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  1. I believe I fixed the link so you shouldn't have to request access for me to share it, sorry about that.
  2. Hello Eurobricks, it's your old friend Big Cam here, although I am no longer active, I still remember the good times and the best times. I am making this thread because I know somewhere out there I originally posted these 73 images but for the life of me I can't find that post, and since Flickr is enforcing a new 1,000 image limit, I am cleaning house on my flickr account so that my review pictures won't get deleted. Which brings me to this That is a zip file of the 73 pictures I took of the Eurobricks 2012 Brickworld collaborative MOC. I figured I'd post it here just in case anyone wanted those pictures but didn't save them in the last 8 years. Keep on Bricking Big Cam
  3. Big Cam

    EB Members Title Archive

    Reading through all my old titles really brought back memories. Wish I had more free time. Miss you guys.
  4. Big Cam

    HELP! ! !

    Well, that's kind of the point of the forum in general. There are multiple different subforums for different themes or lines, if you just want to post a picture of all your sets together I'm sure there is a topic out there for displaying your collection. Otherwise if you're looking to post individual sets doing a review is always a good way to do that. If you've built your own creations or MOC's then those are always welcome, just try to put them in a forum where they might fit in best like a pirate MOC in the Pirate MOC Forum for example. Happy browsing.
  5. This is a brilliant idea. I feel the need to make tutorials for this section. This is the kind of stuff I miss the most.
  6. Big Cam

    (MOC) Royal Guard Legion

    Very impressive work. I appreciate the pictures to compare them too because I didn't even know there ever was a red tie fighter. So it was cool to see the original artwork next to your well executed model. You have quite the collection of imperial guards I might add.
  7. Big Cam

    Youtube is suppressing videos and much more...

    This is an argument brought up all the time in what are generally considered "public" forums. The thing you are forgetting is YouTube is privately owned. They have the right to censor anything they want for any reason. Don't forget you are able to load the videos to youtube for free. You have the ability to choose a different video hosting service, but you won't since youtube dominates that area of the Internet. With that said I think it's lame what they are doing but I've heard the freedom of speech thing here on the forum 100 times. Freedom of speech doesn't apply when the forum "youtube" is privately funded and operated. I mean you have the right to type what you want, but youtube has the right to censor that for whatever reason they feel, since they are paying for the bandwidth that houses your comment. Freedom of speech is more related to being able to say what you feel without being persecuted for it. Censorship in a private forum is that forum owners right. The only way you'd have a dog in this fight is if you were a stockholder and it said somewhere in some agreement that your comments and videos would not be censored. I'm willing to bet if you read the youtube users agreement it clearly outlines their right to do whatever the heck they want.
  8. Big Cam

    Your Definition of Dark Age

    Call it Normal.
  9. Z that looks awesome. I love the strain glass windows and the floor Crest. Very cool.
  10. Big Cam

    The use of set number 10xxx

    I think unless we get someone directly from LEGO is just going to be a bunch of speculation. Have they really used all 999 of the 10,xxx numbers? I think if they are actually running out they can easily move to another number scheme without anyone making a fuss.
  11. Big Cam

    Your Definition of Dark Age

    For me a dark age doesn't have to be a time frame from child to adult. I'd say it's anytime you stop caring about LEGO, to be blunt. Now I don't mean you literally don't care about your collection, but it just doesn't seem very important and you are ok, with letting your LEGO sit unattended while you carry on with your life.
  12. Big Cam

    Your LEGO regrets

    My two biggest regrets are #1 not buying the UCS Millennium Falcon and #2 is letting my activity here dwindle. EL has always been my solid point for my LEGO hobby. Even when I couldn't my new sets I could enjoy LEGO here.
  13. Big Cam

    MOC: Food Truck

    You nailed this concept spot on. I worked at a place that had a food truck and I swear this looks just like it, everything from the height of the food, the position of the guy inside, everything. With a little more sticker action this could be an official set.
  14. Big Cam

    [MOC] walk of shame.

    That's a great little scene. When I read the title I was thinking it was a girl coming out of a college dorm, but I guess that's my dirty mind. I really like the color combinations on the leaves, it really gives it that natural fall look. Very clean.
  15. A placeholder post is not necessary since you don't post your entry here, you need to follow the link. Thanks