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  1. kiwinewt

    MOC: Flying Scotsman (with free instructions)

    That is absolutely brilliant! I'm in love! Do you perchance have a bricklink XML parts list? I'd love to get it up and start acquiring the parts for this as soon as I can...
  2. Will there be a version with buffers as well? Effectively drop-in replacement for the current magnet version? (and in turn a cow-catcher one also?)
  3. kiwinewt

    A product that somebody should invent

    Unless you have separate rail and sleeper packs, with the sleepers being produced in different 'common' gauges but the potential to scale up or down for small batches
  4. kiwinewt

    A product that somebody should invent

    The problem with this IMHO would be similar to what happens when you use the silicone-brick-tape stuff, which doesn't properly hold lego pieces well. If it's done properly with something stiffer like you mention then it could work well - and I'd be happy to test it ;) I'm assuming that the ties/sleepers would then be plates from the builders collection? And then comes the thought of when you do a curve and the stud holes don't actually line up, how would that be handled?
  5. kiwinewt

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Hi, I'd love to join in this please and thank you
  6. kiwinewt

    10264 Corner Garage

    I agree - I'm thinking more of an open-air cafe though, possibly with recolouring the upstairs as well. I can see some techniques in this that are new to me, so it's on my list for that reason... but it's definitely going to be heavily modified. Because old garages can become anything with a bit of imagination.
  7. kiwinewt

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    English designer, music hall? Or something inspired by a movie their music was used in? e.g. Moulin Rouge?
  8. kiwinewt

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    It's just a combination change
  9. Honestly, if he's fine with instructions then any of the Technic sets. I work with autistic kids in a Lego group and most of them have a learning difficulty too - they have been perfectly fine with the Creator Expert sets I bring in to challenge them too. He might need a little input on some parts, but apart from that should be fine with any that grab his interest :)
  10. That's got to be a call for some more Dr Who sets, right? Not just the ideas one... Come on Lego, please?
  11. kiwinewt

    [MOC] Spooky Train

    That is a really nice sleek build of the Monster Hunter train. I like! :)
  12. kiwinewt

    Sorting Lego - A.I.

    This is a topic I have watched interestingly in the past. There have been multiple lego brick sorting machines that I've seen online - For me the issue is space and learning the AI interaction language. However you effectively just run the bricks through and it learns from both what it gets right and what it doesn't - therefore you don't need to spend aeons teaching the machine every brick from every angle in every colour. It would be a really fun project to do - although I think it would be more at LUG level where you have a few people with overlapping skillsets to contribute knowledge for building rather than on an individual level.
  13. kiwinewt

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Unless it was specifically initially scrapped in favour of the DD as the DD/garage wasn't as good a set idea as the potential garage? So went with DD and a future garage vs not-so-good-garage and scrabbling for future ideas?
  14. Hi guys, I'm part way through rebuilding my fishing shack as a modular, and I thought I'd share it and see what you think/if you can spot any glaring issues. I'd love to get some feedback :) (please ignore the junk on the bench behind!)
  15. kiwinewt

    10268 Vestas Wind Turbine

    I have to agree. NZD$400 is rather steep all things considered. I'm still very tempted by it for its uniqueness (I've only recently come out of my dark ages) but the price is very offputting, especially since it's also PF not PU like the entire rest of my motorised gear.