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  1. Rjbricks

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    25 years! That makes me feel sad. 😞
  2. Rjbricks

    21348 Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons and D&D CMF

    I asked the people at the Lego store whether they’d get any more in and they told me why the existing stock had gone. Looking forward to the CMF line if it’s legit. The set leaves me a bit underwhelmed for some reason. Not sure I can justify £360 with Rivendell and the Market square still to get. and the ahsok ship still taunts me with the cool medieval style helmet…
  3. Rjbricks

    21348 Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons and D&D CMF

    Yep. All the “silver” black falcon figs from the BAM tower at my local store where snapped up by the DnD crowd.
  4. Rjbricks

    Marvel Superheroes 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    That looks great. A lot more like the cartoon I remember watching. These are now on sale by 20% in the UK. Does anyone know how much marvel sets get discounted if sales are tanking? Really like the set by it still seems too much at 80%.
  5. I imagine it would cost quite a lot more with all that…
  6. Very kind lady at my local toy shop was able to use the shop barcode scanner rather than me using the phone apps to get a couple of bats and goat herders.
  7. Rjbricks

    What do you actually do with LEGO?

    Either built once and then gets put in a bag and stored in the loft waiting for the day that I get room/time to look at it again. Or built once and then gets stolen by the kids only to then disappear into the mighty box of unsorted Lego.
  8. Nope. Too much official Lego coming out to meet my castle needs.
  9. Would have been nice to have seen them period. Never saw one in all the ones in the UK shops I went to.
  10. That would be terrible for everyone who doesn’t live near a Lego store. or those that do and find all the castle figures are snapped up by the d’n’d crowd all the time.
  11. Those look good! about to pre-order a set off eBay. unless Lego start selling boxes of 12.
  12. Rjbricks

    Back story to tie in factions

    Nice! I group mine in a similar fashion (all Lion crests are part of one umbrella family. Same as the Dragons). Makes it easier thinking of back stories.
  13. I have something similar. Yet curiously, if I suggest something functional for her present, it gets shot down…
  14. Rjbricks

    Various Castle Builds

    Love the details on the base of the Crow’s Castle!
  15. Rjbricks

    Could LEGO remake Fright Knights?

    If they have them in the UK, I’ll get a 12 box and get everything. Otherwise eBay/bricklink. with the 24 series i got a full pack and sold all the unwanted ones. But it’s such a pain getting proof of postage etc that I’m not going to bother this year. Surely the goat herd figure will be used again a la the bard torso has been. And I’ve got a couple of OG goats, not that bothered about the new ones.