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  1. Don't worry, none taken! :D The video doesn't even show it running at full speed! Any faster than that though and the whole crane assembly tends to pull itself out of the motor's axle hole... :S Thanks everyone for the kind reviews!
  2. [TC12] The Mean Machine

    Incredible work. From the functions down to the superb aesthetics and even the presentation of the video, this is definitely one of the best Technic creations I've ever seen.
  3. [TC12][MOC] The Banana Scorpion

    This looks great! I like how you've managed to pack a lot of different functions into a relatively small vehicle. The extending/retracting hull is especially cool.
  4. 12. The Crimson Demolition-Mobile Entry name: The Crimson Demolition-Mobile Short summary of the functions: Independent left & right drive with skid steering, illuminated headlights and spinning demolition crane. Images: Embedded video: Link to the discussion topic:
  5. I've updated the original post with the completed video! @Doug72 The side panels are Hero Factory chest armour pieces that later appeared in Bionicle and other constraction sets (https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=90652&idColor=5#T=S&C=5&O={"color":5}) and the pumps are from Bionicle dart launchers (https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=61810&idColor=5#T=S&C=5&O={"color":5}) @HorcikDesigns Sadly the springs are just for show. ;)
  6. I've now updated the post with pics of the finished build. Thanks to everyone who offered their help on the steering issues!
  7. Unfortunately I can't remove the tyres as the XL motor is too low to the ground. I'll see if I can get bigger hubs, though!
  8. Would switching to L motors for the drive help? It is indeed part of the wacky function. ;) The XL motor is probably overkill for the function, but I only have the three motors in my collection. All will be revealed soon!
  9. UPDATE 12/10/17: Here's the video: UPDATE 9/10/17: Here's some pics of the completed model! After buying some bigger wheels and a set of L-motors, it turned out simply changing the batteries got the steering working... >_> Video coming soon!
  10. Hey, it's me again with another question! (Sorry...) I'd like to post a WIP of the entry I'm working on to request advice, and then post the finished creation it its own entry topic later. Is it frowned upon to post a WIP topic and a separate entry topic? Do I have to keep WIP pics and pics of the finished build in the same topic?
  11. Is there any limit on the amount of non-Technic elements (ie traditional System bricks) we are allowed to use? (I'm assuming that's what the 'Model Team style building is allowed' rule is referring to?)
  12. Apologies if this has already been answered, but does the wacky function need to be independently controlled, or can it be linked to the drive and/or steering mechanism so it activates when the vehicle moves?
  13. Since TC11 concluded, I've been wanting to have another go at building some more Technic battlebots. Robot combat fans will probably be able to guess what I'm planning to build from the video above - but I could really use some input from the Technic community to help me make it more efficient/less sucky. The video doesn't show it particularly well, but there's a motor driving a worm gear, which in turn drives a gear wheel, which in turn drives the sequence of gears connected to the pivoting arm, which drive the chain connected to the saw blade. Most of the gears on the arm are attached with friction pins and serve as clutch gears, allowing the motor to drive the saw once the mechanism has fully extended/retracted. So here's how I want to improve it: - I generally want to shrink the mechanism down, especially the width. It's 10 studs across and I definitely want it to be narrower. - Is there a way of modifying the mechanism so the saw starts spinning as soon as the motor switches on? - Ideally I'd want the saw to only spin in one direction (don't mind which one though). Am I right in thinking I can achieve this with a differential? And if so, how exactly? - The saw piece itself isn't ideal, since it only has a pin hole and it's a little too small for the MOC I'm planning. Are there any disc pieces out there with axle holes that could pass for a saw? They'd need to be available in grey/silver or similar too. - If there are any better mechanisms/techniques that'll achieve the same result (ie arm slowly moves but doesn't stall the motor when fully extended/retracted, saw blade moves fast, whole thing is run using only one motor), I'd be interested to hear about them. Any advice you can offer will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  14. [MOC] THUMPER 2.0 (Battlebot)

    Thanks for the positive reviews! It's interesting you say that - I was told they looked like eyes back when they were on the top of the MOC, which is partly why I moved them to the back. I don't mind though - maybe the cuteness can distract the opponent. ;) Thanks for your vote! There were a lot of solidly-built entries and I'm not sure the old disc would have fared too well, but I think the speed and maneuverability would have been able to outpace quite a few of them. :)