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  1. Thank you for your advice! I built several roadster windshields to test if it would work. They all were extremely fragile and would fold by the lightest touch, but if I make them more stable, it just didn´t looked good at all. I will probably go for the coupe version now, so the windshield can be structurally supported by the roof. Now the challenge is to angle the panels to get that typical angled roof. I agree with you, that many people like HOG and driver control options for the gearbox, but to be fair, as its going to be a coupe version, I don´t think many would really want to break their fingers every time they want to shift a gear up or down. I personally would love to integrate HOG and usable paddle shifters but the advantage I have with the current solution is the aesthetics. I personally hate the look of the paddle shifters in the Chiron/Sian, stacking liftarms just doesn´t look as good as using some horn pieces. I also like the concept of putting the shifter in the center console, like Charbel and T-Lego did in their 720s/Centenario, but due to 4 axles going through there, it won’t be possible at all. I don´t know when the car will be finished, but if I have time for instructions afterwards, I would like to make some instructions, yes. If you want, I can upload detailed photos of the front/rear axle with suspension and steering on Flickr or send them to you directly, you don’t need to pay for that. As always, i welcome criticism and suggestions to improve the build, thank you!
  2. Update: As I was quite busy the last few months, there is not that much progress, but I still want to share some updates! The main chassis will be devided into two modules: the rearaxle with gearbox and the monocoque including the front axle. At first i wanted to split it into three instead of two modules, but due to the AWD and limited space between monocoque and front suspension I decided to not make three sections. It would be possible, but when splitting the front-axle from the monocoque the black 12-tooth gear would fall out and I don´t like to break my fingers each time I assemble it again :) The shifting mechanism will be HOG without the option of shifting from the inside of the car. But the paddle-shifters will move while shifting. The mechanism is not as smooth as I want it to be, maybe I have to rebuild this area. The blue 24-tooth gear in the front (upper one in picture) is connected to the steering. Sadly I won´t be able to fit a lifting mechanism to the front, as the shock absorbers are simply too long with too little space inbetween them to fit a mechanism inside. The big differential underneath is also taking a lot of potential space. But thats a compromise I´m willing to take in order to have proper suspension without any wobbly lifting mechanism with a lot of backlash. The door operation will be hidden in the engine bay, each door can be operated by the red thin liftarms. Another decision I am not quite sure about is wether I should make a roadster or coupe version of the Aventador. I feel like the roadster version would look better, because the lack of stacking 3x13 panels (18944) to create a proper roof, which almost never looks good. The downside of the roadster version would be the windscreen which needs to be stable enough to hold its own weight and not just being connected to the roof. As always, feel free to comment, criticize ;)
  3. Update: Started building the middle section, which is quite challenging. Gear mechanism is nearly complete, steering and driving axles are already connected. Steering is now connected directly, a 28 tooth gear at the front and a 12 tooth gear at the rear steering rack resulting in a different turning radius. Thanks to T Lego for this idea! Red: Driving Axle Yellow: Steering White: 2x Gear Shifting Gearbox and engine are also working, now the 8th gear needs to be blocked somehow, as the real car only has a 7-speed-gearbox. Maybe I can fit in some mechanism in the front of this section. There´s some space left between the 12 tooth gear and the 16 tooth gear. I decided to not use a center differential, as it would have complicated a lot of things. This way I could also place the engine as low as possible. Feel free to comment or criticize!
  4. Got the same thought at first, but after watching a video of the real transmission I couldn´t find any center differential. That´s why I assumed that Lego did it right this time. That´s actually a pretty genius solution. Just have to make sure that the gear isn´t sticking out to the bottom and the turning direction of the rear wheels needs to be changed, but maybe I can try and place the steering rack at the opposite side of the front wheels to change turning direction. There´ll always be a way to do it! The new shocks were definitely exclusion criteria... Thought about building a 812 Superfast or McLaren P1 at first, but I weren´t satisfied with the solution of the suspension. Don´t like using thin liftarms and stuff in that area. As I got most parts in white, I really hoped for fender pieces in that colour for quite a while, but we all know what happened, no cars in white :( Appreciate the kind words and support, I´ll try to post new pictures as soon as possible.
  5. In my first post I am going to introduce you to my first real project. My goal is to create a realistic Lamborghini Aventador in 1:8 scale. Functions: All-Wheel Steering All-Wheel Drive Pushrod Suspension (maybe with lift in front) Gearbox (7-N-R) with V12 Fake-Engine Scissor-Doors Adjustable Spoiler Adjustable Seats Modular Chassis/Bodywork Red or white Bodywork, dark-tan Interior Sian Wheels My Progress so far: Front Axle with angled Brake-Calipers (sausage idea: [WIP] Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 1:8 - LEGO Technic, Mindstorms, Model Team and Scale Modeling - Eurobricks Forums): Rear Axle with Gearbox, Steering and two Brake Calipers per wheel, like in the real car: Testing: Had to throw out Gearbox (as seen in pictures above), because the Reverse Gear did not work properly. Problems I am facing right now: All-Wheel Steering: different angle of turning the wheels Lift system is complicated, shock absorbers might be too long, can´t push them to the outside of the car without wheels scraping while turning Gearbox: Reverse Gear is hard to implement, caused by Steering and Driving Axles that need to go through it Can´t find information about the Aventador having a center differential or not (at the moment i don´t think so, Lego did not use one in their Sian, but the well known Centenario from T Lego got 3 Differentials. But since the Centenario and the Sian are based on the Aventador and got the same transmission in real life, it should be the same technology in all three cars. Correct me if I´m wrong) As this is my first project and I´m studying car engineering right now, please be patient, I do not know how often i can post progress pictures. Also, English is not my first language, so please excuse my grammar mistakes. Critique or Ideas are always welcome :)