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  1. Fonzy

    MOC Gringotts Bank

    Thanks for watching and for those kind words. I remember my kids being that age and them enjoying my sets. That might be another approach for the angles.
  2. Fonzy

    MOC Gringotts Bank

    Greetings, I tried to extend Diagon Alley with Gringotts Bank. Found only a few pictures and several seconds of movie, so it turned out harder than expected. Love to hear any suggestions on how to improve this build. A few more photos can be found at flickr
  3. Fonzy

    [MOC] Cathedral

    Thanks for all the feedback. It did exists of 8 sections (I just took it apart) and the roof can be removed. I have no clue how many bricks, though it did weight around 30kg. I suppose it would have been indeed tens of thousands.
  4. Fonzy

    [MOC] Cathedral

    Thanks Magnuson24 and Grover for the feedback and to give some ideas to think about. I tried this, since I’ve seen quite some MOC’s where it really adds to the building. But somehow for me it didn’t work. Though I’d love to give it an extra touch, I was not able to find the right combination of colors and amount of it to improve it to my liking. That would be quite some modification. Have to think about it. Maybe I can do a single section, just to see how it looks.
  5. Fonzy

    [MOC] Cathedral

    Thanks for the feedback. I was in doubt myself about the micro figures. Maybe some plain micro figs will look better.
  6. Fonzy

    [MOC] Cathedral

    Hi, it's been a few years I last posted anything on Eurobricks. In these past years I've slowly build a cathedral and rebuild parts of it over and over again. It is not based upon any real cathedral, just my imagination. Front view Right side view and back Left side view and back Inside, looking towards the front Some more photo's can be found at Flickr Always love to get tips on how to improve things. Regards, Fonzy
  7. Fonzy

    MOC: lakeside castle

    Thanks for your comments Those diagonally pillars was the one thing that just had to fit in somewhere. That would look nice, but I didn't put windows up front on porpuse. Gives me the idea it is better for defense. I started with the rock and the castle had to follow the shape of the rock.
  8. Earlier this year I made a concert-at-a-castle-ruin-MOC, which can be seen here. Someone suggested to build the whole Castle. So instead of a castle fallen to a ruin, this ruin has been build up to become a full castle. The castle stands near a lake and is build on top of a cave. The well is a hole in the roof of the cave. All round the outsie of the Castle: A look at the inner yard: Some kids playing at the inner yard: The great hall: The king and queen at their thrones before the fireplace. At the other end the crown prince and princess. And all their coates of arms displayed at the wall. Below the great hall is the kitchen. From the great hall the royal bedroom can be entered: Below the royal bedroom there is a chapel: And on the other side of the inner yard are the guards barracks: Some more pictures can be found at flickr. All feedback and suggestions are welcome.
  9. Fonzy

    MOC: Concert at Castle Ruin

    Thanks for all the feedback. Well I might try to make it a full castle, though I'm afraid I won't have enough tan bricks. That was not my intention. Since the majority of my minifigs are historical those firemen are the closest figs I had for security / supervision.
  10. Fonzy

    MOC: Concert at Castle Ruin

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this (I guess it's a bit of Town with a touch of History). Anyway, I recently got the minifig rock band and I just had to build a concert-MOC. Since I'm mostly into historic theme's, the stage became a castle ruin. Some overview pictures of the concert. And some pictures, just after the concert, time to clean up. Some more pictures can be found at flickr. All feedback and suggestions are welcome.
  11. Fonzy

    MOC: Dutch Mansion

    Absolutely stunning, I really love the window shutters and the tiled floor. And there is so much more detail to it. Wonder how it would look if you remove 1 window from the width and would use it to add an extra floor
  12. Fonzy

    MOC: LOTR Chess

    First of all thanks for all the feedback. I changed the board a little. Though I think the old board looks nicer, with the modified board it is more clear which square is which. I also modified the Ents. I'm not sure if the are less "blocky" than before, at least the are a lot less fragile (while playing the leaves don't fall of constantly anymore). Fair enough about Saruman. I looked at BrickLink, but didn't find anything that would be great to use for Saruman. Let's hope Lego will release a Saruman soon. Well you really challenge me, there ain't much room left at the base of the throne. I suppose with all the characters in the LOTR there could be several variations on the chess-pieces. Well it all depends on the characters Lego will release in the future. Well to have all the pawns the same I would have to buy even more sets. Not that I don't want to, but Lego produces to much cool stuff, it's a matter of choices. Personally the mixture of Orcs doesn't bother be. Though I must admit that I would have preferred the Rohan Soldiers to be the same. And I have thought of using the cave Trolls. I thought it would be nice to have 4 of them carrying the corners of the upper-board, but I only own 2 of them. So who knows somewhere in the future. All photo's can be found at Flickr .
  13. Fonzy

    MOC: LOTR Chess

    Thanks for all your feedback. I suppose I could try to work on the Ents. I agree they are somewhat blocky. Another thing that bothers me is that they are quite fragile (leaves keep falling off, or is that because it is autumn) I also understand what you say about the board. At one hand it gives a nice effect, on the other hand it is somewhat hard to see the squares. I tried squares of one color, but that looks a bit dull to me. If I had more 2x2 tiles I might have gone rid of the 1x2 and 1x1 tiles. Or if 1x1 dark tan tiles existed I could get rid of 2 colors. I will play around a bit with all my tiles and see if I can come up with something that is both nice to look at and a better differentiation between the chess-board squares.
  14. Fonzy

    MOC: LOTR Chess

    Since Lego has released several chess sets I thought why not build a LOTR chess game. An overview of the complete board. A closer look at "black" site. There could be only one "king" on this site, the all-seeing-eye. And the "Queen" had to be Saruman. I used a temporary substitute until Lego releases a Saruman minifig. The two towers Barad-dur and Isengard. As pawns I chose Orcs since I wanted to use as much different characters as possible, I guess some of you might think Uruk-hai would make a better army. So here's a picture with Uruk-hai instead of Orcs. A better army would be more Uruk-hai. Or even more Uruk-hai. And now a closer look at the "white" site. I wanted to put all 9 characters of the fellowship of the ring on the back line. Also there could be only one king. I had to give him a throne so as a chess-piece it is obvious the King. But how to put 9 figures on 8 squares? Here's my solution. As "Towers" I tried to make some ents, since these could easily be combined with Merry and Pippin. For pawns I would have preferred Elves, but since I don't have many of them I had to go for Rohan soldiers. Still 1 important character is missing, which I gave it's own special place right in the center. Some more pictures and some slightly bigger pictures can be found at Flickr Hope you like it. All C&C welcome.
  15. Fonzy

    MOC: Kaliphlin Temple

    Thanks for all you comments. I hadn't looked at it that way. I suppose using some transparent bricks would really set the roof on fire! Yeah, I had thought about an altar, but I figured adding an altar wouldn't do justice to the floor.