thus, if you have any questions, I believe within Eurobricks rules I am allowed to answer them. If, at anytime I surpass what I am allowed within the rules, moderators please remove the offending material and PM me a warning.
  13. 2018 Lego Trains

    I wish it could be shared here too, but if it says "Confidential - Preliminary Image" as it will, then it is against Eurobricks rules to post it here...
  14. 2018 Lego Trains

    Was just checking the rules, there is that loophole to do that, so yes!
  15. 2018 Lego Trains

    I believe half a train might be a better option for Lego, to put it simply. The logic is that it keeps everyone slightly happier. 1. Kids can get the passenger train for Birthday or Christmas, either just buying one or if they really want another they can save up for it (might take a while!) or get it the following year... 2. Overall, AFOL train fans are more willing to spend money to buy 2 of certain train set, and Lego has data on that from online and store sales, e.g. 2 Horizon Expresses - 6 long train, 2 of 60051 - 7 long train, etc... 3. Even though Lego don't openly agree with it: "Set Splitting Resellers" isn't a small thing, for example: A quick search on eBay showed me more than one seller that had spilt near 500 of 60051 and almost the same number of 60052. And there are many like that! Plus all the shops on Bricklink parting out, just look at the front piece for 60051 (Part 15536), thousands are for sale if you got to Price Guide! 4. Parts buyers, say if we get new a new bluetooth receiver in both sets, people will buy the sets for that tech (especially if it doesn't become available of the Lego Shop immediately, or the item stocks out like it is currently for much of the train equipment at the moment - until sometime in February at the earliest, I've been told.) On that, Lego may not even list the new parts for quite a while as they will all be going into the new sets. Lego did something similar with their passenger trains in 1999 and 2003 as well, but 2 and 3ish long respectively and a fair number of people bought 2 then, (totally different, but they have done before, so I have a strong feeling Lego are going to do "half a train" for the passenger one! --- Separate Point --- On the subject of the freight one, we pretty much know the wagons and accessories we are getting as I have heard/read separate accounts of people that have seen the pictures and they stack up very nicely with no contradictions. BUT... We have 3 different versions of the locomotive (In order of info): 1. 60052 recolour in green (therefore, single cab), as seen and described by Brickshow Brian. (Probably not quite right, in my opinion Brian isn't a great details man and many not have spent long analysing the pictures). No offence to him, of course. 2. A French-looking Teal/Green coloured locomotive (cab each end) as taken from Damian Wicher's low quality video. (Strong possibility, it could be development 360° videos, they have happened before... Saw one on Youtube around the last train release (60098) saved it to "watch later" but Lego got that copyright striked and removed. Suprised they haven't done the same to the Facebook one... For those interested, it was just the locomotive, I thought "yellow one, but recoloured". Yes, it was also bad quality, like the Damian Wicher one. And the most recent addition: 3. Class 37 style, but diesel-electric with 2 pantographs - presumably green? @Noah_PL posted about this having seen the box art... (I don't know about this one, he ideally need to start sharing more info in the form of a detailed description, it is not that likely he has the photo/s on him as he would have probably found a way to share it.) If he has or can find the picture/s to be analysed by the fine people of Eurobricks that would be incredibly appreciated! What we seem to be getting is green diesel-electric locomotive with 2 cabs, a sticky out bit infront of the cab windows at each end, and 2 pantographs! Beyond that, we'll have to wait for concrete evidence or photos! If I got anything wrong in this, please say, I tried my best to research everything properly. Gosh I wrote a lot...