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  1. DodgeDude5498

    John Deere 5R and 8R

    Beautiful models!
  2. DodgeDude5498

    MOC: Castle Beach Fire Department

    I just saw the patrol today, looks awesome! I gotta rebuild mine now 😂 I thought you must be, it looked a little different though so I thought you might have found a different way.
  3. DodgeDude5498

    [ MOC ] VCPD - Police Station

    Great work!
  4. DodgeDude5498

    MOC: Castle Beach Fire Department

    Oh sweet! I'm telling ya you need a RAM brush, trash that ford lol Come to think of it though, Fast Response 11 was the rig that got me started with brush trucks, even if it isn't really a true brush. Back in the day where I had nothing better to do then stalk ya'll on MP 😂 Oh btw how are you posting these pics? Through Flickr or brickshelf? From what I hear uploading pics on here is a little complicated so I haven't even tried yet haha
  5. DodgeDude5498

    MOC: Castle Beach Fire Department

    No prob! I love Station 11, it seems it's your wildland station so naturally the rigs appeal to me 😂
  6. DodgeDude5498

    MOC: Castle Beach Fire Department

    This rig never gets old, awesome work! That cab detail gets me every time 😍
  7. DodgeDude5498

    MOC: Castle Beach Fire Department

    Your welcome! I saw snatches of those on your instagram. I much prefer them on a pickup chassis though ;) But those Type 3's look awesome! Ideally I'd like to have 4 Type 3's as wildlands and 4 SKEETER 6x6s as brush's in my department. Brush's and wildland's operate together in a sort of task force in my dept btw.
  8. DodgeDude5498

    MOC: Castle Beach Fire Department

    Again, very nice work! You gotta try your hand with brush trucks, you can't go to wrong with a cab as good as this! XP (Ask me how I know, my eleventh brush is on the way ;P)
  9. DodgeDude5498

    MOC #63 Ford Police Interceptor Utility SUV K9 Team

    Nice work! Definitely on of your better MOCs, and the video was cool too!
  10. DodgeDude5498

    MOC: Castle Beach Fire Department

    I'm Joshua B from Emergency Bricks, great to see you here man!
  11. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Bombardier Canadair CL-415

  12. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Scania R113M 360

    All of these are beautiful builds, very well done!
  13. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Modular Eames Case Study House #8

    Excellent work!
  14. DodgeDude5498

    Birth of a new Lego city [UPDATE #24 Overpass completed! ]

    I LOVE the way this part turned out! The surfer shack adds so much to it.
  15. DodgeDude5498

    Single-Seater Racer (75895 B-Model)

    Love it!