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  1. Looks extremely unlikely for me I'm afraid. Was hoping Easter would work out differently, but now it's pretty close to certain that it won't and being away from the family four out of five weekends in April is a no-go, three is bad enough. Hopefully I can join next year.
  2. Quarryman

    Dreaming of the next Eurobricks event

    I'm also strongly hoping something will be possible next year, though obviously it depends on a lot of things. Voted for Billund, but not really a very strong preference, I'd gladly go to Günzburg if that for instance means more people can make it. Not confident the English will have their divorce from the EU sorted well enough for Windsor to be a good option. Also a bit worried that "everything" will get crammed into September-October-November next year, making it more difficult to decide which events to attend, but that's a problem for later.
  3. According to @Vaionaut (he'll have to correct me if I got this wrong) it's possible to cancel, at least our house, until 30 days before arrival for a small fee, 34 EUR for the 6 person house. Would expect it to be similar for the other house too.
  4. I'd love to join your house, but this year I'm two people since my daughter is coming. So that doesn't quite solve your problem due to raising the total to 7 so you'll need a bigger boathouse.
  5. Really hope you can make it!
  6. Just admit it, you enjoy the pain and humiliation. What, are you trying to turn this into some kind of witch hunt?
  7. Quick question, it's business as usual with arrival on Saturday and then leaving Wednesday morning, right? So no official activities planned on those days?
  8. Quarryman

    Event countdown 2019

    Apologies for (potentially) derailing the thread, but having been greatly annoyed by this problem I couldn't help it since the EV3 boot time really is the worst. That quote was new to me, but sounds very fitting, it's like they never bothered to just google "reduce embedded Linux boot time" and tried the most basic steps suggested.
  9. Those dates are complete no-go for me, with Easter happening the week after (yes, in Norway Easter is a week-long thing). Oh well, I'll see you in Billund next year then. Or in Skærbæk before that.
  10. Thank you! That is very useful to know, my knowledge about these things are, as I'm sure you understand, rather limited, so learning more is always good! Guess I'll have to at least check the power supply I bought closely, I wouldn't be surprised if the image on AliExpress doesn't match the one I got.
  11. Thanks for the feedback everyone, it's been very helpful. I knew some variation was to be expected, just not sure how much, so it's a relief to learn that 0.48V is normal and not something to worry about. I'll post a link later to the power supply I got, on my phone now so getting a link is a bit too much work. EDIT: this is the one I bought, but obviously there are dozens more like it available: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/9V5A-45W-AC-DC-Adapter-Charger-9V-5A-POS-machine-credit-card-machine-Switch-Power-Supply/32838762644.html
  12. I guess the title says enough, but anyway; I've been looking into powering an EV3 brick from external power supply and have bought one that was supposed to be 9V. Unsurprisingly when measuring the output with my multimeter I got a different voltage at 9.48V (that's what you get for buying cheap from China..). Obviously I don't want to fry my EV3 brick which is why I turn to you excellent people. Is 9.48V too much or not? And what is the safe range of voltages the EV3 can take anyway?
  13. Quarryman

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    This year it had fallen on Anna to play Santa, but in her hurry she couldn't find her santa hat, just a tiny Christmas tree before getting on her skis and speeding away to Elsa's Christmas party.
  14. Quarryman

    Brickworld Fort Wayne

    All the relevant information is available at https://brickworld.com/brickworld-fort-wayne/