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  1. A Town Hall is still missing for the Village.
  2. Llca35 Set Obelisk

    I am struggling a bit to rebrick this set. I used the part list according to bricklink and the fuzzy picture that seems to be the only one available. Is there anybody out there that can confirm or correct the bricklink inventory or can provide better pictures or even instructions (asking for Christmas in August). Any help is highly appreciated.
  3. Hello all

    Hello to all, my name is Dennis, I am from Germany. I restarted doing Lego only a couple of years ago in my early forties. My preferences are collecting and building Ideas sets, Winter Village, rebricking rare sets like Inside tour or employee gift sets and MOCs of other AFOLs that are appealing to me. Recently I did the Modular Construction Site. I really like and appreciate the work of the AFOL communities. While having followed this great forum for a while I decided to join now.