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  1. Thanks for the great review
  2. Rjbricks

    [MOC + Instructions] Princess June's Carriage

    I actually built this a couple of months ago. Should have taken photos but I’ve kept all the pieces together. Really is a lovely thing.
  3. Just do what I do and display them in individual bricks in plastic bags in the loft. and visit them occasionally whilst crooning “my precious…”
  4. Hmm, mixed feeling about this. On the one hand, LoTR == awesome. On the other, brickheadz… and the fact I’ve not been too sad that there’s been no new Castle theme. The blacksmith, 3-in-1 and Lions Knights castle came along just as I’ve been picking up some of the earlier themes and my wallet is very sad right now.
  5. Rjbricks


    Really nice. Graveyard is a fave. I’ll have to look to do something similar. Don’t have space to display all the models and armies, so this is a great inspiration.
  6. Steep? Just had a look. That’s f***ing vertical!
  7. I was surprised to see that piece having just bit the billet and got one for my Black Falcons 6074 set.
  8. Equally, it might another 8 years before we get another one too…
  9. Indeed. Thanks. Though I doubt my wife will be as happy now I’m going down this rabbit hole
  10. Ha, look how tiny 6080 is! Really like what you’ve done with the base plates to extend the scene. Are they 2 x 32 plates?
  11. And I get that logic. I note that some of the Star Wars packs are 4 figures and some bricks and a premium is charged. And whilst I don’t like it, I could accept it. But that’s unlikely to happen with Castle. And whilst army builders appear to have deeper pockets than most, Lego aren’t going to sell 25 x 10305 sets to someone who just wants 200 figures.
  12. By making us buy £350 sets? Can’t see that working long term. No one who wants 200 new Lion Knights is going to spend nearly £10,000 on sets. I see the logic in waiting a few months for that exclusivity to fade but after that? We know how quickly the Black Falcons sold, I can’t see the new Lions selling any less quickly.
  13. Rjbricks

    [MOC] Everhold Castle

    Woah, that’s awesome. Boringly practical question: where do you put it? Do you have a special room just to store it? :)