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  1. lt.Gonville brickhead

    Brickville Union Pandora MKII tank

    Looks good,I like the way you covered the treads the colourscheme is also nice. My only criticism is that it IMO looks slightly cluttered. I also like the detail of the barrel of the gun.
  2. lt.Gonville brickhead

    Dutch VOC ship the Prins Willim, minifig scale!

    Well that's great and good luck with the house.
  3. lt.Gonville brickhead

    La Annyssa

    It looks good and I like th colourscheme but the stern is very square.
  4. lt.Gonville brickhead

    LEGO Ship in a bottle - Video

    Now I know what do do with my empty bottles of rum. She must have a lot of patience to pull this off.
  5. lt.Gonville brickhead

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    It could just be him aging (Jack is searching desperatley for the fountain of youth becuse he wants to restore his hair colour from younger years )
  6. lt.Gonville brickhead

    my WIP ship

    You should probably post a pic or the mods will delete this
  7. lt.Gonville brickhead

    Dutch VOC ship the Prins Willim, minifig scale!

    It's great to see another update, I've been looking for this ship but I couldn't find it in the forum. I hope now that it won't be too fragile.
  8. lt.Gonville brickhead

    (WIP) fort/village

    It's great The windows in the curve look good and I like th rocks. Can't wait to see the rest. EDIT:I think the admiral's damaged idea would look good.
  9. lt.Gonville brickhead

    Pushing on after Normandy

    Nice moc.The car looks great and soldiers. (PS:Can you tell me if the gun naturally fits into the stand onn the car or did you modify them.)
  10. lt.Gonville brickhead

    I've had enough!

    What's going on, I'm confused.
  11. lt.Gonville brickhead

    MOC: Under the Bed

    Great Idea. The bedroom details are nice and the monster is kind of a cross between the ghosts in pac man and sully from monsters inc.
  12. lt.Gonville brickhead

    French Royalist Troops

    They look good.But I think if you use white arms there might be to much white.
  13. lt.Gonville brickhead

    HMS Centaur

    HA.grreat idea.
  14. lt.Gonville brickhead

    Your ideas for my upcoming Evil Steve's Pirate Game!

    A simple way to do wind speed would be roll a dice.(6 being high 1 being low.)
  15. lt.Gonville brickhead

    Looking for info on two 1994 sets