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    Marvel Superheroes 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Finally picked up the X-Jet, was a long wait for it to get under €50. I really hope the Mansion provides more bang for your buck.
  2. My votes for 3. Moonknight playing by BenS 6. Batmen hiking by BardDandelion 8. Malificent fishing by Kristel
  3. Yoggington

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I've a four year old nephew, and as much as I try to convince him we can go 'off book', boy oh boy is that kid a lover of following the instructions.
  4. Yoggington

    [MOC] Fright Knight's - Witch's Tower

    Just watched the vid, and as YouTube is gobbling legit comments in favour of letting spam flourish, I'll talk here. Fantastic build, with the colour scheme especially evocative. Big fan of the single-plate height grays in the black wall. I'd have loved to see a fuller interior, but understandable it had to be given up for the sake of the wonderful hexagon techniques. Great as ever, keep it up. Oh also, yes to shorter builds for single video 'series'. Might make life easier on you to be juggling a few of those at a time instead of one humongous one at a time.
  5. Yoggington

    BrickLink Designer Program Ongoing Discussion Thread

    Well all five have reached 'funded' status already, so that's something. Looks like the Station & Mushroom House are most in-demand early, closely followed by Ominous Isle.
  6. Yoggington

    BrickLink Designer Program Ongoing Discussion Thread

    Oh hah, it seemed crazy - I see now.
  7. Yoggington

    [MOC] [BDP-S4 and S5] Opera House

    I see you've submitted an updated version of this to Series 5. Best of luck, this is one that I would very much like to buy. In the case that it doesn't make the cut, please consider selling instructions! I will add a link to it, in case anyone else reading might give it some "love": https://www.bricklink.com/v3/designer-program/series-5/1746/Opera-House
  8. Yoggington

    BrickLink Designer Program Ongoing Discussion Thread

    I found myself giving a lot more 'loves' than last time, thirteen in total. Apart from these two you mention, I also went for the JonasKramm Viking ship - I have actually built that MOC before, so it felt due. My other highlights; "Medieval": Adventure in Transylvania - unironically the best castle. I've a lot of 'likes' in the medieval category proper, but no loves. City/Modular: Opera House is the best for me, closely followed by the rather neat Art Factory and colourful Ice Cream Parlour Pirates: Neither Coconut Cape or Anchor Cove are perfect, but they are both pretty spiffing and sets I would buy as-is. No category: I'm a big fan of the Fisherman's House (on stilts), it's just the right balance of whimsical. Also the Adobe House is beautiful - I'm sure I've seen an earlier attempt on these forums before. The Canal Lock building is the rare set that intrigues me - I'd like to build it to see how it all fits together. Smaller set: Last but not least, the Beaver Refuge is doing a lot with just 400 parts. I could see that very easily being the smaller set to get alongside one large one. It would work lovely with the A-Frame cabin.
  9. Yoggington

    BrickLink Designer Program Ongoing Discussion Thread

    I would agree there are stronger entries here - far more in there that I would buy (and mod) and far less chaff. I'm giving out a lot more 'love it' and 'like it' votes than in previous programs. That said, the Bricklink interface has worsened. Every other time I set the filters, it returns me things I didn't ask for. I just hope my disappearing votes aren't reflected in the back end.
  10. Yoggington

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I wonder if the 'Year of Space' might influence the choice of modular. E.G. An observatory with opening roof.
  11. This is a very weak metric, but I see on the Lego Castle Discord the 'reacts' to the announcement as follows. That's 77 Kraken > 65 Crows > 56 Griffons > 14 Bulls Plus enough people working in unison to spell out 'RAVENS'
  12. Yoggington

    LEGO Videogame Tie-Ins - Rumors & Discussion

    300 smackers! Why I could buy two and a half X-jets for that!
  13. It is interesting to see one side of the vote pushing for something 'new and cool', whereas I also fall on the side of 'bolster what we've got'. As neat as a Kraken/Griffon faction would be, Having an army of 15x the same fig is less appealing to me than variants of what we've got. Like I loooove the Falcon Falconer, and how you now have two sets of legs, torsos, arms you can interchange to make a few combos. Then add the Red Falcon fig, and the classic Falcon pieces for so many combos. A Raven minifig with a slightly different torso and legs from the CMF one could give a ton of options when combined with the already existing.
  14. Yoggington

    Creating a "marathon" banner/marquee

    Here's an idea for a neat looking inflatable one: https://ideas.lego.com/challenges/5c659186-fb0b-46ab-8f9f-e619ccd8bd28/application/6795acb8-8c9a-4005-9d56-e98b9ef52fa0 You could then use a combination of round brick with axle holes, along with pins with studs to give you a purchase point for your letter tiles.
  15. I became irrationally excited when I saw the (possible) return of the Raven Knights. I feel like Kraken is novel and exciting and is the most likely to garner the public vote, but there's a chance for the Corvids to return at least. Lego haven't forgotten them and even if they miss out this time well.. there's a chance. It's probably better for my wallet if Ravens don't come to pack-a-brick but stillllll....
  16. I am ready for an X-Men CMF.
  17. Yoggington

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    Do update us as you go, I'd be curious to see how this pans out.
  18. I have looked high and low for set 80085 to no avail.
  19. Yoggington

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    Hah yes, one man's treasure and all that. I do feel like seeing this 'in the brick' might elevate it for me. For now, it's kinda neat, but not €500 neat.
  20. Yoggington

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    I think this is the camp I'm in, and I'm not usually a minifig guy, but the quality of these is what sticks out most to me. I'm not sure what I expected, but it's a bit of a big black blob, and even then, not quite big enough. Not exactly a hard pass, but I'm in no rush to get this. Buying Rivendell is certainly a higher priority and even then I wouldn't hate to miss that.
  21. Yoggington

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    At this stage would you not just treat yourself and avoid leaks?
  22. Yoggington

    Caught on the horns of a dilemma

    Not something I've ever done, but if the area is to be covered with a sticker, it might be possible to sand the studs down completely? Leaving a smooth surface for your sticker.
  23. Yoggington

    [MOC] Bricastle - By JnCe

    I love how organic the shape of this is. Does it have an interior?
  24. Yoggington

    2025 Castle Theme [wishlist/speculation]

    Agree with these two being obvious options. The other way I could see it going that would work with LKC & the Town Square would be a dock. A small shipyard and ramp, the skeleton of a boat, some trading activity and perhaps a marine watchtower. Akin to @Kozikyo86's "Winter in the Raven Wharf" MOC, on a more compact scale. You might even see the Sea Serpent in a set like that.
  25. I picked up this set for birthday, and have now finished the first booklet (Carpenter/Weaver/Cheesemonger side) across two relaxed evenings of building. I'll save the other half for a week or so. It's pretty top notch, without being anything stunning. Like there's no techniques as per the LKC where I've been blown away or inspired - but there is just a lot of very solid thoughts and design put in. Small things like the trapdoor to the loft, or the detail in the side-builds are perfectly clever. I am most impressed by the compact scaling of the whole thing. As with the LKC, they have achieved a feel of larger scale by keeping it small.