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  1. Ivan K.

    REVIEW: 6597 Century Skyway (picture heavy)

    This comparison between 6597 and 6396 reminds me of the sets Intercoastal Seaport and Launch & Load Seaport. I do like more 6541 just for the exact same reason I stated before. The Launch & Load Seaport has much more heavy-industrial layout, while the Intercoastal Seaport is somehow more charm , sweet and smooth. Although in general Launch & Load Seaport is one of the greatest sets ever made and shouldn't be messed with 6597 at all, but it is just my personal opinion..:)) Of course, 6597 has its advantages, but not enough for me to be among the legends, as @MetroiD mentioned already.
  2. Ivan K.

    REVIEW: 6597 Century Skyway (picture heavy)

    Great review, mate! Well done! This particular set looks quite used , but I believe you have paid fair price for it. Frankly , my favorite set among the airports is 6396 which I managed to buy it MISB. In my opinion 6396 is more cute when it comes to classic sets. In this one I do like the number of minifigs and vehicles , but somehow it doesn't look so compact when displayed alone. Anyway , this is just a little personal observation:)
  3. Ivan K.

    Review - 6396 - International Jetport.

    Great review! Excellent! I believe you got this set from a great guy from Slovakia, right? He had two of them and I got the first one:) very great person he was and these two sets were at great price! I still keep mine MISB. One more time- you have done a great job with this review!
  4. Rest in peace!!!

  5. Ivan K.

    REVIEW - 6277 Imperial Trading Post

    That seems to be the baseplate I sent you from Belgium:)))) I am happy that you did completion of the set!
  6. Ivan K.

    Which Official Pirate LEGO Sets Do You Have?

    I have one question- isn't this way of sorting Lego too dangerous from scratching the elements? I am thinking myself how to sort my sets the best without brake them down and with best preserve from scratches..
  7. Ivan K.

    Which Official Pirate LEGO Sets Do You Have?

    :)) I never said that buying Lego is " waste of money", I said that buying same Lego is waste of money:)) But for your wife let's say it- Buying Lego is NEVER waste of money!;)
  8. Ivan K.

    Which Official Pirate LEGO Sets Do You Have?

    Ok, If the idea is to have all numbers from some theme- I understand, although for me this is just waste of money, but as I said- this is my point of view. Who could afford it- let's do it.. All best!
  9. Ivan K.

    Which Official Pirate LEGO Sets Do You Have?

    But why you need 10040 when you have 6285?:)
  10. Ivan K.

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Do you think, guys, that the bricks could scratch when touch to each other in the zip bags or plastic containers?
  11. Ivan K.

    Cleaning and straightening out your sails

    Hello! I have many ship sails and most of them are new, but also have these from set no. 6274 Caribbean Clipper, which are also good, but I am still thinking- what will happen if I take the sails on chemical cleaning? Is this kind of cleaning gonna be risky for the colors? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for doing this! Apologizes for the wrong topic title! Cpt. Zuloo, please, could you share with us what exactly is this LEGO "storage system"- it's a kind of boxes or something? Thanks!
  13. Ivan K.

    Which Official Pirate LEGO Sets Do You Have?

    Here is my collection. most of them bought in MISB: 6259 6261 6263 6273 6274 6276 6277 6278 6279 6286 10040 8396 8397 x 2 6239 x 2 6242 6243 x 2
  14. Ivan K.

    REVIEW - 6277 Imperial Trading Post

    Don't hurry with the celebrations..:) All depends on what is the condition of the set. I am also waiting for this one to arrive and when I see it myself- then I can decide if it's a bit of bargain or not..Several times got some sets, described as "excellent" and were absolutely awful..
  15. :)) better than murdered...:) Ohh, don't ask...both from US- BSB- 307$, Skull Island- 109$... First from ebay's auction, second from BL