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    Farewell Dieter!
  • Birthday 04/15/83

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    HISTORY, Lego (duh...), shooting(with real guns, no Lego), weapons, helmets and shako collecting (both real and Lego...)


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  1. We miss you Zorro...

  2. Happy B-day Zorro, wherever you are.

    I passed by your house today (what a coincidence) and passed the church were we met for the last time.

  3. Happy Birthday mate.

  4. I miss you big guy.

  5. We all love you. Everyone misses you Dieter.

  6. I still miss you.

  7. Long live the admiral! May you sail the seven seas in peace forever!

  8. Miss ya dude! Just wanted to swing by and give ya a shoutout!

  9. I still sometimes forget you're not around anymore. You're missed buddy!

  10. Rest in peace Admiral!!!

  11. Thanks for being such a great guy Dieter!

  12. Rest in peace good buddy.

  13. Rest in peace!!!

  14. Thank you for everything Dieter.

  15. I didn't know you... but I feel that's unfair that you have gone. I hope I will meet you one day.