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  1. Winter Village 2017

    Looks realy awesome! Wondering how the new village will look like
  2. [MOC] Winter train station

    Looks nice only thing i am missing is some snow... But for the rest it looks nice :)
  3. Going to try to reverse engineer it then :D
  4. You tried running it as administrator? That i get to when i run the bat file as admin
  5. Holy crap, how i would love the building instructions of this piece of art.... Love it! Love it! Loving it!
  6. No problem here to and running 8gb with sometimes mocs of about 2500+ pieces. Not sure what it could be, opened up task manager and see how your ram/cpu is doing with blueprint opened?
  7. Let them rather update LDD with new stuff and then focus on the gallery to be honest :/
  8. Sended you my email in private message
  9. My Winter Village Diorama 2017

    I remember that church, thats a moc someone sells on ebay :D Purchased the instructions to by myself, still need a lot of parts for it tough. Awesome to see it to. Be build in real life.
  10. [MOC][WIP] Post Office

    No problem, i am not great to at MOC so nothing against that :) Can't wait to see more progress! :)
  11. [MOC][WIP] Post Office

    I am not a modular guy but maybe add some variation to the outer wall? I mean to the lbg bricks. For the rest it looks good in my opinion :)
  12. Hmm you can try to update java (And if possible check for update of video card driver to, that solved it for me to) Do you have java also set in the "Path" of your computer? >> https://www.java.com/en/download/help/path.xml
  13. Hmm if you want you can send the blueprint file to me in a pm and ill take a look at it for ya. The other message was for the creator of the program ;)
  14. Tried to select it all, and then right click it and move to next/prev page? Try to already place it kinda correct in current place cause it overlapse the other steps @msx80 Function request: align steps on page sometimes i move steps back and forth but always out of alignment. Any chance you can implement something for better alignment on the page? Thanks
  15. You open the jar file with winrar? You should run the bat file to start bluerender?