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  1. Captain Zuloo

    How do you Clean Your Layout?

    As for keeping 9v track clean, it's worth keeping a clean eraser at hand - giving the track a gentle rub in the places that appear to have the weakest flow of power. Also, from time to time you can use a bit of Mentholated Spirits and some paper towel to wipe down the whole track, perhaps every six months or so. Good luck!
  2. Captain Zuloo

    Traction Tire

    Hi eness76, and welcome to EB. While it's difficult to help much without any images to show us the problem, the culprit behind poor traction is often tight driving rods, not allowing the wheels to spin freely, and perhaps the engine doesn't have enough weight on it. Although if you're talking about adding more motors and it still being a problem, perhaps the problem isn't traction after all. Pictures would really help!
  3. Captain Zuloo

    Pirates in new LEGO Ideas book...

    This book was one of the LEGO goodies I scored this Christmas along with the Clutch Powers DVD. Captain BeerBeard is right about the pirates section being fairly small, but it was nice to see some great MOCs by our very own SlyOwl featured in other areas of the book, mostly regarding different techniques and how to achieve successful "still life" models.
  4. is back in a big way now. :D

  5. Captain Zuloo

    MOC: Pacific Electric "Red Car"

    What an outstanding model TJJohn12, the time spent working on it was certainly worth it! Difficult to find something not to like on here. The SNOT windows look great, they have that real "vintage" look about them, which suits the model brilliantly. The curves are just right, as is the general feel of the trolley. Excellent work, I look forward to seeing more of it!
  6. Clever, reminds me of the Hogwarts station in the Harry Potter films. Have you done any work on the interior?
  7. Captain Zuloo

    EB Train Tech Makes the One-Million Mark!

    So this pretty much sums it up for me. Pirates and trains are without doubt the best themes, although I'm still trying to successfully combine them... And well done to TheBrickster, these sorts of numbers only come to forums that are managed extremely well. :)
  8. Captain Zuloo

    Christmas Layout & 9V Question

    As peterab said, with a layout this size you can probably get 2 or 3 motors running comfortably off the one controller, but you'll have a less jerky ride if you stick a second controller on the other side of the track making sure they're running the same polarity and speed. Also worth noting that it's a good idea to try keeping your track clean. 9v tracks get dirty pretty easily and just giving them a wipe with some paper towel can do wonders in keeping the trains running smoothly. Enjoy!
  9. Captain Zuloo

    Christmas Train: Winter Tunnel Train

    That's great! Really love the layout, especially with the ATAT Walker bridging the track. What are the minifigs in the grandstand watching? They could be carolers on a really big scale? As TheBrickster said, one of the best things about this layout and train is that you clearly had fun with your family putting it together - in that sense, it really is a very Christmassy train. Big well done, and I hope you enjoyed those gingerbread cookies!
  10. Glad tosee that your active!

  11. Captain Zuloo

    WIP Teaser of an American Frigate

    Almost time for an update Admiral?
  12. Captain Zuloo

    10222 Winter Village Post Office

    And my many attempts to put the damn thing on the banjo correctly for the Brick Expo showing also confirmed it! Loads was an understatement... Well I thought it was a saxaphone, but LEGO is all about the imagination. Thanks Sieggy, was great to meet up with you at Brick Expo, and then what a treat to co-build one of the first copies in the world with you!
  13. Captain Zuloo

    Canberra Brick Expo 2011

    Nominally, we only have access to the venue from 9am on Saturday morning. Do you still have my mobile number? It might pay to give me a call when you get in so I can give you an indication of where we are timing wise.
  14. Captain Zuloo

    Canberra Brick Expo 2011

    How late did you have in mind? Setup is from midday on Friday. I would think we could set up as late as 9pm when the bistro closes, although I'll have to confirm.
  15. Captain Zuloo

    Canberra Brick Expo 2011

    Nope, free VIP night for exhibitors as a thanks for coming and supporting our event. :)