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  1. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Ferrari F40

    This is so awesome! Even though I preferred 6-wide (since they fit better into a layout), I'm always amazed at what guys like you can do with the new scale. Love the use of the stickers from the 6-wide set!
  2. DodgeDude5498

    FRNSW Class 1 Tanker

    This is pretty cool! Come better pics that show the whole rig would be nice though, and clean up those bricks with a little soap and water ;)
  3. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Vintage Police Car

    Awesome work! Can't wait to see it next to the official set!
  4. DodgeDude5498

    BCFR Engine 112 - 1987 FMC /Spartan

    For sure! Like Josh said, they last a long time! The Mack CF (probably the most iconic fire truck of all time) is a great example, they're 45+ years old and a whole lot of them are still in service! Most have been updated in various ways with new or refurbished bodies, new motor, etc, and not all are in front line service, but departments all over the country love them.
  5. DodgeDude5498

    BCFR Engine 112 - 1987 FMC /Spartan

    Beautiful rig! The chevrons pretty good, the colors are as good as a printer can do and they aren't too thick, but I would suggest not having quite so sharp an angle. Maybe 80 degrees or something would look better? I do a 90 degree angle on mine but a slightly sharper one can look good too. Oh and also, move the 1x8 blue tile under the hard suction and ladder (love that ladder design btw, didn't notice that before!) back one stud and add a 1x1 blue tile, then it won't look a little funny over the taillights.
  6. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Air Canada 737 MAX

    This looks awesome, exellent work!
  7. DodgeDude5498

    Pick a Brick City - Court House

    Absolutely beautiful! The colors and design are extremely clean and compliment each other wonderfully! I wish I could find a pick a brick wall with masonry bricks haha
  8. DodgeDude5498

    I couldn't wait for set 60285...

    Hahahaha looks great!
  9. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Brickadia Fire & Rescue Truck 37

    Incredibly beautiful! Love those chevrons!
  10. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] A peaceful street in Paris

    Absolutely stunning work! Beautiful interiors!
  11. DodgeDude5498

    Ruined Villa MOC drowned in Aquarium

    Love it, very creative!
  12. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC} New collegiate church of Saint Leonore

    Stunningly beautiful work! Very ornate and detailed!
  13. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] 2020 Seagrave Marauder/SVI Hazardous Materials Unit

    Oh wow, that is pretty sweet! Must have been a pain in the neck to do an interior too haha How come you don't normally show it in your pics? I'm assuming all of your walk-ins are like this.
  14. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] #70 USPS Mail Truck Grumman LLV

    Very nice work!
  15. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] 2020 Seagrave Marauder/SVI Hazardous Materials Unit

    Awesome work as always! Is there a complete walk-in section through the whole body or just a small one?