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  1. Hi guys! I'd like to share with you the project that has been sitting in my head for sooooo long - and I finally started it some weeks ago - LIEBHERR LTR1100 Crane. One of the main features of this crane that I wanted to re-create in Lego is extension of the tracks. What is more, they should be able to carry the load of the upperstructure while being extended. What I have for now is fully working chassis. Some specs: Drive: 2 L-Motors geared down 1:24. A little bit too slow, but it's not a racing bolid, so I'm ok with that . On a serious note, it was the most compact solution I could find. Tracks extension: 2 M-motors geared down 12:20. Current setup allows the tracks to extend with 2kgs load on the top of the chassis. Remaining space between the tracks will be filled with battery box and 2 IR-receivers (the chassis and upperstructure will be 2 separate models withe their own BB's and receivers, no wires going through turntable). As for the upperstructure, it will inlude 3-stage telescopic boom made of technic-panels to make it as light as possible, cause every added pound matters due to the load on the tracks. I forgot to mention that it will be a model-team style model, so, the other part of the upperstructure will me made of system parts. The chassis: Drive motor(this part was a real headache actually and I can say I'm really proud of this solution): Extended position: Track side view (Note that it might seem small, but the length of the track is 40 studs); also you can see suspension with very little travel here: The bottom view that shows how everything is put inside together (T-Bone beams are used on the sides to mount M-motors and LA's that extend tracks). Some size comprassion: At the moment I'm trying to figure out the best way to make the 3-stage boom. This is the current setup(3x11x1 panes should be black, curved panels - yellow): Some words about the boom: First of all, it will be long. VERY long. I've carefully calculated scale and it has to be 66 studs long(The 1st stage). Being made of techinc-panels, it will be light, so not a big problem. It will be raised either with stacked old-style pneumatic cylindrs, or with custom linear actuator. Not sure at the moment. Secondly, I need your opinion. I've browsed some crane mocs(with 3 and more stage booms), and it seems like none of them use gears to extend the 2nd stage. The solution I use on the picture above allows to extend and retract boom in any position (raised or lowered), but is it that important? I.e, if I use string-based extension of all boom stages including the 2nd, it will only be able to retract in the raised position with gravity and I'm really not sure what method to use. The real machine: I'm looking forward to all your comments and opinions
  2. The reason for this very qty is simple: we have a retailer in Moscow LIKE official LEGO-store, but it`s not LEGO-store.They have this set in stock for 60000 RUB which is equal to 874EUR(prices are usually higher here).As a result, these sets are sitting on shelves and you can come and buy as much as you want.That`s why he has 6 of them.
  3. Kit Fisto

    [MOC] Hide and escape

    Actually I was thinking of ISD in this scale while building this part, but I can hardly imagine an amount of parts needed for that...It`s longer then any official modular building! But may be some day, who knows As for the dish, I wish it was available as separate part :(
  4. Kit Fisto

    [MOC] Hide and escape

    Thanks for the kind comments, guys!I glad you like the greebling, this MOC was like a 4-day marathon before the deadline Ellisss_2 I don`t think that the other side of the bridge is needed, because this scene is complete as it is.In the movie you can clearly see 1 side of the bridge, that was my goal :) Littlewords & Leonardo da Bricki Not sure that changing the design of falcon is possible, cause it has qute complex inner structure that was needed to recreate a hyperdrive engine.I wish there was some printed dish with falcon design, but there is only 8 x 8 one...
  5. Kit Fisto

    [MOC] Hide and escape

    Hi guys! Today I want to share with you a MOC that I built for the contest on TBB. It`s one of my favourite scenes from all SW saga.While being a child, I was really scare of this scene cause the scale of ISD is terrific.Just imagine how large must be ISD in the scale of minifigure...And this MOC alone, being built in mini/micro scale is longer then 32-studs Baseplate! I don`t think I have something more to add; Hope you like it!I really enjoyed this build, thanks TBB for the great contest! Hide and Escape by Qeet2k9, on Flickr Hide and Escape by Qeet2k9, on Flickr falcon by Qeet2k9, on Flickr falcon by Qeet2k9, on Flickr
  6. Kit Fisto


    The container on the side appeared after I realised it has to be a frighter in some way But I really love this solution myself
  7. Kit Fisto


    Thanks all for the nice comments!Glad you guys like it
  8. Kit Fisto


    Hi all! Here is my entry for the contest on Rebrick Andromeda express freighter was developed to deliver extremely important objects as fast as possible. While being a freighter spaceship, it still has a lot of heavy weapon on board, such as homing missile, 4 laser cannons, 1 twin laser gun to defend the cargo from possible attackers. The freighter was inspired by the designs of 2 iconic spaceships from the Star Wars Universe: Tantive 4(the color scheme and engines)and Millenium Falcon(mainly the shape). Hope you like it! YT-Andromeda by Qeet2k9, on Flickr YT-Andromeda by Qeet2k9, on Flickr YT-Andromeda by Qeet2k9, on Flickr YT-Andromeda by Qeet2k9, on Flickr YT-Andromeda by Qeet2k9, on Flickr
  9. Yes, if it works, it`ll hold both upper and lower slopes and won`t touch the gear.So, the half-pins are not needed(1 x 1 plates are connected via bar 4l, going from the top to the bottom of the black bracket part).
  10. Replace black 1 x 2 plates with this: Then use this(4L): I think it`ll allow the gear to spin freely, but not 100% sure
  11. +1 to the previous question! What do I have to aim for: something like TV-show battle bots, or absolutely anything, that can be described as battle bot/robot?Will something animal-like, for example, scorpion-walker design fit the contest rules?
  12. Take this part (2983 BL): And add this: Insert the stud in the pulley and you have a really great clutch(Original idea by ZED Very cool progress, btw :)
  13. My prize has just arrived :) And I`ve already sorted parts for Didumos69`s fix
  14. Well, I have seen some mocs that use pneumatic valves with 2 ends, but only one of them is connected to the air.Just like this great crane from Makorol: So, what`s the secret of such systems?