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  1. Evans

    World City Theme Discussion

    I don't think it's fair to spit on World City as one could do with Town Jr. Town Jr. was an evolution of the town theme, but that was going in the wrong direction. It contained rather nice-looking and innovative minifigure torsos, but the builds were crappy and it was what should have been the future of the Town line before noticing the sales drop, and strategy change. It led to the 2001 and 2002 hiatus of the town line, in order to restart with fresh and good ideas. World City is before all a transitional theme, between Town Jr, and more widely the "old times", made of 4 wide angular vehicles to something new and that would fit in the XXIth century context. World City was a way to set the grounds to City, with very new parts like the 4x4 wedge that is used on most of the 4w city cars, and it introduced new angles to the vehicles building. Of course, a mix of old-school building and new parts may not look right, but it was a matter of time to intruduce the new City system and its parts, like the mudguard part, the specific vehicles bases and so on. So World City was a first step on way less <insert that tiresome argument> sets, and more up-to-date designs. I mean, it was also very futuristic-looking, but it was a try to something new, and it led to nice trains, like 4512, which is a very complete set that would still not look out of place in a 2019 layout. I don't like 4511 train, but it's depicting a japanease-like high-speed train, like Shinkansen. It may not have pleased everyone but it was something new, and a bit less fictionnal than late 90's trains, despite having these odd cargo containers in a passenger carriage. It's just a matter of MODing it. The last big train station was also released in World City theme, it was just a futuristic approach to the well-known 1991 train station, but it was still an impessive set. The coast-guard line was rather appealing and I don't see how one can see this set as a Jack-Stone building, just look at the Jack Stone R.E.S.Q. coast-guard H.Q. and compare. This building is more a mix of mid 90's Town building and modern parts like the quarter-cylinder window (that we will meet again in the 2011 police station and some other City sets), that are sitting on a very cleverly repurposed Belleville baseplate. I ever wonder if this plate was not designed to fit both themes. When we are speaking about World City, don't forget to include (or not) the Spider-Man sets from 2003 and 2004 that were very nice complement to the line, with the same spirit and building methods. Look at the subway set, or at the bridge, that was reusing these crappy Racers parts. There was even a better-looking police car (with a roof!), and if 4030 don't please you, just build it like in Spider-Man first chase set. To conclude, never forget that the World City primary reason of existence is to be a transitional theme, that was acting a bit like 1975-1977 sets for the Classic era with non-moveable minifigs, but forming a sort of "pre-system". World City is just a precursor of the more reasonnably modern-looking Lego City.
  2. Hello Ralf, It would be with big pleasure to see your big classic Town. I've been following and admirating its expansions for several years, so it would very great to see it in reality! Hello Dirk, I will try to register on 1000steine this weekend, it's in my to-do list for a while. Many thanks for the meetings dates, I have courses on Saturday 15th, so I won't be able to join. However, I will consider the 14th December, I will notice you in some weeks to be sure.
  3. Evans

    12v train green tray differences

    I think you should ask Reza, he knows a lot about 12V train boxes and their evolutions, especially about trays.
  4. Hello guys, Thank you a lot for your links! I'm almost installed, so I think I will participate to the restaurant held on 12th October in Oberhausen. I'm already making a calendar with all events I plan on attending.
  5. Evans

    TUTORIAL Replace bulb on 12v light brick

    Thanks for putting back pictures! Aren't the LEDs too bright compared to the original bulb? I've recently bought PF LEDs, and I find the light way too bright compared to my 12V and 9V lights. Anyway, I will try to find such light bulbs to revive and upgrade my broken 4,5V light bricks!
  6. Hello, I will come in Germany for a university year at the end of September, and I am wondering what are the main activities AFOLs do in Germany, particulary in Düsseldorf and Nordrhein-Westfalen, where I will study. What are the main and most interesting exhibitions to visit? Are there meetings to see other German AFOLs? I couldn't find a comprehensive list of German exhibitions of 2019 and 2020. As a fan of 80's and vintage Lego, I've always considered Germany as "the" country to go to expand my collection and to see great Lego train layouts. I've seen so many impressive layouts and MOCs from German train fans, it's crazy compared to what is Lego train hobby in France. Also, I like visiting yard sales in France to buy used Lego, so is it a popular way of selling toys there? Are there websites where people sells their used things where I can make good deals? Are there "good adresses" of used lego shops, local BL shops or Lego museums that I could visit during my stay?
  7. Evans

    TUTORIAL Replace bulb on 12v light brick

    Sorry to bump this topic, but pictures are no longer there. Is it possible to reupload them? I have two yellow 4,5V light bricks that are not working anymore, and I don't want to ruin these. I even think about upgrading these to 12V. Is there any difference in manipulmation between the clear lens and the diffuser lens?
  8. Evans

    What is your Ceiling Height?

    Ceilling is something to take into account when having a Lego-room. I have a 2 meters high one which is very low. However, my room is 17 meters square that I have to share between my bedroom and my Lego-room. It wasn't a problem with a small collection, but since two years, it's becoming to be difficult to handle. My room is looking full, boxes are the highest possible on top of furnitures. I didn't anticipate this problem, but with such a large collection today I would have choosen an higher room.
  9. Evans

    Store Display & Flat Boxes

    I don't know any database that would contain such things, but I did find one (in France too!) with the 1994 McDonald's promo polybags, it's also an hanging ad with three floors. I can't say you anything about how these were used in toyshops in the 90's, I'm too young... Only thing i'm sure is that shops had to have an high ceilling to display that! Yours are really nice and well conserved!
  10. Evans

    Building 7777

    Nice to see you here, Peter! Did you have time to build more since last time? Your creations are so nice, as usual! These windmills are really good for a train layout.
  11. Interesting repaint! Usually, blue color with white stripes was reserved to diesel locomotives. For such an electric "nez cassé", the "béton" livery would be more suitable, it's mainly Lt Gray, with Dk Gray accents and orange stripes. The original prototype model was still much better than the released set, it's a good thing to see it again.
  12. There is one sure thing, it's that the logo is the 1973-98 one. I've already seen such a plastic bag some years ago, white, but narrower, without the plain white parts. I couldn't get it as it was already sold. It was in France, and I asked myself the same question. I think that the Lego World Tour may have had such bags, but I don't know anything on where this exhibition stopped in the 80's. Another possibility may be that it comes from a Legoland park. Lastly, it may be a promotionnal merchandise that was given to toy stores, to promote the Lego brand.
  13. Evans

    Classic Town - UPS Truck & Semitrailer

    Excellent truck, it reminds me the one Pierre Normandin made in 2002. Finding enough Old Brown parts is difficult and expensive, so you had a great challenge, especially considering you used quite nice HTF parts. :) I also like more these wheels compared to the "fat" 1991 ones, it makes the vehicles less toy-ish. You're just missing the 1x3x1 doors, these are still availlable on BL, it would look quite nice on this truck. I hope to see more of your creations!
  14. Evans

    Classic Town - Canada Post Mail Truck 107-2 Evolution

    That's a good update, you kept the charm and the shapes of the truck, even with modern parts. Good job!
  15. Evans

    Classic Town - MAERSK Trucks & Semitrailers

    It's more and more rare to see people building in Classic Town style nowadays, so it's good to see that! Good catch you made back then. These trucks are out of my budget right now, I prefer gathering many parts (especially green and old grays) to build my creations and scenes to put these, and sometime buying a set to complete my collection, when it's a good deal. Making stickers is very long, I also makes my own stickers, I began in 2015 to save on reproductions ones thart are expensive, and don't give the flexibility I want. I have more than 400 patterns now, from 80's sets to custom 80's looking torsos. All I miss are transparent stickers... I'm still an amateur... :)