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  1. Wow, a lot of informations there! Excellent layout and pictures, as always!
  2. Evans

    Ballabreek 2021

    It's sad to see this small church being replaced by... a flat concrete space. It was a true landmark to the town and was giving this particular atmosphere that was making me inconsciously travel to Man Island. It's now becoming a more impersonal town with less character and history. I've been actively followed your town evolution since 2010 and the more the old buildings disappear, more it's loosing its originality. The loss of the modern 6000 idea book feeling with MODed buildings that were going well together is quite a departure from the original idea. A city must evolve, but can't forget what made it what it is today.
  3. Your parts are "Brittle Blue", it was a very large production error that affected many parts in 2007-2008. With time, these are darkening like this. Just try to stick it to two studs, tilt it a bit, a normal part will deform and stay good, and yours will explode in pieces. So this is a known problem, which is very far from being genuine dark purple. I did the experience with a friend that wanted to give me his bulk lot from 2007 (production code on the bucket), I showed him with a 1x6 brick, it was the first time I did that deliberately... But unfortunately, my childhood sets are also affected, as the City concrete mixer for which the mixer part is brittle blue. I don't want to touch it, that would be a too impressive explosion... I did an experiment to de-yellow brittle blue parts and it did work fine, I've just been afraid to use these yet!
  4. Evans

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    You can always ask a store clerk to see the original bag and to take a picture of the label, there would be nothing bad about it if it's for common knowledge. They are quite uncomprehensive in my local store (Paris Les Halles), they can't even fill properly a PaB cup without me being very insistant, so I believe bringing a bag from the storeroom would be too much work for them.
  5. Evans

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    The pat number is indicated on their original bags. The parts comes in 200 per bag and the pert number is on the label, I saw this last time they refilled BAM, but I didn't take note.
  6. I mean if this foreign metal part is not the only one that ended with ABS pellet, chances are big that the wire part would have gone in the brick rather than half in and half out which is quite impressive. But you could make reinforced bricks like concrete would be if needed!
  7. This brick is a collecor item! Keep it apart, as I find the fact it's dangerous as a really intrersting manufacturing defect. It's the first time I'm aware of such defect. I believe the wire part is usually invisible as completely moded in the brick, but this is a unique defect. Congratulations on finding this, just don't mix it with other parts!
  8. Evans

    Pictures from Torben Plagborg - 9V system

    Just look at the picture below, you can see al the new molds and the unrealeased molds that are standing on the table, including all sorts of train windows, the 6x34 flat train base, the 1x3x5 train door, early version of the train station/harbor pier part, what seems to be the 30134 stairs that were first released in 1996 in the Western theme, and also something looking like an early 90201 cow catcher that was made available in 2010. There are many other parts to analyse, but unfortunately the tiny parts are too blurry. Also note the use of Trans-Black color for many train windows way before its 1999 introduction.
  9. Evans

    Pictures from Torben Plagborg - 9V system

    The best article on the transition from 12V to 9V yet ! These pictures are incredibly precious in understanding the designing process back in the 80s. It's also nice to see that the 90° crossover mold was thought from the beginning, as well as other unrealeased parts such as the 6x34 train base or all the sizes of train windows (1x3x3, 1x4x2), and I note the heavy use of the 1x3x5 door on the prototype models. It's unfortunate that none have surfaced in the wild among rareparts collectors yet, but I would like to have a closer look at it. I'm impatient to read the other articles about this anniversary!
  10. Evans

    Shell Chemical Plant

    Superb rendition of an industrial site. It's not too complex, so it's a very welcome simplification in a layout. I really wish industrial buildings would be more of interest to Lego. Your tanker have a nice 373 feeling!
  11. Excellent MOC, Davide! This extended wheelbase is nice-looking and gives a unusual look to this railcar. Such vehicles were (and are still !) missing in Lego's assortment, but the brick palette available in the 1980's is so universal that is was easy for a kid to have a great variety of models based on what he could see outside. Are you planning building this one in bricks?
  12. Excellent use of this motor. It seems to be a good introduction for a kid to the world of 80's trains, it's unfortunate that Lego never made any train-related Basic set in the 80's, there was quite a lot of possibilities, considering some of these "pre-Creator" sets were quite well made. You should make a small urban background in order to highlight this tramway.
  13. Evans

    [MOC] Galaxy Express 222 - In 12v Style

    Excellent crossover between Classic Space and 12V trains! The color scheme is harmonious and the covering of wheels gives that futuristic and special character to the locomotive.
  14. Excellent system, Davide! I love the minimalistic shape of the locomotive, that's a very good narrow gauge feel. Aloso, great use of this difficult yellow case. The system with the curved rail is perfectly ingenious! I will keep the idea in mind for a coal mine train or a harbor service.
  15. Thank you for your answer! Do these motors also have a production date engraved? Train motors (9v and 12V) have two numbers for the week and a last number for the year of production, but I've noticed micro-motors and mini-motors have a letter and a number engraved under them, (B4, Z4, Z4, U4, S3 on my five micro-motors for example), so how should we read the letter, considering the number seems to be the year? And do you have an idea when they changed the magnets supplier?