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  1. kiwinewt

    Bricksby station - starting a layout [WIP]

    And I'm just going to be sitting here staring at that bridge, wondering if I should quit now ;)
  2. kiwinewt

    [WIP] Hogwarts Express Custom Carriage

    Oh that looks beautiful. I'd love to be able to make a version of that if you feel willing to share your work?
  3. kiwinewt

    [MOC] Church Modular

    I love it. I'd probably make an old rotting stone wall covered with greenery to butt up against the modular on the right hand side, to make it look less garish against the smooth wall. Something that looks like they didn't completely demolish a building before putting the new one up. This is great inspiration for an idea I've had floating around in my head for a while though :D
  4. kiwinewt

    Need suggestions for a set to build a pub/inn

    The alternate build for the diner has a nice bar downstairs, I shifted the BBT set in upstairs and it looks pretty good. I'm tempted to merge the Friends cafe in as well when that comes out :)
  5. kiwinewt

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yeah you probably don't need that hat today...
  6. kiwinewt

    Replacement Wheels

    Will these still work in the current wheel holders? Or in the new ones? Or will we have to buy new ones to match?
  7. I love it. I expect a time machine to be sitting in the conservatory too... ;)
  8. kiwinewt

    MOC: Flying Scotsman (with free instructions)

    I'm away for work at the moment. My parts list is slightly different too as I went for cheaper parts to balance out the dark green. If you're keen I'm happy to but otherwise do what I did and use the instructions to build in then use that? :)
  9. kiwinewt

    MOC: Flying Scotsman (with free instructions)

    Honestly I think the Dark Green looks closest to the colour of the Flying Scotsman in person. She has had multiple variations, so both are correct, if you build it in green the parts are more available (and cheaper) than building in dark green. I've had to replace a few non-obvious ones with black. But I also think the dark green will stand out nicer in a show environment where there is harsh bright lighting.
  10. kiwinewt

    MOC: Flying Scotsman (with free instructions)

    I am working through the motorisation next, it was hard to tell from just the instructions (without a parts list) as to which gears to use. But now I have it together I've found other instructions for gears that should let me push the power through to all the drivers (and with them nicely quartered, it should work). Also, to fit the battery in the tender it needed some altering too :/ I used to build it first from the instructions, so I could get a parts list. I loved the actual build, watching it come together. I have to say, building it in Dark Green was a challenge parts-wise, but it looks stunning. I'm going to modify my file soon to make a Tornado (A1 vs Flying Scotsman which is A3) version in Blue. I'll post up some photos again in July, when she'll be making her maiden run at the Christchurch Brick Show here in NZ :)
  11. kiwinewt

    MOC: Flying Scotsman (with free instructions)

    As promised, here is my build... :)
  12. kiwinewt

    MOC: Flying Scotsman (with free instructions)

    I've noticed some problems with the instructions, specifically with the tender so far. Have a look at how the water tank area connects - it appears that two plates merge (the 2x6 and 4x4 with 2x2 cutout) Also, is it possible to get the image file for the flying scotsman plate on the front? Thanks heaps! :D Hopefully I can show you my finished build soon. Just have to wait for some bricklink orders to arrive...
  13. kiwinewt

    Rava Town

    I really love the canal! This is definitely going in the 'city inspiration pile' for me
  14. kiwinewt

    Roller coaster as narrow gauge

    Have you seen the project on Bricklink at the moment for similar? It might give you some ideas: