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  1. GewoonWouter

    Romanos-Port Royal

    I agree, this one has lots of atmosphere, well done.
  2. GewoonWouter


    What an impressive piece of work! So much time and effort went into this but it was worth it. I just rediscovered Lego again after the odd 25+ years and this kind of MOC is a whole different kind of game than I did as a kid long time ago . Jawdropping work skipper!
  3. I just rediscovered my old 12V cargo train set and I must say, I really like your builds. They look very good, and first time I see a steering post in Lego, nice feature!
  4. This is amazing stuff, wow. Truly impressive, with so much to look at. I can only imagine how long it took you to build this. Cool!
  5. GewoonWouter

    [MOC] Steward's Glen Station

    Love this scene, it's so atmospheric. And without the description I would have guessed it would have been a station in England, so that's nicely executed I'd say!
  6. I always loved the look of this station and I like what you did with it, sure is credible (and yes, often the signal controlling areas are to be found in main stations - at least I know this for sure it's like that over here in Belgium, though with modern technology that is changing as well). The smaller station is nice feature too. I like the fact that you sticked to the classic looks as well. Nice one!
  7. GewoonWouter

    Hi from Belgium

    Hi everyone, I just signed up at the forum so I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Wouter and I live in the Northern part of Belgium. I'm a shunting engineer (train driver) and I have three kids. I have several hobbies and interests. History is my main point of interest - especially World War II and scale modelling is one of the things I practice in line with that interest. I'm from 1981 and I got into Lego at an era which - personally - I think the greatest Lego stuff was released. With three brothers at home it's fair to say we quite got a bit of Lego together. Going from space over the town, knights, 12V trains to the pirates. I have three kids myself, a girl at age 10, and two boys: 6 and 4. So I thought it was about time to take out the Lego from the attic at my moms' house and start building it for my children (any excuse ey ^^). This forum sure is a treasure with lots of stuff to discover. Cheers, Wouter