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  1. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Lighthouse

    Nice work!
  2. DodgeDude5498

    XOcean XO USV (Unmanned Surface Vessel) [MOC]

    That's really cool! Nice sleek design and a solid use of flex tube
  3. DodgeDude5498

    Brickchester 2020

    Really cool updates!
  4. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Town Square Toilet Paper Statue

    XD Great idea and great execution!
  5. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Modular house of the many Cs

    Lovely building!
  6. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Classic MINI Cooper

  7. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Coffee break

    Great work all around!
  8. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] The Hills LEGO Store

  9. DodgeDude5498

    [Moc] Fire Station

    WOW! That's epic! Just needto fill it up with some custom LEGO Fire apparatus now. XD
  10. DodgeDude5498

    Assembling Bricksburg

    I'm actually doing the same thing, though not quite as extreme and in real brick. Unfortunately I don't have any pics yet.
  11. DodgeDude5498

    MOC: Collaboration with TESLA IS THE FUTURE

    There should be a 'reply' button somewhere.
  12. DodgeDude5498

    MOC: Collaboration with TESLA IS THE FUTURE

    No need to get hot. We can just use a private thread.