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  1. Ratshot

    [MOC] 6265 Sabre Island Reimagined

    Very nice recreation of this set👍 I like how you used the brown bricks to show the exposed clay in the construction of the actual tower. Your sea rocks/shore line cliffs turned out very nice as well. Again, great work
  2. Ratshot

    Captain Brickbeard's Flagship

    You did a nice job with the color conversion from blue to red. I was lucky enough to receive this set for Christmas several years ago... I still have all the parts but unfortunately most of my Lego has been in boxes over the last 5 years. Someday I'll dig it out and rebuild this ship
  3. Ratshot

    HMS Renown

    A very impressive ship! It has a very clean look to it and strongly reminds me of some of the older ships from the early days of the Class Pirates lineup. Thanks for sharing this
  4. Ratshot

    REVIEW: #40158 Pirates Chess Set

    You are 100% right, not a bad price for so many parts and minifigures. I'm half temped to buy two or three to make a small force of Blue Coats and hoard of pirates/deckhands. I would do the same as you and break the set up for part's. Awesome review I enjoyed reading it. This was my fist through look at this set. Thanks
  5. Ratshot


    It's not often we see small boats like this that look as good as this one! I really like it Awesome work and thanks for sharing
  6. Ratshot

    WWII MOC Dodge WC54

    I agree with Captain Green Hair...instantly recognizable. The Dodge Ambulance in particular has always been one of my favorite military trucks from this era and to see it put into Lego is awesome. Thanks for posting this and good job!
  7. Ratshot

    My first MOC - Small Island Prison

    This definitely gives off a Classic Pirates vibe. It reminds me of some of the old sets they had back in the day. Good job on this, the vintage look is very appealing
  8. Ratshot

    Review: 10679 Pirate Treasure Hunt

    Usually the Junior sets are fairly useless concerning good/useful pieces but this set is the exception. I'd definitely pick one up if given the chance! Thanks for the review
  9. Ratshot

    MOC - Imperial fort and village

    Awesome work here! That port looks really nice, the color scheme catches the eye very easily. Forts and port scenes are probably my two most favorite build. This wasn't a disappointment
  10. Ratshot

    The Adventures of Sir Aiden Coyle

    Hows the progress coming along on this? I'm interested to see some more of that cliff!
  11. Ratshot

    REVIEW: 1492 - Battle Cove

    Good job on the review I get the feeling that if I bought one of these new back in the day I would end up taking it apart and using the pieces for other things. None the less its an interesting little set
  12. Ratshot

    The Battle of St. Lucia.

    Great work here, that church definitely has a Spanish look to it!
  13. Ratshot

    Battle for the Treasure

    Excellent MOC, the cliff has a very real look to it! The beach looks great as well
  14. Ratshot

    Napoleon's Grande Armée updated

    This is a very impressive and intimidating army jackdaw, that is a massive horde of Bluecoats that you have. Thanks for posting this, I really enjoyed looking at it
  15. Ratshot

    New fort + Islanders + pirate ship display

    This is a very impressive display! The soldiers fort looks awesome and it towers over everything else in a very intimidating way. Kudos to you for your hard work