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  1. Holy crap that is awesome made, tough you placed it in wrong section of the forum ;)
  2. [MOC] Highway Maintenance Truck

    I just got to say this, i love all your truck designs. Have been rebuilding them in ldd to make normal instructions out of it. Thank you for sharing them with us!
  3. Does it say something in the cmd screen? If not and you want... send me in a pm the lxf file, ill try to see if i can import it
  4. That can be the one to, i onky remembered something with sunflow :p
  5. Sunflowermod, but the maker of it removed his patch and made his own renderer. Google for it, should be easy to find :) not going to place link here cause i feel it is disrespecting msx80 ;) *feels kind of advertising for other seller in someones sale thread
  6. If i renember correct, make submodel, place 1 set in the yellow part, place remaining parts in the white part and it should generate it with a 2x,if not try setting the submodel as callout. Play around with it :)
  7. [MOC] Old rusty tow truck

    I can make pdf file if needed ;) Just takes me time to rebuild from instructions into ldd -> blueprint -> pdf file :D
  8. [MOC] Farmer Truck

    Link to part list for bricklink: https://pastebin.com/UBTey6n8 *If allowed i can post pdf instructions of the truck, it's not the most beautifull one but its readable :)
  9. UK Sales

    For those who live in or near london. (London Leicester Square LEGO Store) There seems to be a "Lester Polybag" for sale there...6 pound But my question is, is there anyone here that will go there and buy 1? If so is there a chance you can bring 1 for me and i will pay for shipping (+ Packaging) + the polybag?
  10. @msx80 Is there any way to delete bricks when merging a design? I tried to read trough the json in the .blueprint file but it is way to complicated for me to figure out where the specific part is tbh :( @HenrikLego You can always try to setup it to a bigger scale (the pages) And then do some magic with exporting ;) Tough if i renember correct a few pages back there was a similar question to the background thing...
  11. Thank you :) Thank you again for all your hard work you put into the program, and hopefully in the future more hard work in the program :D
  12. Going to repost my question again @msx80 Is it possible to save in the .ini file in appdata the settings for when rendering the pages? Width Height Assemblies Zoom Percent Parts Zoom Percent Text field Zoom Have to adjust them everytime and was hoping it could be setted to default one way or another
  13. Save the model, open bluerenderer and let it render with a white background?
  14. [MOC] Winter Village Firehouse

    As always it looks nice! Love the design of it, simple but still wintery style :) Can't wait to see the future projects you come up with :D
  15. I did some searching on internet and not sure if this will fix it, make sure you backup your drivers or get at least the installer for it ready when it go's wrong. There seemed to be a problem with intel drivers on windows 10 combined with glfw Patcher <<< Found a "patcher" that may be a solution for this problem, tough not sure if it will work, but like i said above Make sure you backup your drivers or have a installer ready for when it doesn't work correct For the rest i have no clue how to fix this except you can try the patcher