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    [MOC] Salvador Dali - The Elephants

    Just love it! Think Dali would love it too.
  2. kevin8

    [MOC] Medieval bridge and water mill

    Another milestone. Great work, great photos.
  3. Hello to everyone! Today I would like to introduce my new modular: it is a T-shaped building, a solution that allows me to create some interesting views as well as allowing me to create a bit of movement with classic modulars. On the ground floor there is a take away pizzeria, something typical of our towns but which I think is catching on almost everywhere. Inside the pizzeria, in addition to the counter and the electric oven, there is a pasta press, a pantry and a fridge for drinks, as well as a car for home delivery. In addition to the pizzeria, there is a small post office with everything needed to handle mail, including a scale for weighing parcels. At the back, the T shape allowed me to create an underpass with two street lamps hanging on the wall. Above there is a multi-storey apartment. The entrance coincides with an extremely bright room in which I have placed a wicker lounge, a small desk and many plants and flowers. I wanted to give the impression of a very welcoming and natural area. Initially I saw it as a terrace. The entrance leads to a large kitchen and then through a room with stairs to the second floor, to a living room with TV. Here too there is a plant above the bookcase. On the second floor there is the double bedroom with rather classic furniture: a massive, curved wardrobe and a wooden bed. Also on this floor there is a second bedroom for the couple’s son who is a gamer and has a nice tower desktop PC and a bathroom with shower. In the corridor there is also a wardrobe with the washing machine inside and between the two bedrooms a bench with other plants including a bonsai. On the ceiling there is a trap door with a folding ladder which opens by extracting a pin located on the side of the building and gives access to the attic. The building ends in a medieval tower which according to my idea has been incorporated into the building below and from the attic it is possible to access the roof. Two construction techniques particularly excited me when creating the building. The first concerns the front cornice that I created with R2-D2’s legs alternating with the shoulders of the Nexo Knights. I’ve wanted to use droid legs as an architectural element for a long time and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them used in this way. The second concerns the battlements of the tower with Ghibelline style battlements. I would like to say a few words about the project I am carrying out. It is a city diorama measuring approximately 13.5x6 baseplates, all in all a decent surface area, in which you will find a part of the ancient/medieval city located on a hilly area and the rest of the city in the valley. The downstream part, according to my plans, should represent the most recent part of the historic center, therefore buildings from the 17th-19th century which in some cases still have medieval remnants. Thus we have a medieval tower (K8004), a pedestrian gate of clear eighteenth-century design with a pub (K8007), as well as a medieval vehicle gate (soon to be designed), connected by ancient walls which acted as external walls for buildings overlooking to an avenue. This avenue will then lead to a park and subsequently to the ancient part with different solutions to be able to reproduce the irregularity of the ancient buildings with the typical lanes and streets that represent this type of urban environment. Beyond the walls downstream, therefore, we will have much more regular modular buildings in the Lego standard with a central street that represents a typical walking and shopping street. In this case I’m making sure to position the modulars Lego, making changes to complete the interiors and exteriors, without distorting them architecturally. The furnitures of several Lego modulars can already be downloaded for free from Rebrickable.
  4. Thank you! I appreciate you like it
  5. Thank you for this interesting point of view. It happened that while designing and building I didn't care, while when I took the pictures I was almost dazzled by all of this white. The walls have been made white to balance all the colors on the lower floors. we have Greys, Yellows, Reds.... But I should have chosen another color for the fllor in the attic, at least. Something to think about.
  6. Thank you!!!
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    "The Golden Frog" Restaurant - Modular Building MOC

    Really gorgeous to me. The roof is clever! And the glass stair wonderful. The overall building is great. Beautiful work!
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    (MOC/MOD)-Pet Shop Furnitures

    Yes, this could happen when you're an ABS minifig with the same expression on your face day and night
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    (MOC/MOD)-Pet Shop Furnitures

    Hello everyone, today I present to you another mod of a Lego modular. This time it's Pet Shop 10218. With a view to wanting to complete all the Modulars by Lego for my diorama, I started thinking about how to exploit the few spaces available. I must say that the apartment above the shop gave me the biggest headaches, as there was very little space there and although I managed to use all the original pieces, I had to add a 6x10 plate on the top floor. This allowed me to move the bed, add a small closet and the bathroom. On the first floor, however, I completed the furnishings with an armchair, another chair and a guitar. As for the painter's apartment, I was very hesitant to represent it as an apartment under renovation, but in the end I decided to furnish this one too. On the ground floor I created a recessed cabinet for the television and moved the couch towards the front. This way I was able to raise a wall to place a small kitchen near the bathroom and a corner table. On the first floor, where the painter is working, there is the bedroom, while on the top floor I left an attic area, but on the terrace I placed a barbeque. Hope you like it. The model is freely downloadable from Rebrickable.
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    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Same to me... I find it quite a disappointment. Those columns came from some mocs from 10 years ago. It seems impossible to me that nothing soiios could be done with these dimensions. The facade is very anonymous. From what little I have seen, the interiors remain far too empty. In short, it doesn't excite me at all. I think it will be the first modular that I don't buy. Then 300 euros, certainly in line with the current inappropriately exaggerated prices that Lego applies, with this new Apple-like policy of wanting to pass off a toy as if it were a design and furnishing object to be placed on display in the home...
  11. Hi everyone, to do something lighter and to be able to position this modular in the diorama I'm designing, I decided to add some details to the back of the building and to complete the furnitures of the various floors. Without altering the original construction it would have been almost impossible. I got away with it by simply moving the carpet and the clock on the second floor. In any case I managed to create a kitchen in the bay window and a living room in front of the fireplace on the first floor. On the second one I built a bathroom and a bedroom. I think I've found a good compromise. In any case you can download the model from Rebrickable for free. If you like it or have any comments, please let me know. Ah, I managed to close the unsightly space in the turret roof.
  12. kevin8

    (MOC/MOD)-Green Grocer Furnitures

    Thanks! Happy you liked it! Unluckily the coffe table is now in black... I didn't notice some parts were not in white.
  13. kevin8

    [MOC] Modular Skyscraper "The Daily Stud"

    Great work! Thank you for sharing! Amazing interiors!
  14. Wow! Wonderful! I love the yellow watch belt (I think) used to keep the lower canopy on.
  15. Here's my question! Are there any company that reproduce the inner trays of old Lego boxes? I have several partially complete old boxes, for example in the case of the 7740 I only have one of the side green trays and the second and central one is missing. I believe that companies in the food tray molding sector could make them, but perhaps in the meantime someone has already come up with the idea, as happened for example in the case of the packaging of old Japanese robots. Thank you for any help!
  16. Here we are with the latest modular I made. It is a medieval gate renovated in the eighteenth century with a decorated clock and a Pub on the side. The rear wall of the Pub coincides with an ancient medieval wall. Inside, in addition to the rooms of the pub, I've put a small room where bands can perform. The version made is only 28 studs wide as I needed it for the diorama I'm making. In this diorama some modulars will be moved by 6 studs to be able to put the sidewalk on the baseplates of the streets. This will give me the possibilty to put modulars face to face, but have a street in between that can be a 12 stud wide pedestrian street that represents those typical city center's, crowded with small shops and tourists. Obviously, during the design and implementation of the instructions, I also created the 32x32 version which appears in the gallery only as a rendering. I hope you will appreciate.
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    (MOC)-Modular Gate and Pub 28x32

    Thank you! I put myself and two of my best friends playing music.
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    (MOC)-Modular Gate and Pub 28x32

    The windows on the ground fllor are from some Harry Potter set I think. They are printed. Thanks
  19. kevin8

    (MOC)-Modular Gate and Pub 28x32

    Thanks, trying to make smooth decorations is always a bit of a challenge.
  20. kevin8

    (MOC)-Modular Gate and Pub 28x32

    I think it's easy. It has been inspired by a pub in London.
  21. kevin8

    (MOC)-Modular Gate and Pub 28x32

    Thank you! Thank you for the homepage, I didn't think it was worth of it!
  22. kevin8

    (MOC)-Modular Gate and Pub 28x32

    Thank you!
  23. Hi to all! It's been a long time since I've posted anything, but here we are. Many years ago I decided to start building the Friends apartments because it was by far the series I loved the most. It's a series I know quite well. For this reason I started collecting as many photos as possible on the web, but lacking many details I also started taking screenshots from the DVDs. I tried to focus my attention on the fourth and fifth seasons, so I actually made the project with LDD starting from these assumptions. After 6 months of work, however, I stopped. For some reason, interest in Lego waned and once Monica and Rachel's apartment was finished, I decided not to continue. When Lego released the Central Perk set, the spark was rekindled in me, thanks to the presence of the minifigures of the protagonists, the desire to take over the project again, until the official set came out and at that point I bought it like many others and I just built it. And for a while I was also very satisfied, thinking I could add the bedrooms and bathrooms and the job would be done. But once I took the project back in hand, I realized that what was made by Lego lacked many details and was too small. So starting from that base, I enlarged, detailed and added what was missing, correcting inaccuracies. And here we are with the final result. I hope you will appreciate. The full album on Flickr
  24. Stunning! No word to explain how much I love it. This Castle hit my imagination since I was a child. I want it!