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    <p> My favorite theme is the Winter Village serie + Certain City sets to.<br /> My recently purchased set is the piggy bank, bought 3 of them so i can make all 3 of the designs of it! <span>:D</span> </p>

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  1. kokkie20

    [MOC] Winter Village Cafe

    Still a bit pricy but non the less! I have bought it :) I think its a wonderfull add-on for any winter village fanatic! Thank you :)
  2. kokkie20

    [MOC] Winter Village Cafe

    I like it a lot, but to be honest the price for the instructions is to high for me. I have bought more complex looking and bigger building instructions for half the price. Non the less nice job on it!
  3. kokkie20

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thanks for that heads up. I just hope by the time the winter promo comes out they still have the new winter set available so its easier for me to buy in "bulk" then buy right now the new winter set and have to spend another big amount just to get the promo :(
  4. Any chance when you have the time can you take a look at my private message? Anyway i still use your blueprint to make all my builds (Either own builds or instructions i bought from other people to redo them in higher resolution for personal use) Thank you for all the hard work anyhow!
  5. Just a random question @msx80 I am not sure if you still have time or something but i got a small update request if possible. When you select and drag the steps (On page layout part) Is there a chance you can add a extra function like when holding "Shift" button on keyboard and then drag your mouse the selected items will go example straight down, up, left or right? Kinda like you have in photoshop to with a certain tool (I believe it was the pen tool or so?) Can donate $10 if you can add this function to the program cause it will make my life so much easier to align stuff then hoping i won't shake with my hand and its out of line again lol. Thank you again for all your hard work into this!
  6. Thank you for the fast adding of the request! Cheers and keep up the good work!
  7. Requesting function: Instead of color ids (The 192 etc) Is it possible to make it named?
  8. kokkie20

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    On aliexpress it is a copy ;)
  9. kokkie20

    Winter Village: Inn

    @veelweel Sended you a pm :)
  10. kokkie20

    Winter Village: Inn

    @veelweel Would love the model file if possible :)
  11. Hmm got to figure out something else then, am no technic person so no clue to be honest... Hopefully someone else got a suggestion what else i can try to make it work. Thanks anyway for the response :)
  12. Bumpy bump, Remade the 8 reindeer version in LDD, and tried something with gears to make the rudolph centered. Can anyone tell me if this will work or not? (That the ratio will be kinda the same or must it be changed one way or another? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P-JKtyj5ht8jDsAMuKmmw74G6G8jg0gB/view
  13. Dear eurobrickers, I saw a to awesome build made by jkbrick works and i was wonderfully if someone could help me out with 1 thing. I want to have a centered Rudolph in the front of the 8 build. Tough i am no technic lego person and have no clue how to make it so it will be centered and it will hop along with the other 8. Does anyone have a idea/suggestion how i can modify a small part of this build so i can fit my 9th reindeer on it? It is all about the technical part, the snow stuff on the side i can use my imagination for, i just can't figure out the technic part sadly :( I asked him but he said hopefully next year he will make the modification. Link to his instructions: http://jkbrickworks.com/updated-galloping-reindeer-instructions Thank you in advance Kokkie20