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  1. Looks nice, but imo it is like 42110.
  2. Wow, looks great! I am looking forward to your test 😊😊
  3. Great! My order hasn’t arrived yet πŸ˜• But looking forward to the new wheels 😊 More slippery sounds great πŸ˜ƒ cheers Friedl
  4. Great donut machine! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘ I guess with awd real drifts are possible , you should try this 😊
  5. In my opinion the buggy motors are excellent! I love them! The CaDa Servo can also just three positions: -90Β° - 0Β° - 90Β° and it is a little bit slower than the Servo from MK. cheers, Friedl
  6. Very nice! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š In my opinion (and my little drift experience) you don’t need a gyro with the 4wd version. Of course it gets easier. I think with rubber tires it is very difficult to control the car when the front and rear axles have got different speeds. With β€ždriftβ€œ tires (or some tape on it) it is easier to control the drift when the rear axle spins faster than the front axle. But please notice these points are only my little experience with this topic 😊 Your video and also your build is awesome! Thumbs up!!πŸ‘ cheers, Friedl
  7. Looks really good! And i am looking forward to your test ride video 😊😊
  8. Why are you worried about this? So long it was strong enough:
  9. Yes, but the idea or design is like the rear suspension arms from the daytona 42143. You are right, steering may cause problems. But i haven’t build a front driven and steered axlle with these hubs.
  10. That is crazy. Maybe your geek servo is faulty. Look here:
  11. Wow, sounds great! I saw a few years ago the rc brick version on yt which @kbalagementioned. I also hope this projects is available soon😊
  12. I use the hubs from @ZENE in my 42077 brushless version, and they work really good! Here are some impressions, i will introduce the complete car in a separate topic soon: cheers, Friedl
  13. Great overview to this product! I am also an happy customer of two differtials, motorsand hubs!
  14. Looks very great! I can’t wait for the testdrive 😊