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  1. sveder

    [MOC] Steve Roger Rogers

    This is awesome! What a great crossover SW Marvel build. I wish I had instructions.
  2. sveder

    [MOC] Onward Into The Sierras

    I love your microbuild. Love the color scheme and most of all I really like how you made those small wagons. Great build!
  3. sveder

    [MOC] "Arrrrr!!! The rum is gone!!!"

    @MajklSpajkl I really like your palm tree and extraodinary frame (vertical translucent 1x2 plates). @Marooned Marin hahaha, great story. Love your storytelling.
  4. sveder

    [MOC] Harry's Pottery

    I like your very elegant build, especially simple yet beautiful shop windows. Well done!
  5. sveder

    [MOC] A little ride in the parisian Streets

    I love this MOC. It's real pleasure to watch all the details. I find great use of forced perspective with the first three houses opening at an angle.
  6. sveder

    MOC Passenger Train

    Love the train It brings back memories - I used to commute every day to school with one of those, we called them KamnĨan :D
  7. sveder

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Hi guys, I'm interested to learn some stuff. Is the Academy still open?