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  1. Is there any limit on the amount of non-Technic elements (ie traditional System bricks) we are allowed to use? (I'm assuming that's what the 'Model Team style building is allowed' rule is referring to?)
  2. Apologies if this has already been answered, but does the wacky function need to be independently controlled, or can it be linked to the drive and/or steering mechanism so it activates when the vehicle moves?
  3. Since TC11 concluded, I've been wanting to have another go at building some more Technic battlebots. Robot combat fans will probably be able to guess what I'm planning to build from the video above - but I could really use some input from the Technic community to help me make it more efficient/less sucky. The video doesn't show it particularly well, but there's a motor driving a worm gear, which in turn drives a gear wheel, which in turn drives the sequence of gears connected to the pivoting arm, which drive the chain connected to the saw blade. Most of the gears on the arm are attached with friction pins and serve as clutch gears, allowing the motor to drive the saw once the mechanism has fully extended/retracted. So here's how I want to improve it: - I generally want to shrink the mechanism down, especially the width. It's 10 studs across and I definitely want it to be narrower. - Is there a way of modifying the mechanism so the saw starts spinning as soon as the motor switches on? - Ideally I'd want the saw to only spin in one direction (don't mind which one though). Am I right in thinking I can achieve this with a differential? And if so, how exactly? - The saw piece itself isn't ideal, since it only has a pin hole and it's a little too small for the MOC I'm planning. Are there any disc pieces out there with axle holes that could pass for a saw? They'd need to be available in grey/silver or similar too. - If there are any better mechanisms/techniques that'll achieve the same result (ie arm slowly moves but doesn't stall the motor when fully extended/retracted, saw blade moves fast, whole thing is run using only one motor), I'd be interested to hear about them. Any advice you can offer will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. [MOC] THUMPER 2.0 (Battlebot)

    Thanks for the positive reviews! It's interesting you say that - I was told they looked like eyes back when they were on the top of the MOC, which is partly why I moved them to the back. I don't mind though - maybe the cuteness can distract the opponent. ;) Thanks for your vote! There were a lot of solidly-built entries and I'm not sure the old disc would have fared too well, but I think the speed and maneuverability would have been able to outpace quite a few of them. :)
  5. So first off, thanks to everyone who voted for my entry in TC11! There were some amazing entries, so I'm very satisfied with 8th place. ^_^ As promised in my original topic, here's an upgraded version of THUMPER for you (complete with a much better video):
  6. Beyond Technic

    I'm probably in the minority here, but I'd like to see some realistic 'fantasy' sets (eg anti-grav racers, futuristic cars, maybe mechs) alongside the usual replicas of real-life vehicles.
  7. [MOC] Manas

    Thanks everyone for the positive reviews! DrJB got it in one - it's an arm piece from Bionicle figures (specifically Pohatu Phantoka). Hope it comes in useful Braker! :) I do have the original Manas torso bricks, but I'm not sure if they're still in a working condition. I'll see if I can dig out some extra batteries and do some testing for you. By the way, does anyone know if the Spybotics remotes work with Power Functions? I used to have them but they seem to have gone missing. Yeah, the back is pretty ugly. I've mainly posted it here to give a little insight into where the motors/battery box/gears are. I'm thinking of building an upgraded version of this someday, and if I do the back is the first thing I'll be fixing. ;)
  8. [TC11] Powerspin

    Great work. The spinner weapon looks really nasty - I didn't realise the hooks were metal until I saw the video! I like the Carbide/Cobalt-esque armour too. My only complaint is that movement seems a bit slow - I think other entries in the contest could probably escape the spinner and attack from the back? Good luck in the contest!
  9. Thought the EB Technic community might appreciate this remake of the 2001 Bionicle set I built for a contest on another forum. It features the same RC tracked drive and swiping claws as the original (this time powered by Power Functions elements, rather than a giant RC brick) plus light-up eyes via PF lights. https://youtu.be/Q76HBzIxZ0E (Apologies if this belongs in the Action Figures subforum - I thought it was probably a better fit for the Technic forum?)
  10. [TC11] THUMPER

    Again, thanks everyone for the kind words! As you see it here, the drum is too close to the drive motors to add any length to the teeth. However I've since moved the drum one stud forward along the chassis and increased the length of the teeth by one stud. Will post pics and a video soon! The whole thing was filmed on an iPad Pro and edited on Premiere Pro CC. Glad you liked it! The video was slightly rushed and I'd definitely like to make a few changes, but I'm very happy with the slo-mo footage.
  11. [TC 11] Razor II

    Really nice work here. You've done a good job of replicating the claw weapon with Technic beams, even down to the self-righting wings. The armour looks pretty tough too. As others have said, it's a bit too slow (although I personally have no issues with the speed of the claw). I'd love to see this MOC revamped with speedy skid-steering wheels on the outside, just like the real thing. My only other issue is that obviously the claw can't really crush things, so I wonder how effective this entry would be against other entries. I guess you can trap them and push them around, but otherwise this feels less like a Lego battlebot and more like a Lego replica of a battlebot. Apart from that, great job and good luck in the contest!
  12. [TC11] Wimbledoom

    I really like this entry! Reminds me of the Robot Wars contestant Splinter (but without the scoop). Those hammers/pincers look pretty powerful, and the armour design is very eyecatching - you managed to make bare Technic beams actually look really good. Nice work!
  13. [TC11] THUMPER

    Thanks for the kind words, guys! I'm new to Eurobricks and I was wondering if the Techic community here might disapprove of Bionicle parts - glad to see I was wrong! Sadly I don't have an LXF file as this was all built physically without any digital prototyping. As you see it here, the disc's teeth are just a few mllimetres from catching the drive motors, hence why it's a little too high. However, I've since moved the whole weapon part one stud forward, which has also let me increase the length of the teeth by one stud. Looking forward to trying it out and posting the video here shortly! Edit: Forgot to mention, I'm also planning to increase the weight of the disc by attaching some liftarm beams between the spokes of the wheel hubs.
  14. 25. Name: THUMPER Category: Cat B (IR receiver) Dimensions: 29 x 24 x 18 Signature move: Disc spinner uppercut Functions: Two M drive motors and one XL weapon motor, all operated with IR remote control and powered with a AAA battery box. Rubber band suspension on front wedges, keeping them flat to the ground and reducing ground clearance. Topic: