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    <p> My favorite theme is the Winter Village serie + Certain City sets to.<br /> My recently purchased set is the piggy bank, bought 3 of them so i can make all 3 of the designs of it! <span>:D</span> </p>

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  1. That i didnt know, i imported the created file into stud.io @pennyforge Thanks, it has no hurry for me, but was wondering if it was possible :) Thanks anyway for the awesome tool! :)
  2. Awesome tool! Only a shame a lot of colors are not available at certain bricks but the tool still uses them. As example on 1x2 bricks in red-trans doesn't exist. Any way to make a fix for this? I am importing the LDR into stud.io and it gives that error :(
  3. kokkie20

    [MOC] Automated side-loading garbage truck

    Any chance you can share the design/model of your build or can you create it? Yours look really awesome and as a garbage collector myself (driving a truck like that) i would love 1 for my own as a model Thanks !
  4. kokkie20

    LDD developer mode

    what you can do then is copy the file to your desktop (copy -> paste) modify the file on the desktop and then as requested edit and copy -> paste it back to the correct folder :) For me it works inside the folder itself but this should be a work around for your issue :)
  5. kokkie20

    [MOC] Winter Village Cider Mill revisited

    Purchased the instructions, thank you for this wonderfull build!
  6. I have the same issue.... Was working on instructions in the instruction maker, and suddenly at the end the software just randomly closed.... Then i decided to save in between.... When i wanted to open the saved file it just hangs on loading it into the software. Hopefully they fix this issue soon untill then this is a no go for me to use....
  7. kokkie20

    [MOC] LMC Hearse

    Love it! Is there any instructions available?
  8. Is there any chance you can release the building instructions of the harvester? Would love to use it in a future winter village build :) (Love the design a lot, tried to rebuild it through LDD but just can't get a lot of things correct/looks like its worthless :( ) Thank you!
  9. What does the cmd window says? Maybe something out of memory or something?
  10. I wish they will add the option to add page numbers automatic. Haven't found that option yet, but the instruction making looks very promising!
  11. kokkie20

    [MOC] Winter Village Cafe

    Still a bit pricy but non the less! I have bought it :) I think its a wonderfull add-on for any winter village fanatic! Thank you :)
  12. kokkie20

    [MOC] Winter Village Cafe

    I like it a lot, but to be honest the price for the instructions is to high for me. I have bought more complex looking and bigger building instructions for half the price. Non the less nice job on it!
  13. kokkie20

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thanks for that heads up. I just hope by the time the winter promo comes out they still have the new winter set available so its easier for me to buy in "bulk" then buy right now the new winter set and have to spend another big amount just to get the promo :(
  14. Any chance when you have the time can you take a look at my private message? Anyway i still use your blueprint to make all my builds (Either own builds or instructions i bought from other people to redo them in higher resolution for personal use) Thank you for all the hard work anyhow!